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Monday, May 01, 2017

Montana Special Election. I tend to think in terms of real people and church people, but perhaps I am wrong.

This link. Will nostalgia voting among real people weigh the balance? We must wait to find out. GOTV among some can be a most important but uncertain thing. The light-hearted might find elsewhere more appealing than the polling place. Pulpit GOTV is a more commonly encountered every-election certitude. They work at it. Honed skills.

UPDATE: In addition to that week-old Raw Story report about Quist's band and the old days, Raw Story also gave Gianforte quite recent attention:

BUSTED: Montana GOP candidate Greg Gianforte has financial ties to Russian companies under US sanctions,
by: Bob Brigham BOB BRIGHAM 29 APR 2017 AT 14:23 ET

Only days before absentee ballots will be mailed to Montana voters, the only statewide congressional election of 2017 has been thrown into pandemonium following revelations that GOP nominee Greg Gianforte invests in Russian companies under U.S. sanctions.

“The race to fill Montana’s vacant congressional seat has a huge shakeup,” ABC-Fox anchor David Winter concluded while introducing a story by reporter Kolby Crossley. “ABC Fox Montana has learned that Republican Greg Gianforte has financial ties to two Russian companies that have been sanctioned by the United States.”

[... including Cowgirl blog being cited/quoted]

Republicans are nervous about holding the seat and have been, “sounding the alarms” with the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) investing $1.2 million in tv ads with the Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC investing another $800,000 in ads.

While Republicans are going all-in to hold the seat, Politico reporter Elena Schneider had a bombshell report on national Democrats withholding cash from Montana’s special election. This despite the surge beyond traditional support that Democrats saw with James Thompson in the Kansas special election and Jon Ossoff in the first round of the Georgia special election.

While the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committe (DCCC) may be largely surrendering in Montana, independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has promised to visit Montana to campaign for Quist. Both Sanders and Quist are supporters of Single Payer Health Care reform.

Gianforte’s financial ties to US-sanctioned Russian companies were originally unearthed by Ben Jacobs, a Washington, DC political reporter for the Guardian.

The Quist campaign is hammering Gianforte’s Russia connections.

Quist campaign spokesperson Tina Olechowski told the Guardian, “Montana voters deserve to know why Greg Gianforte held on to his shady Russian investments after Putin invaded Ukraine, and again when Russia was accused of interfering in the presidential election.”

“Instead Gianforte kept his Russian ties secret during his failed run for governor last year,” she continued. Gianforte was the only statewide Republican candidate to lose in Montana last year, when Donald Trump carried Montana by over 100,000 votes.

In fact, when the NRCC attacked Quist for performing at a nudist resort in Idaho, the Quist campaign told USA Today reporter Jessica Estepa, “This is just a naked attempt to distract voters from (Republican rival) Greg Gianforte’s shady Russian investments.

[bolding and linking in original] Is the portfolio buy/hold decision making - independent of and tone-deaf to current DC and FBI happenings - more a hint of problems than this - you decide:

Good reporting, image source, here.

If not offensive for other reasons, tackiness is enough.

But enough of that, let's see something that has brought unquestioned positive Bluegrass enjoyment to a host of people, live and online; this link. Good harmony. You can let autoplay run from here; or enjoy live concert jamming which is always a unique thing, as it happens. Quist is alright. A talent.

Creative, not creationist. More joyful for folks.

Big, big, big, BIG insight. Without the hat! Great Bluegrass. The man's alright. Human.

Is this how you start a software company.

There is an energy that DC needs to leaven things, level the playing field, and Paul Ryan can always find himself some other New Jersey suit; Jon Corzine or some such. DC needs it. Talent and outlook.

FURTHER UPDATE: In tune with the previous paragraph, writing from Minnesota where we sent a comedian to the Senate, Al Franken, Montana owes us back to send a musician to the House. Talents rather than more lawyers. It's only fair that states with names beginning with "M" do something a little different, and good for the nation and world. Michigan, Mississippi, we are waiting. And Maryland, get moving too. Missouri? Any hope there? For Missouri their own creationist museum is a more likely bet. Maybe Mr. G's family foundation could fund one there, for Todd Akin in his former district, give the man a possible boost that way to get back into Congress where Paul Ryan may miss his learned outlook.

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