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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Yachts of the Rich and Famous: Yachts don't lie, but their proximity can be coincidental or at best, inarticulate without presumtions, assumptions, probabilistic online reports, compilations, etc..

Read about it; this link, (source of screencapture)

Read more?

A compilation (a link buffet).

Kos, here and here.

Here, here and here, same Texan press outlet.


WaPo, here. Texan news again. More of the same (with images).

More about "coincidental" proximity?

A Subreddit.

RENTEC folks know how to hedge.

Getting cumulative. Ditto, but detailed. coverage of Robert Mercer.

Closing with a lengthy Guardian item. Some of the links are dated; yachts together being "new news" which cannot be faked.

Will the seven billion dollar RENTEC tax liability effort stick, or disappear deep-sixed from yacht decks and such? Time passes, puzzle peices fit together later, sometimes; other times never. If oligarchs and analytics mix, what's the outcome?

Ending the post: Politico, about the Mercers with Nick Ayers mentioned. Young Nick, (not Old Nick - by age), has a Wikipedia page and appears in images worth taking to heart.

None of the three currently owns a yacht:

Last regarding Young Nick; a Pawlenty tie-in which to some in Minnesota is poison, but opinions differ.

Is any reader out there a tax bill expert who, via a comment might answer; has the Republican tax bonanza thing been written to foreclose any IRS dislike and taxation pursuit of hedge fund "basket option" hijinks; per RENTEC, etc. This websearch shows no answer. Yet it is feasible that hidden away in many pages a RENTEC present may lurk. It is one of those interesting questions about which no reporting seems to exist; which in itself is interesting.

____________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Readers may also find this online item helpful in understanding the past use of basket options having a life greater than twelve months, and in learning that Deutsche Bank per the item ceased dealings in long-term basket options. The implication is that RENTEC did it all before any such change and that the tax liability question relates to such earlier dealings. Another relevant link. Someone with tax law expertise should look at the recent federal tax legislation to see if RENTEC got any buried bonanza. Without any more information we should presume none exists unless some enterprising person reports otherwise, based on the actual language of the Act, or its reasonable interpretation.

___________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
This IRS Bulletin 2015-30 is helpful, and relatively short yet detailed. It is one of those "don't try to be too cute" things that arise from time to time, the government speaking, the wealthy tricksters listening, sometimes.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Last March there was a prescient observation.

Strib ran an op-ed today in favor of the Medicaid work requirement; which is the polar opposite of universal healthcare as a right. The polar opposite of what the enlightened Norwegian and Canadian governments have. Cradle to grave, you get cared for, it is not tied to any stinking job or lack of one. You exist, it's a right, done in and buried; presently, despite majority desire for single payer sidetracking of the insurance profiteers, and the the you-do-not-exist but for your labor outlook.

But what's the prescience factor, wha's 'appening that way? This link.

UPDATE: Senate Dems contend a work requirement setup would run contrary to provisions of Medicaid legislation, exceeding granted executive authority; AP reports.

Apart from the Wolff book . . .

With this Christmas time reporting before Bannon departed Breitbart (after the tires barely cooled from departing Trumpland DC), was the Wolff book needed to get the Mercers' attention disapprobation, or was that Deutsche Bank headlining and focus unsound decision making under a totality of circumstances?

Jennifer Carnahan has a keen idea, but she undervalues herself, and should aim for a simple quarter of every dollar, wherever from, since rapaciousness is the definition of being a Republican.

Strib online local reporting, not a news feed, "GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan wants a 10 percent commission on all big donations - Under proposal, GOP's Carnahan would get personal cut from large donations to party she runs -- By J. Patrick Coolican Star Tribune, January 17, 2018 — 5:05pm."

She should ask herself, WWDWSD.

What Would Debbie Wasserman Schultz Do? And then show modesty by not seeking a third of every buck.

Here's one: WWDWSD if DWS had it to do over? The sky's the limit.

Tom Perez likely is at DNC watching how Carnahan's proposal progresses. Perez having a WWDWSD moment would make sense, an opportunity, with an opportunity to mull it over in light of how Carnahan fares per her modest ten percent request.

Mike Zimmer should request ten percent of every dollar the Wilfs take in; ditto Fleck at UMinn. Incentivize the system!

Can it drive better than you? Of course not. It's all machinery and electronics. You're not.

This link.

Assange appeared in an Ecuadorean government database of citizen identification numbers, and after that was reported Ecuador confirmed he was granted citizenship.

What next? Who knows? Newsweek's report online, here.

The Trump administration’s decision to exempt Florida from expanded offshore drilling kicked off a frenzy Wednesday in other coastal states, with governors from both political parties asking: Why not us? “We cannot afford to take a chance with the beauty, the majesty and the economic value and vitality of our wonderful coastline,” South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (R), who backed President Trump in his state’s competitive 2016 primary, said in a statement.

The headline concatenates the first two paragraphs of this WaPo item about how can Florida be special, unless . . .

More from that item:

The Florida carve-out, announced Tuesday by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, created new doubts about the fate of the entire offshore drilling decision — and immediately became another challenge for Republicans as they work to hold off Democrats in the midterm elections. Nine of the 11 states that opposed the drilling order have gubernatorial races this year, and many of the most competitive contests for the House of Representatives will unfold in districts that touch coastline.

By Wednesday afternoon, state attorneys general, joined by environmental groups, were suggesting that Zinke had undermined the entire drilling rule with his high-profile visit to Tallahassee, where he heaped praise on “straightforward, easy to work for” Gov. Rick Scott (R) — a political ally whom Trump has repeatedly urged to run for the U.S. Senate.

“The Administrative Procedure Act requires there to be a reasonable rationale behind agency decisions, and that they can’t be arbitrary and capricious,” said Michael Brune, the executive director of the Sierra Club, referring to a 1946 law governing major regulatory changes. “So, saying Florida is exempt because Rick Scott is straightforward and trustworthy? That Florida’s coastlines are unique? That seems to be the definition of arbitrary and capricious.”

How can they even think, the Trump-Pence administration arbitrary and capricious? Impossible. Sad.

FISA news: From Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden's Senate homepage: " Bipartisan Coalition Introduces USA RIGHTS Act to Reform Secretive Warrantless Spy Program -- Bill Reforms FISA Sec. 702 to Protect Americans' Security AND Liberties, Reduce Secret Law and Focus Spy Program on Foreign Threats -- Tuesday, October 24, 2017"

This Wyden link. More recent FISA-related reporting, WaPo Jan. 11, here and here.

Worth a thousand words but arguably ambiguously so, as an image by itself; perhaps more to be posted later. (Captioning does help put flesh on the bones.)

image source:

In the news: Trump's Shinola-hole nation gets big Chamber of Commerce nod. And, what about more immigration from Norway?

Earlier Crabgrass post, here.

U.S. Chamber online here:

Reception with President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan
16 January - Tuesday

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce an event with President Nazarbayev of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Chamber's Eurasia team is preparing to host the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and his key ministers on January 16th for a reception at 5:30 p.m. It is the first such visit in a decade and will be significant for all US businesses across Eurasia. Growth in this region is fueled by continuing international investments and the easing of regional trade barriers. This conversation will be an impactful means of engagement with the leadership of Kazakhstan.

[...] Sponsored by Fluor and Chevron

Presumably the man was in DC primarily to meet with Trump. From that report:

On January 16, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev made an official visit to Washington DC, meeting U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House. [...] “Kazakhstan is doing very well. They’re really — they’ve turned things around,” Trump said, lauding Nazarbayev’s leadership, which has now stretched to 28 years.

On trade and investment, Trump lauded Nazarbayev’s vision of making Kazakhstan a top 30 global economy by 2050 (“And he’s on his way, very rapidly”), and hailed Astana’s efforts to improve its business climate.

Nazarbayev said he would be attending a roundtable at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in the evening of January 16 to discuss the technical modernization of the Kazakh economy and oversee the signing of 20 commercial contracts worth $7.5 billion. While there are not yet details on those 20 commercial contracts, Trump and Nazarbayev both mentioned American companies such as Chevron, ExxonMobil, General Electric and Boeing which have long had interests in Central Asia. Much American investment in Kazakhstan stems from the big business of energy: oil and gas being the primary drivers of the Kazakh economy and Chevron running lead on an expansion of production at the Tengiz field.

Neither president took questions after the their joint press statement, but Trump did (somewhat) answer two shouted questions during the first set of remarks, the first about Norway and the second about Kazakh money in the Trump Soho building.

“Mr. President, is there any Kazakh money in Trump Soho?” a reported shouted as administration aids tried to clear the room. “No idea. Really no idea,” Trump said.

The question was in reference to the Trump Soho building in New York City which was developed by Trump with Bayrock Group LLC. Bayrock was founded and run by Tevfik Arif, who is the target of a lawsuit brought by Bayrock’s former finance director alleging that, as Bloomberg stated it, “Arif fed millions of dollars to the Trump Tower-based company from the profits of a Kazakh chromium chemicals plant, controlled by his brother Refik.”

Trump has maintained his ignorance regarding his former business partners. The Financial Times reported in October 2016, that Trump said in a 2011 deposition relating to a dispute over a Fort Lauderdale real estate project with Bayrock that he had “never really understood who owned Bayrock.”

Felix Sater, former managing director of Bayrock Group LLC and advisor to the Trump Organization, reportedly helped the family of Viktor Khrapunov, former mayor of Almaty, Kazakhstan’s old capital and largest city, invest millions in U.S. real estate — including Trump SoHo — through front companies. Sater, reportedly agreed to cooperate with “an international investigation into the alleged money-laundering network” stemming from Bayrock.

Obviously, none of this was mentioned in the public statements between the two presidents. Human rights issues, from media freedoms to issues of religious tolerance, went unmentioned, but this is par for the course.

The item did not flesh out the "Norway" shouted question, but it seems Norwegians stay home these days without emigrating much, given their per capita wealth being comparable to that of the US while each of them gets exceptional cradle to grave automatic healthcare via the Norwegian government.

Coverage is universal and automatic for all residents. It is financed through national and municipal taxes. Social security contributions finance public retirement funds, sick leave payment, and, for some patient groups, reimbursement of extra health care costs.

For acute hospitalization, there is no private alternative.

Through common agreements, European Union residents have the same access to health services as in their home country. Other visitors are charged in full. Undocumented adult immigrants have access only to emergency acute care, while undocumented children receive the same care as citizens.

As to prosperity, appeal, and per capita well-being in Norway, numbers do not lie; and there is this:

Norway almost got to the top 3 [Richest Countries in the World 2018] this year. It is a Scandinavian country encompassing mountains, glaciers, and deep coastal fjords. Oslo, the capital city, is a city of green spaces and museums. It preserved 9th century Viking ships and are displayed at Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum. Bergen, with colorful wooden houses, is the starting point for cruises to the dramatic Sognefjord. It is also known for fishing, hiking, and skiing. Norway’s total population is 5.084 million in 2013, with GDP of 512.6 billion USD in 2013 and a low unemployment rate of 4.1% in 2015. The economy of Norway is a developed mixed economy with state-ownership in strategic areas. Although sensitive to global business cycles, the economy of Norway has shown robust growth since the start of the industrial era.

Moreover, Norwegians do not waste money on dumb neocon warfare and intrigue (nor on Afghan poppy fields).

Coincidentally; of possible relevance to the Norway part of the Trump meeting question, this screencapture from here:

Looking like that with a name like that it is not wholly unlikely that her unconscious mind honed in on the "Norway" part of the question to where she could recall the taste and aroma of Reindeer meat on the table.

Per capita healthcare costs in Norway are kept low for the same reason Canada's are - efficiency of the government run system instead of allowing promoting insurance-industrial complex pirates to rape and loot a citizenry.

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
While Norway is a subject, add in a note about Haaretz reporting about Deutsche Bank divestment parallel to earlier Norwegian divestment of holdings related to the Israeli apartheid fence.

An anomally, or a hint of CHANGE? Wisconsin district flips; GOP to Dem; Strib carrying the AP feed.

This link. No commentary. No excerpt. Readers are urged to access and read the story. Well, this commentary - Imagine, enough flips and Scott Walker defeated, his having to go hat in hand to the Koch brothers seeking a job and paycheck. Private sector Scotty, you've fed at the public trough too long already. Like Paul Ryan that way. And, under the new tax bill, will the Koch brothers be able to depreciate their investment in Walker against gained income via Walker?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

RAMSEY - Special election stuff, mainly, for one of the two at-large seats on council [mayor being an at large election, the other four seats being, historically, by wards].

First, City website, this "ELECTIONS" link, for election info. Of note, early voting [still on the city website anachronistically termed "absentee" voting] is already open. You can go to City Hall at your convenience, and vote between now and the at-large primary date, Tuesday, Feb. 13.

While the above detail may help local readers, the City website link has more info, so check it out:

Please, do not vote if you are ignorant of the four candidates. Voting while declining to be informed would be a disservice to the four people who are willing to serve.

So, how can you be informed? The League of Women Voters, (LWV-ABC; this website: held a Jan. 10 candidate forum, so all attendees pass the non-ignorant test and get a voter gold star. Unfortunately that event went under my radar, and I missed it.

FORTUNATELY, QCTV has archived the LWV session, it is a tight but good view of the candidates, taking only 45 min to view, this link:

The change from a five member council -all seats at large - to a seven member council - mixed at large and by ward - was a boneheaded mistake that should be undone but the seven-member council so far has been disinclined to revisit the matter. That said, the boneheadedness of it is that Chris Riley, currently Ward 4 rep, is ready to move out of Ward 4 and is "forced" in a sense to throw his hat into the ring now, even while on council presently.

That said, it is not in any way an endorsement of Riley, who's been fine enough during his tenure. My vote, favoring contriarian views about taxation and growth, and being a planning skeptic, will in the next few days during the early voting time, be for Ida Theis.

That endorsement of sorts comes with a big-time caveat. When Matt Look first got on council as a contrarian I viewed it as helpful, but then the Bob Ramsey - Landform - Darren Lazan stuff grew from that root, and it was a costly disaster with Matt moving to the better paying County Board before the fan loaded up.

I was wrong then, in 20/20 hindsight. Still, given the mood of the present council, (discussion of an 8% tax increase during the forum) suggested leavening would help. Riley, however, during the LWV forum noted he was the sole NO vote on that tax hike.

What was appalling was how with tax creep and with hell-bent growth touted and fostered in the past, developers having prospered, special steps were required for something as fundamental to the governance as road upkeep. That happened, with a retrogressive "franchise fee" tax idea even being floated but killed by citizen unrest. Ramsey was concentrating on fluff, not the roads, and growth was being promoted by greater taxation of existing residents while road maintenance languished. That to me was government priorities upside down and defective.

I regret the dumb ward system has caught up Chris Riley, but Theis will get my vote.

Again, a minority contrarian voice on council is what I see as beneficial; with the worry being history where the "Matt Look tail" ended up wagging the dog, for a time.

In closing, BOTTOM LINE, any one of the four candidates would be alright. So, watch the LWV forum, take the 45 min for that, or don't vote.

UPDATE: While discussing Ramsey, this ABC Newspapers report is relevant but of less consequence than a councilmember vote. Also, a new lawyer.

This is important and necessary, and again, for all the Ramsey-related coverage we owe a hat tip to ABC Newspapers for being a true newspaper, in all that word entails.

FURTHER: If you watch the LWV forum, Theis got the arguably trick question "Bill of Rights" correct answer; three others, possibly not understanding the question, passed. Huh?

FURTHER: Shedding tears for Chris Riley's ward-system-related plight should not be overdone. In the next general election with the other at-large seat up, Riley can run against John LeTourneau, and if winning the seat, there would be, in my view, a council upgrade. Ditto, in all likelihood, for whichever ward Riley and family move to. Personally, I'd not change mayors, but that is yet another path Riley has open.

FURTHER: While admittedly ignorant of filing deadlines, if deadlines permit Chris Riley running for Anoka County Board District 1 that would be a dynamite idea. The upgrade should he run and win stands as patently self-evident. Chris Riley would not be a polarizing local political factor, if making such a decision, while the County Board cries out for greater diversity of outlook.

Reflections - The day after Martin Luther King day.

Never forget, Malcolm was assassinated three years earlier than King.

Our FBI's past, Vox online Jan 15, here. Never forget J. Edgar Hoover, Palmer Raids, etc.

Blind trust of any power center is ill-advised. Failure to remember historical fact has its oft repeated consequences.

Privateers are raping the nation.

UnitedHealth profiting obscenely off the ill and infirmed; a business model from hell needing an end, yesterday being too late for such reform. The more they deny individuals coverage or the higher they force copays, the more money they generate by having a license to hold folks up with no public option; no progressive plans such as Canada's or in place in high-wealth European nations.

It is an imposition upon the citizens of this nation that NEVER should have ever happened; and it needs to end.

Vote your interests in 2018. Vote against the obscene pirates of the health-industrial complex.

UPDATE: Readers, do your web research. Russia treats its healthcare national needs in a more civilized way than the US of A does. Because they care? Because it simply makes good sense?

Russia, for all their oligarch looting is the more civilized healthcare nation. Go figure.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Was lil' JBS III blowing a giant mj smoke screen the last few days to obscure Trumpster-bankster hanky-panky? Seems possible. JBS III being who he is, would you guess: likely? [UPDATED]

Related but not entirely cumulative links, HuffPo, half a year ago; BoingBoing, by Cory Doctorow, five days ago; SacBee, five days ago.

UPDATE: Bloomberg, 5 days ago. A pdf letter, from a bit more than half a year ago.

FURTHER: Within the first hundred days; Preet sacked: NYT, NPR.

FURTHER: Sad. Websearch returned links not as hoped for.

FURTHER: Reader help requested via a comment. Is there anyone out there reading who knows of any online record of anything that might stick to Mike Pence, or is he teflon coated and careful?

FURTHER: This link re Pence and teflon, so far. That item was published days ago. From May of last year, this item.

How do you say it? Why do you say it? Subject and object?

Ich liebe Deutsche Bank.
Ich liebe Trump.
Trump liebt Deutsche Bank.

Wir lieben Deutsche Bank.
Wir lieben Trump.
Trump liebt Deutsche Bank.
Wir lieben Geld. Trump liebt Geld.

Did I get the correct verb; conjugated correctly?

This websearch.

This websearch.

This link.

Did I get the links right?

Tune time:

Hi Robert. This is Robert. Sing for me please.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Mixing in a little Norway with a main post about banks skating [not on fijords, but from liability for shady dealing], a post is discovered worthy of meandering posts at Developers are Crabgrass.

Without further ado, this post, linking here.

Norway has little to do with the bulk of such posting, but recent Trump commentary did involve Norway, and the lead image seems relevant to it.

And that image - what might readers think of the table-top sculpture behind the Norwegian Prime Minister's left shoulder? It reminds me of Jesse Ventura's term during his stint as Minnesota's governor, "Jackals of the Press."

Websearch moving in mysterious ways, open that first link, word search RENTEC. That suggested this websearch.

Without study yet of the return list, the thinking is RENTEC involved in money hooey means the Mercers, means lift that rock, something's under it.

ZeroHedge, search = RENTEC

One of the websearch results, a daunting 1202 page government report titled, "ABUSE OF STRUCTURED FINANCIAL PRODUCTS: Misusing Basket Options to Avoid Taxes and Leverage Limits," suggests Robert Mercer's empire was up to something, given RENTEC as part of searching; but it needs to be read before jumping to conclusions.

Short of completion of such reading/study, two links might interest readers: here and here. And consulting ZeroHedge did yield this current post about a first Uranium One investigation domino.

Websearch can be a gift that keeps giving. If wanting to understand the Mercers and their politics, first understanding how they make obscene amounts of money by manipulating the system might be a productive start. Or a blind end, but you need to look to find out.

Check out this 20 page list. So little time, so much to know.

MARIJUANA DECRIMINALIZATION AND REGULATION: The Cannabist does bill tracking, and with a host of "me too, my bill is better" stuff happening on the federal level, a quick resolution in line with popular sentiment seems less likely than a slow-as-water-torture norm, for the two houses of Congress.

Making a fix it and move on likelihood quite unlikely. Links, The Cannabist, here and here.

Everybody and his brother getting his/her ticket punched. What a dilatory batch, both houses.

How about something refreshing. Stop all the clowning around and DO IT. When a dead-weight multimillionaire in Congress who has done zippo that is innovative or worth much gets on the bandwagon, it becomes a true clown show. [UPDATE: NORML, online here shows Pelosi, unlike JBS III, had an adult viewpoint years ago; so that criticism should be tempered by reason, meaning cut Nancy some slack on the issue.]



When the right people begin getting Democratic Party endorsements for Congress, CHANGE may actually be feasible.

2018's first special election, in Pennsylvania, WaPo reporting.

Yes. HOPE too, as more than cynical sloganeering.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Nailing down a Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III opium-crisis-responsibility factoid previously subject to uncertainty. [UPDATED]

This earlier Crabgrass post was inconclusive:

The bill went to the Senate Judiciary Committee [this link - caution, whether this is the committee membership presently, or relating back to the 114th Congress is not clear; nor was it researched in posting this item]. Given the caveat, pinning down what role then-Senator JBS III played was not done, so cut him some slack.

Big Pharma fault erasure? We did it Our Way.
Well, no slack, given that JBS III was the third senior Judiciary Committee member, Republican side, when the bill was in committee; behind key perp Orrin Hatch, and Chair Grassley. That report, searched "Patient Access," gave two hits:

Public Law 114-145 (S. 483), April 19, 2016--Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016
S. 483--Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016 (February 11, 2016), became Public Law 114-145

thus proving JBS III had fingers on the thing from day one in committee. Not a cosponsor, but an in-committee perp.

GOP side - The side originating/shepherding the "Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016" hoax. The side instigating all those opioid industry crony forgiveness indulgences/settlements which led to the disgust of DEA people, as was reported by 60 Minutes/WaPo.

Ongoing. Sessions on committee; Sessions boss of DOJ.

Selling indulgences is what got Luther to break with The Roman Church, with hell on earth for decades after per the "Reformation" bloodbath shake-out.

CONCERNING WEED AND NOT DEADLY STUFF: As of mid-day, Sat. Jan. 13, Sessions is not getting good press coverage; even the New York Daily News op-ed'ing against JBS III.

HuffPo posts a catalog of dislikers and dislikes. ChiTrib:

Rohrabacher thinks Sessions’ move will encourage Congress to foil him. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said she will introduce a bill to let states make their own choices on cannabis. She may find little opposition. Politico reported that it “could not find a single member of Congress who had issued a statement in support of Sessions’ actions.”

His mistake was to disturb a status quo that allowed members of Congress to accommodate public support for legalization without having to vote for it. Deference to state liberalization could be couched in terms of keeping the federal government from interfering with matters beyond its responsibilities — an approach that largely satisfied both Democrats and Republicans.

Sessions is forcing many members to choose between supporting prohibition of cannabis and siding with their own states and constituents. Given that two-thirds of Americans want to allow recreational weed, it’s not a shrewd strategy.

His position is more likely to boost support for legalization than to diminish it. That’s partly because he works for a president who is notably unpopular and partly because he himself has an approval rating of 24 percent. Legalization supporters could not ask for a more useful adversary.

From there, readers can further search as deemed fitting.

It seems a mood of let sleeping dogs lie has been Sessioned into choose sides, on record; and politicians should do that. Hiding on issues is cowardly; but we know about politics. Hence there is a rainbow within the rain Sessions has danced into front and center attention.

Possibly Sessions' intent is to force the issue now, so as to resolve it and disarm it as a 2018 midterm election issue months from now.

____________FURTHER UPDATE______________
Weed warrior kissing the hindquarters of Big Opium, and all those Afghan poppies we hear of, together does not make things look good for Mike Pence, so, will there be change? CHANGE we can believe in?

From Salon (republishing an Alternet item with too good an image to not include).

Even if weed actually was a "gateway drug" to opiates; it is the opiate money machine that is killing thousands of Americans year in and year out. Remember, all-American Hall of Fame quarterbacks can get hooked. To their disadvantage, scrounging pills and in denial until entering rehab. You can put such a face upon opiate abuse, but where there's money to be made Big Pharma plunges and damned be the consequences. How about a change? Damned be the facilitators. A/k/a JBS III.

The Cannabist on Colorado and Congress; here, here, here, and here. So the logic of ending the prohibition and moving on is a logic that is taking hold. Perhaps Mike Pence likes that as an outcome; i.e., liking the thought of distancing any solution now, from election day, 2018. Force the issue now in hope of salvaging next November a "best given circumstances" outcome for the Mercers and for Pence's GOP fellow travelers.

Whatever today's JBS III precipitating of current events leads to, now, only clouds questions about an election months away. It is entirely a guessing game.

What does Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III really have against marijuana users?

Because he's been inarticulate and shown a hazy memory in Senate confirmation hearings, one needs to reach beyond the man's words.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III knows that users vote Democrat and if you felonize them, they can't.

Do you need any more subtle explanation, when that one suffices?

Ancillary, cumulative, and congruent facts; here, here, here and in fairness, here. But again, the simplest explanation suffices nicely. Per Occam's Razor. That said, why not ice the cake?

One pleasure of web searching is finding previously unknown but interesting and substantial websites.

Bookmark it.

UPDATE: A Jan. 12, 2018, post, that site.

Krugman, Jan. 11, 2018, "Dollars, Cents and Republican Sadism."

Krugman, NYT at this link.

Alternet, piling on.

Equivalent to a further thousand words, continuing the theme:

Poor folks? Fuck 'em and feed 'em beans.

Hush money and funny money, Trump news (allegedly real as published, not fake).

Hush money?

Funny money, Buzzfeed and Alternet, overlapping reporting, the latter link being the source of this image:

A younger Trump; a Baby Doc.

That would be an ongoing pattern of funny money. But not the Ha-ha kind of funny . . .


Goldman, and Jarad's Cadre.

A partnership of sorts, a boost by the heavy hitter, this link. However motivated, happiness is theirs.