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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ars Technica has been covering former NSA director Gen. Alexander's retirement to the private sector. As has Congressman Grayson.

Ars Technica links here, here, here, and here.

Grayson's letter inquiries, here.

Bloomberg. Slate.

Reuters reports of a Senate Intelligence Committee concern.

I expect the General expected lesser levels of scrutiny while cashing in his chips, and likely blames his being scrutinized as Snowden's fault, and not at all his own.

This link, this quote:

He oversaw a workforce that studied cyber-attacks and cyber-defenses, often drawing on highly classified or privileged information. So it struck many observers as suspicious that, immediately upon retiring, he suddenly had a dramatically better solution to a pressing national-security problem, one he never introduced while in government but planned to patent and sell. Had he withheld a valuable security solution to profit from it later? Were the novel approaches he intended to patent developed on the public dime? Alexander claimed that his part of the relevant work was done in his spare time, while other cyber-defense solutions were developed by his partner outside government.

No one could prove that those explanations were lies.

But they smelled fishy, especially because even as Alexander created the appearance of multiple improprieties as he entered the private sector, the NSA refused to release the statements of financial conflicts of interest that he'd filed as a federal employee. Indeed, the NSA refused to release the financial-conflict forms of any of its employees, despite the fact that they were required by public-records laws to do so.

Winthrop, MN - They are on the list. Not Ramsey.

Ars Technica, here, links to the homepage of "Next Century Cities" - with that being a click away from a members list (including Winthrop as the list's closing entry):

As apart from Next Century Cities there are last century towns [with Town Centers]. Name one?

In reviewing the Next Century Cities site, look at the resources page, linking, e.g., here, here and here.

FURTHER UPDATE: Another Ars item, here.

Two newspapers endorse Dayton.

Brodkorb gives links and quotes.

MN HD35A - strib endorsed Whelan.

Readers who will be voting are strongly urged to independently judge for themselves between the pair, Perovich and Whelan. This is made easy; per having this forum video online; see also, earlier Crabgrass post.

This link

Wes V. submitted a now-published comment, a Whelan supporter commented; and for quicker access than via a link within the comments, here is the link to Wes' post at his website

The post there is headlined, "Wednesday, October 29, 2014 -- In 35A, the StarTrib Endorses Whelan - Here's My Response on Why Peter Perovich Should be Elected Next Tuesday."

For disclosure, Wes is a local DFL party official. As an acquaintance of Perovich and one not knowing Whelan, I agree with much of Wes' analysis. If some pro-Whelan person wishes to submit thoughtful argument favoring Whelan, it would be welcome commentary. If any reader has thoughts on the "millenial" divide, sharing that would be interesting as commentary.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

RAMSEY: "Jeff Katers is a home-grown Anoka County resident who has been protecting the people of Ramsey for the past 14 years through the Ramsey Police Department. Ramsey Police Capt. Jeff Katers will be the Ramsey Police Chief after Jim Way retires Jan. 31, 2015. Katers, 44, was hired by the department in March 2000 as a patrol officer. Over the years, he has advanced through the ranks and held the titles of investigator, investigative sergeant, administrative sergeant, lieutenant and captain and will add police chief to that list after Ramsey Police Chief Jim Way retires Jan. 31, 2015."

The headline represents lead paragraphs of the ABC Newspapers report of Ramsey's council having selected its new police chief from among town law enforcement ranks. Eric Hagen's ABC report includes much detail after the opening.

I told you strib would do it. strib did it. Glen Taylor drives his new car - strib endorses Beer Bong III in CD8.

Mills III endorsement, strib, here. (Compare this link.)

Collin Peterson's strib endorsement, here.

The Congressional pattern under Taylor ownership so far, endorse incumbents except for Nolan in CD8. Expect it to be where there is no incumbent, endorse GOP, never mind Steve Simon being strib's SoS pick; with the big question whether Perske will get the open seat snub to go with Nolan.

A prediction: Expect Emmer; after Mills III.

strib seems to be holding that CD6 endorsement back. Having weighed in on all the other Congressional districts besides Ellison's and McCollum's safely DFL fiefdoms.

Or have I missed a strib CD6 committment?

One way or the other?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Franken - McFadden, on YouTube.

This appears to be, in segments, the most recent co-appearance of the pair. Start with this segment, follow YouTube's sidebar links.

Mentioning Jesse Ventura, IP guv candidate Hannah Nicollet gets an editorial published in strib.

This link, this mid-item quote:

On a basic level, the IP represents a government of the people. We believe in transparency, honesty, equal treatment under the law and getting money out of politics. In philosophy, we offer an alternative to the other two major parties. We are “socially tolerant,” meaning we don’t want to run people’s lives and we won’t legislate morality. On the fiscal side, we are “responsible,” meaning balanced budgets, putting needs before wants and not spending money we don’t have.

Minnesota needs to clean house. Though 68 percent of Minnesotans wanted the Vikings stadium “entirely privately funded,” a shady deal was made behind closed doors to fleece Minnesota taxpayers for its construction. When 76 percent of Minnesotans wanted legal medicinal marijuana, our legislators caved to influential special interests and produced the most restrictive and least effective medicinal marijuana law in the nation.

The candidate makes two good points. The stadium cramdown was offensive, the medical mj foot dragging to satisfy the police union which has supported Dayton, is offensive. Nicollet has siezed on two issues which are issues The McFadden seems to regard, together or individually, as third-rail opportunity. Touch it and die seems to be how the handlers are posing The McFadden.

Dayton, fault him on the stadium, fault him on the medical mj approach; but for all that Vin and Norm's pal in the mergers and acquisition business is hardly a sound alternative.

Bottom line: Nicollet is more appealing a candidate than The McFadden. She will be the third place vote getter; that is how things are; but she is a cut or two better than one of the two major party choices.

strib continues endorsing incumbents - now Paulsen in CD3.

This link. Kline and Paulsen so far, on the GOP side. We await strib re CD6 and CD8. Those are where the "Glen Taylor bought it, owns it, litmus test" will surface. Still strib with a lower case "s." It can earn a capital "S" depending upon its Sixth and Eighth district endorsements.

Another email from Joe Perske. Asking the "Wouldn't you be proud" question.

This quote:
You support Joe because you know our district deserves a representative who reflects our values. Joe is approachable and honest. He believes in working together to reach a consensus, not resorting to bullying to get your way, as colleagues say his opponent, Tom Emmer, did when he served in the state legislature.

Isn't it time we had a 6th District representative who was as approachable as your favorite neighbor? Who listened to you and learned what was important in your life, instead of preaching to you about their Tea Party philosophy? Isn't it time for somebody whose greatest political ambition is to help you?

Please help our campaign to elect Joe Perske for Congress! Give generously, so that when Joe goes to Washington, you can be proud to say, "My representative? He's Joe Perske!"

I would be more proud to say, "My rep is Joe Perske," than having to say, "My rep is Michele Bachmann. Yes, a foot taller, 220 pounds heavier, male Diva voice, on rollerblades for the foreseeable future, answers to 'Tom,' but don't be fooled by any of that; it's just more Michele, more of the same, all of the time, all the same bluster, the same 'it's about me,' the identical aiming forever at 'best for my advancement' rather than 'best for the district.'"

Opinions may differ. Forecasting the future is always uncertain ...

RAMSEY - Contesting Ward 3 and at large candidate responses featured by ABC Newspapers.

Ward 3.

At Large.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tom Emmer. ECM Publishers; Hometown Source online.

This link.

UPDATE: Item date is Oct. 13, so it is past news that until now went without comment. Until discovered online about a half hour ago. It is something I did not know of until now.

strib endorsements so far favor incumbency. Kline and Walz added to the sample.

If incumbency is favored in CD8, we might feel more trusting toward Glen Taylor's purchase of strib.

For now we wait and see. Walz, here.

Kline? An awful choice.

Not the better candidate in anything I have seen. Retiring the Col. is overdue, and he should be handed his Congressional exit now, in the same "graduating" class as Michele Bachmann.

RAMSEY - Upcoming city council meeting.

Without mention in the agenda materials of "Jim Deal" or of "PSD, LLC," this agenda item relates to the presently lapsed Deal earnest money offer to buy city-owned Town Center land. The draft Planning Commission agenda pages are bare bone, curiously so, unnecessarily so; and yet if Brauer and VanScoy oppose things, they represent institutional memory in town greater than anyone on staff has regarding the planning and thinking then and now; and that's a red flag to me.

Why the barebones minutes in the package? Surely better drafted, more complete minutes from the Planning Commission would be required to understand the objections. That has the appearance of a James Norman type of stunt, the appearance of an insincerity of effort to preserve and present detail, and we all should take notice and demand more of staff with regard to Planning Commission deliberation of the issue.

It seems some agenda is getting fast-tracked in the agenda processes, perhaps wrongly.

Apart from that, a caveat: Those who would suggest Jim Deal can influence decisions in nefarious ways, however, should note the city's agendas for the upcoming week touch three land deal proposals, where in each instance the proposing party has worded its contract in a manner best attuned to its plans and financial interest.

Jim Deal is but one of three so positioned, along with the Church, and the garage door firm. Everybody makes as favorable an offer to their own interests as they feel proper. Jim Deal is no different, as one within a uniform sample of three offerees.

Some should come forward and admit it is in no way wrong nor unique that Jim Deal seeks the best deal he can get.

The Church does it. The garage door firm does it. Why hold Deal to some different standard?

(See the following two posts re the other pending cash purchase real estate offer, and the Church's land swap offer.)

RAMSEY'S HRA AGENDA - This one looks like tying up a land parcel until Feb 18, and a three grand earnest money is not a good option price. Or is it?

HRA agenda, this link. Conditioned on Buyer subjective satisfaction with financing available; which makes it a promise that can be hiked away from at any convenient time. Deadline setting, Feb. 18 is months away. What about a term allowing consideration of any intervening unconditional purchase offer. At the least.

It is paying three grand earnest money for the property to be off market until months from now; in effect, three grand for an option to purchase in the future; and a dispute over refund of the earnest money due to failure of a contingency makes it not ever that. "We were unhappy with financing available, subjectively so, and the deal was better per another parcel we tied up in Elk River, so sayonara, and since it never closed refund the earnest money please," can by mid-February of next year be a reality. The question then, how likely is it other fish in intervening time might bite a hook? And be landed?

Three grand to tie up a piece of land, with conditional escape and recapture of the three grand possible, sure seems a bad option contract for City of Ramsey to be getting into.

The greatest single land owner world wide, the Catholic church, local variant, wants a favorable land deal perk from our secular church-state separated city.

This link. I'd say no and stay patient, but seven other people hold the elected responsibility to serve the SECULAR public interest in things, and in my view the public interest would be served by telling the Church no. Legacy learning argues to say no, but that is a separate entity that stiffed the town on its land deal promises. Bottom line, why give St. Kate too sweet of a deal? Nice people in the congregation I am sure, but let them not exploit poor Ben Dover.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Perske endorsed by St. Cloud Times, as best CD6 candidate to send to represent us in DC. Emmer, specifically, a problematic choice. "Voters need to elect the person who can begin to restore district credibility while improving the return district residents get on the tax dollars they send to Washington."

Rather than a link to the Times [readers can websearch] I quote a Perske email:

We got some great news today! The St. Cloud Times endorsed Joe Perske for Congress!
"It's Perske’s credible voice and local experience that can best serve district residents," the Times editorial board said in urging voters to support Joe.
"While Emmer is the likely favorite because of the district’s conservative demographics, voters need to seriously consider whether his political persona will help the district," the Times said. "He's similarly conservative to Bachmann and he is known as a political bully, which makes his House strategy of 'building relationships' a tough sell."
That's the message we need to keep spreading in these final days before the election. And to do that, we need your continued support.
Please donate generously to help Joe win!
Because, as the Times editorial board said so well, "Voters need to elect the person who can begin to restore district credibility while improving the return district residents get on the tax dollars they send to Washington."
Thank you for your donation!
Because it’s time to get ahead again, instead of just getting by.
Friends of Joe Perske

 Thank you for your donation!
Friends of Joe
Paid for by Friends for Joe Perske
Joe Perske for Congress
PO Box 824
Sartell MN 56377 United States

image is the Perske email's banner header

That said, the St. Cloud Times entire item is online here. Readers are encouraged to read it, it includes a Franken endorsement; also, this google.

The browser display screen capture below is from the St. Cloud Times link. It is presented as good sidebar highlighting.

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Earlier, this link worked for a replay of the CD6 candidate forum held recently, before the S.C. Times chose to endorse.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"My concerns with Johnson’s candidacy for governor started with his previous campaign for statewide office in 2006. Johnson ran for attorney general and was soundly defeated by Lori Swanson. By every reasonable measurement to analyze a candidate’s performance, Johnson was a poor candidate for statewide office in 2006 and he has shown the same deficiencies in 2014. Johnson and his campaign team rarely mention his failed run for statewide office in 2006. Rather than showing how that experience would make his run for governor more successful, there has been an attempt to pretend it did not happen."

Brodkorb writes Johnson off as history, with the headline quote from Brodkorb's mid item, here.

Jeff Johnson. He's not a Lyndon Johnson, that is for certain. I expect Brodkorb's correct on this early write-off score. Dayton's been okay. He should fairly easily be reelected.

strib endorsements continue. Incumbents favored, Supreme Court, sheriff.

This link, on endorsements so far.

"In her first 18 months as [Met] council chair, Susan Haigh, Bell’s successor, has yet to meet with representatives from the adjacent counties. However, a council spokesperson says she plans to reinstitute the meetings later this year."

The headline is the final paragraph from MinnPost here. Also, can the beast be tamed, and if so, in what manner and direction?

It most certainly costs a bundle, and has nil cost-benefit balance favoring it, but the imposition of comprehensive planning upon the involved counties is pure waste, cauing hiring of staff planners where fewer always is better.

The beast needs taming, the devil is in the details. However, firing all the planners cannot be too bad a way to start sensible reform of Met Council. Ending it is one other option; but eliminating a rung of government in its ladder seldom seems to fit politician biases, the knee jerk response, "it's been there for a reason," being the greatest impediment to fixing a problem. Does it really have a reason to be, and would growth happen better, or not, without any Metropolitan Council at all? Surely it would cost governments less, and that's not a bad start.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Online CD6 candidate forum.

This link.

Dan Burns at MPP writes of Tom Emmer. Also, brush aside the cobwebs from the man's past legislative chief authorship.

Burns, read it, here.

Bill listings, three legislative sessions attended by Emmer; here (2005-06), here (2007-08), and here (2009-10).

Marriage definition, voter ID, all the stuff he is silent about now. It's all there. Fingerprints match.

Same ol' Emmer.

Among other things, 84th Legislative Session, HF 1131, which specifies situations and special appellate review procedures for when the State might want to cut someone's balls off. Somebody put a lot of time and thought into crafting that legislative gem.

FURTHER UPDATE: 85th Legislative Session, HF 121 and HF 1847; defeated amendments - each put to voters, each rejected by voters. Subsequently. The fires were kept tended lest the flames might extinguish.

FURTHER UPDATE: A credentialed man about ALEC.

We opinion manipulators
in the press,
why should we pay?

The engine housing for a Harley.

this link

A legislative candidate panel forum tomorrow night, primarily on environmental questions. The four member panel of bipartisan invitees are: Jerry Newton, Coon Rapids (District 37A); Peter Perovich, Ramsey (District 35A); Peggy Scott, Andover (District 35B); and, Mark Uglem, Champlin (District 36A).

This Anoka Ramsey Community College page, detail quoted below:

Anoka-Ramsey Community College is hosting a political debate Oct. 23, 2014, 8 to 9:30 am, Legacy Room (SC272).

Several local candidates for the Minnesota House of Representatives will debate issues prior to the Nov. 4 elections. The visiting candidates include:

Jerry Newton, Coon Rapids (District 37A)
Peter Perovich, Ramsey (District 35A)
Peggy Scott, Andover (District 35B)
Mark Uglem, Champlin (District 36A)

The panelists will discuss a range of topics, but the main emphasis on environmental issues identified by students in the college’s Environmental Science class taught by Terry Teppen.

The public is welcome to attend.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A visiting dignitary. Forgive me if I do not genuflect.

Woo bah. Hillary Clinton. In the Twin Cities. Doing politics. Gives you goosebumps, right? Just anticipating the event ...