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Friday, May 05, 2017

Apart from the Quist candidacy in Montana, and his own musical heritage, daughter Halladay Quist has to my ear an excellent voice, and works it well with bass play.

On YouTube she's posted Whirlwind, with the voice/bass combination. Good harmony. Pretty Mae, backed up, not a single instrument and voice.

With that, I'd be curious to see her do covers that seem to fit.

Amy Winehouse, Love is a Losing Game; Dead, Black Muddy River; and Norah Jones ballads would be a natural, Come Away With Me or Don't Know Why. Marley, Stir it Up.

Don't Let Go. A good bass line that could carry it alone. Maybe guitar, pedal steel jamming. A holding bass line. That's What Love Will Make You Do.

Screencapture: Just a Little Love
She has a voice good for ballads; but to expand a bit, Zevon's Lawyers, Guns and Money might be fun to hear from her. Shakedown StreetCats Down Under the Stars or Rubin and Charise. Go to Sleep Little Baby. That last one, a single voice, a capella. Possibilities. She's not put very much online, so we imagine a song or two covered.

She has an excellent voice which she styles well, but has yet to gain nationwide recognition.

A lengthy but interesting review, online here.

Just a Little Love, at the ending trailer gives context: The Red Road Foundation

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