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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Isn't it refreshing to see all the young people with young thoughts and issues that Tom Perez has brought into the DNC leadership so it would not ossify or die off?

This link. And an eye toward the future. Clearly with this fresh bunch the sin of superdelegate domination over voter opinion and preferences will be a thing of the past. Because they love democracy and the democratic process. And because a fifteen buck minimum wage is an issue it impresses how minimum wage earners are disproportionately represented among the hands on the levers. It makes a strong impression.

They have a "DONATE" page, but not any report online at the site on how the funding is shaking out; income and expenditures stuff. Were it expected to be of interest to voters it clearly would be there, but voters don't care where they get money from or how it is spent. A photo of Trump suffices:

click and
"fight back"

What is a minor trouble, personal to me and clearly of little or no interest to any others, I don't want to "fight back," I want to fight forward.

Nothing there for me, so unlike the multitude, I'm not giving them a single cent; but clearly, somebody is paying the bills.

It's your feelings, stupid. These video talking heads are clearly barking up a wrong tree.


___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Also, the Tom Perez courage in being unequivocal about his Single Payer commitment is compelling. A shade less enthusiastic over Single Payer than Perez, Nina Turner, this video, in support of California's Single Payer legislation effort.

Isn't the reported fortitude and rectitude shown by key Democratic Party inner party functionaries on the Single Payer issue something to behold? It makes you want to cry.

Perez in his DC bunker [DNC DC bunker] is seeing California, per the Nina Turner previous link, and New York pressing upon him from both coasts on Single Payer, and once the nation is energized he clearly will articulate he was for it all along, and it was just Bernie's irrational exuberance that made him play straight man to the Vermont Senator's turn of words. And that he likes heading the DNC and however things shake out he presently has good health coverage from it. And he may be expected to add his support for remaining a superdelegate, feeling super about Single Payer and all once dust has settled and it's law. Getting there, a tiny hedge here and there perhaps, DNC on record as wanting big donor money, but when appropriate expect Perez to say where his heart was all along. He is that kind of a man.

All along able to live with remaining a superdelegate with uninterrupted or unnderfunded DNC paid coverage, and at the right time he might be satisfied to endorse a prior passage into law, once done, of the New York measure Gottfried sponsored and described:

New York Health would be a boon to business. Employer spending on health care eats up a median 12.8% of payroll costs on health insurance, up more than 50% in a decade, with small businesses spending even higher percentages. According to the Friedman study, New York Health could be funded through an income assessment averaging just 8.1% of payroll.

“New Yorkers deserve better,” said Assembly Member Gottfried. “We should be able to go to the doctor when we need to, without worrying whether we can afford it. We should choose our doctors and hospitals without worrying about network restrictions. We deserve health coverage for all of us, paid for based on our ability to pay, not what the market will bear. I’m proud the Assembly has passed the New York Health Act, and I look forward to working with a great community of advocates including medical professionals, medical students, organized labor, and Senate sponsor Bill Perkins, to enact it into law.”

New York Health has been endorsed by the NYS Academy of Family Physicians, NYS American Academy of Pediatrics, NYS Nurses Association, Committee of Interns and Residents, Doctors Council SEIU, NY chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, SEIU 1199, NYS AFL-CIO, Communications Workers of America, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1056 and 1179, United Auto Workers 9 & 9A, UFCW Local 1500, Capital District Area Labor Federation, Local 32BJ SEIU, NYSUT, United Federation of Teachers, Working Families Party, Green Party, Citizen Action, StateWide Senior Action Council, NYPIRG, League of Women Voters, and others.

Once two houses have passed it and a governor's signed it Perez would be the first to stand up and say, "It's law, in New York." Being hasty, no call for that, because tardiness is next to godliness. Even with Mamon a lead god, tardiness is the best policy. While, of course, being there all along.

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