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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Corpse flower blooms again.

Read of the stench.

You remember, right?

The Horror.

Image from, here. Past coverage, here.


There's a story here, (an item), top "vendor" listings - the Treasury twice; Minnesota Dept. of Revenue. That's the 2016 election cycle, while for the 2014 cycle, online here, notable top "vendor" accolades to Holland and Knight ("... noted among 'Ones to Watch'") at eighty grand, the Treasury again, and "Cardinals Fec Compliance Services" Michele PAC ringing that bell at fourteen grand AND Bachman for Congress also ringing in at forty-two grand, 2013 expenditures, i.e., after 2012's shenanigans (aka Bachmann 2012; THE HORROR!).

That Strib report, mid-item, mentioned that in a 45min speaking stretch Bachmann opined:

“That’s what I see in Minnesota — too many people who are afraid of being called ‘racist,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘Islamophobe,’ ” Bachmann said. “I’m not afraid of it.”

[...] “In Minnesota, we have been marinated in political correctness so long we dare not even allow ourselves to think about cultural questions,” she continued.

For someone saying she's not afraid of much, the lady sure lawyered up heavily, and that's from spending fact and not from any "she said" stuff.

Lawyering up must be over one of those other "cultural questions" that do ring into a Bachmannian fear loop. Something substantial, beyond word usage.

Something aside from bigotry, Islamaphobia, or related words being of no threat to her, as she says. So, what is the lawyering up worry? Bigger than being viewed as a bigot; something with teeth to bite? Sticks and stones?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nothing could be worse than four more Trump-Pence years. Nothing? Nothing!

Yard sign for a winning ticket, perhaps less monstrous, (perhaps more contrived) -

A former public defender authors an op-ed about policing, and civilian control of same.

This Strib link; this excerpt, beginning with naming the three people recently shot dead by police in the main metro area without a single cop body cam having been turned on:

Jamar Clark in Minneapolis. Philando Castile in Falcon Heights. And now Justine Damond — in Minneapolis, again.

For the record, I want it to be known that I object to being policed this way. As between the Minneapolis Police Department and the civilian authorities in my town, it is the civilians who must be in control, [...] It is well past time for our mayor and our City Council to assert their authority. They can start by firing our ineffectual police chief. After that, the City Council should take charge of a complete overhaul of the department.

Since the department can’t seem to hire and train anything but Blue Warriors, the council, rather than the department, should set the rules for what qualifies a person to become and remain a Minneapolis police officer. If the council doesn’t feel it has the expertise to micromanage how cops are qualified and trained, it can hire experts from foreign jurisdictions who don’t think of the citizenry as the people of an occupied country. The council should break up the entire command structure of the department, and demote, fire or reassign everyone in management, because these are the people who have stubbornly failed or refused to reform the culture of our paramilitary Police Department despite scandal after scandal.

[...] I’d like to think that a thorough overhaul of the Minneapolis Police Department and its policies will not be happening just because this time the victim is a white woman who holds citizenship in a predominantly white first-world country and who was shot in an affluent white neighborhood, rather than a black or American Indian person shot in downtrodden north Minneapolis. I’d also like to think that the police and the city won’t try to solve their PR problem by simply throwing the Somali-American police officer who shot Damond under the nearest bus. [...]

I am ashamed of my city, of its arrogant, hypocritical police force, and of its civic leaders [... including] judges and prosecutors of the Hennepin County District Court, who have tortured facts, law and logic to justify almost anything cops chose to do to the people that I spent 28 years bringing before them for justice.

Richard G. Carlson, of Minneapolis, is a retired assistant Hennepin County public defender.

Are there starting and ongoing psychological fitness tests? Could the police union be made responsible for paying from its dues pool the insurance costs for bad cop actions? Give them that kind of incentive to cull. Where an insufficient culling incentive presently seems to exist.

And would not the first step be putting teeth into body cam usage demands? With the second step being to train and require prosecutors to cease regarding the cops as "our clients?"

Then, curbing the rubber stamping of search warrants should be a reform of the bench. Decriminalizing minor drug offenses would eliminate much of snitch-cultivation, which is a perversion of orderly and proper policing. Last, formalizing plea bargaining in some standardized form would eliminate much of the conduct at the prosecutorial and judicial level that rightly has earned reproach.

Noteworthy as to the bargaining dilemma, there is the allegedly common prison comment, "I didn't have a lawyer, I had a public defender." Public defender case loading has led to the bargain-it or face maximum sentences mentality, and suitable funding of public defense would be needed to curb plea bargaining affronts.

Body cam footage in any litigated or prominent case should be a public document, so the citizens could better learn of some dimensions of some police conduct in interacting with the public as well as learning the degree to which police testimony might be rightly trusted during stints of jury service.

Imagine, alone, body cam footage of DWI field sobriety testing. It would not disarm all of the "As I approached the subject I detected the strong smell of alcohol, his speech was slurry and he was red-faced and belligerent" standard litany. A smell of alcohol, if any, could not be documented or discredited by any body cam. However, slurring of speech, facial appearance, and presence or absence of belligerence would be objective evidence which could not "misrecollect" over time. Those would be helpful things, as well as memorializing the conducting and results of field sobriety testing done outside of the subject's vehicle before any custodial detention decision is made.

In short, probable cause considerations would clearly benefit from universally demanded body cam usage.

Finally a former public defender should not be too myopic in casting criticism at others.

Hold up a mirror too.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The absentee town hall. But did you expect more than collecting the pay and mailing in the town hall?

This link. The Indivisible, for the Invisible:

Constituents in Northfield filled a town hall on Monday night seeking clarification on the positions of Rep. Jason Lewis, whose absence, not presence, defined the evening.

Hundreds poured into St. John’s Church in Northfield to voice their concerns and ask questions of their newly elected representative to Congressional District 2.

When asked to attend the town hall, Lewis declined, so event organizers prepared by carefully documenting the event for Lewis and even queuing up some of his responses from the campaign that were played on a projector for the crowd on hand.

In an interview with the Northfield News late last week, Lewis’s Communications Director, Stephen Bradford, pointed out that Lewis has been engaging in “telephone town halls” where a lucky few constituents are given the chance to ask questions of the representative and can voice their views by clicking buttons that align closest with their responses.

In a letter to the editor in the Star Tribune on Tuesday, Lewis indicated that he does, “not endorse a partisan, political point-scoring event filtering down from nationally-organized ‘Indivisible’ groups with handbooks from Democrat former staffers. I want a respectful exchange with those who want to be heard.”

No show because it might have been less than praise-filled back patting? There is distinction between a reason, and an excuse. So, is it an isolated thing, or a pattern?

Strib, here. Screenshots:

Telephone town halls? What's his worry, his record, a debt collector showing up, a process server, or some pidgeon wanting his/her money back?

I recall seeing the Trump University thing unfold as so much smoke and mirrors and cashflow out from folks into an empty gimmick, and saying to myself, "Trump University? That is just Deja vu,"

Contemplate, the difference between, "Missing In Action," and "Missing, Inaction." Hiya, Jason.

A losing Dem candidate wants to run again for Minnesota's CD2 seat. Rather than a middling second bite at the apple, what about an Our Revolution or Justice Democrats candidate?

What about a well contested primary? It would not hurt. Craig failed to defeat a talk show idiot, once, and what's the explanation a second shot would differ? Go for a progressive, or stay home and let the talk radio guy build years toward a government pension? What?

Strib reporting, here. The recollection is that there were two DFL wannabes, both middle of the road, Craig the lesser corporatist but still not a progressive. Why waste more time and effort on middling candidates?

If you want the full picture of the incumbent Craig failed to defeat, web search "" and reflect upon the outcome and Craig as candidate; against that.

Only a total huckster could launch Angie, you missed defeating a total huckster, so stand aside, drop out. This is sad stuff, from Strib's report:

In her announcement, however, Craig fixed her aim on Lewis, who she said has "marched in lockstep with President Trump and Congressional Republican leaders. The fight for health care is just one example — he voted to increase premiums and deductibles, to raise costs dramatically for older Americans and to cut coverage for millions of Americans — all to give a tax cut to the rich."

Lewis spokesman Stephen Bradford said in a statement that voters rejected Craig's "radical ideas" in 2016. He said Craig and other "very liberal candidates either obstruct real health care, tax and regulatory reform or veer hard-left with dangerous new schemes."

Two folks each in their sad and stupid way staking a lesser evil claim. We need a greater good - a progressive. A single payer progressive. A student debt reform progressive. An income inequality fixing progressive. Not a wealthy Dem candidate whose income distribution history has been cracker jack fine, for her.

BOTTOM LINE: Angie Craig needs a progressive primary opponent, and that's a big time need.

Again, this link, for present Strib reporting.

Angie, go away. There is a better person already committed to run, with policy aims where a belated Craig "me too" would not ring very true. Angie's aim seems more about Angie with a bit of fluff thrown in, less about strong progressive stances on issues. Running as "I'm the moderate, Jason's too extreme" did not move the voters. Compare that ballotpedia item, history preserved, to this clear set of ideals:

Click the thumbnail to read what candidate Jeff Erdmann puts first as policy aims, or better link over to the original page to read his entire belief set on issues:

That is clearly a sub-page of the Erdmann campaign website:

Jeff Erdmann's online contribution page; here.

Jeff Erdmann's volunteer page:

That last link has the snail mail address for the Erdmann campaign, if you want to mail a check as I will. Mine will be a multiple of $27.

PO Box 122 Rosemount, MN 55068

Erdmann seems less an early-retirement wealthy health-industrial-complex insider than Craig, more one of the people tired of an ineffective status quo and wanting to reform and improve things. More Wellstone to the man and to his beliefs. Could you rationally expect to ever see this from Angie Craig except if as a "me too" tactic, too little, too late:

As a disclaimer: There was no indication found of either an Our Revolution or a Justice Democrats endorsement, nor tie-in by Erdmann to either group. Just a sense of more fire-in-the-belly ability to take it to a clown like Jason Lewis than the medical device retiree did, or might.

The fact is, without a passing reference in the Strib item initially noted to Erdmann already being a candidate, his effort would have been under Crabgrass radar. His name in the item prompted this websearch, and lo, there already is the better candidate ready and willing and not a perhaps or a maybe again.

One can wonder, why Strib choose to feature a maybe-try-again corporatist Democrat with only a passing reference to an already landed and running individual with more promise. At a guess, Strib sees Craig as better placed to get beltway money, DNC and such, Wall Street cash backing, much as status quo Clinton spouses did while massive feeling the Bern went unreported in mainstream media. There is that as history, and Glen Taylor is mainstream Republican more than Tea Party, in being owner of Strib. Pay the piper and call the tune? Perhaps, perhaps not. In any event that one passing reference let the cat out of the bag, and deflated Angie Craig's balloon.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE____________
The Jeff Erdmann volunteer link given above is a very important one. The man is not going to get any corporatist help, the effort will be to starve him for money and tout and fund Craig in another "okay whether she wins or loses" donor class attitude display; so that it will be ---

GRASSROOTS FOR ERDMANN or more of the same.

That would even serve as a good primary campaign slogan, but, aside from that, Craig/Erdmann in juxtaposition with Strib featuring the one and not the other goes to the heart of saving the Democratic Party from the worse of itself. Backing Erdmann early, with donations statewide and volunteer help in his district will be essential to trying to keep the Democratic Party relevant. Please help.

___________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
Craig, 2016 run, financing. Craig, potential candidate, 2018 fundraising page.

In 2016 Craig was clearly the better choice of two; and would decisively have been an improvement, if elected, over Col. Klink. However, not elected. Were she now the incumbent, perhaps a differing analysis might have been written here. There would at least have been a track record to praise or critique. But she lost. To Jason Lewis. That seems the whole of the story.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Video. Erdmann. Craig. Neither is a bad candidate. But Jason Lewis has got to be moved; an incumbent now, while the seat was open last cycle with Col. Klink moving on after for-profit pseudo-colleges unconscionably running up student debt became a hot potato for the nuclear-football man.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Without knowing anything of the bona fides of the CROWDPAC website, there is a self-published statement of an independent Minnesota CD2 candidate, Jacob Cassidy, with a seeming progressive orientation, one readers should at this early stage note. If progressives push one another to better state detailed progressive agendas, good would result. Angie Craig differentiating her agenda from that of Lewis, and of progressives, would also prove helpful to voters. Generalities are the bane of gaining widespread informed voter judgment.

Monday, July 17, 2017


This WaPo link, this quote:

Coulter didn’t just slam Delta for moving her from her “PRE-BOOKED seat” with extra leg room (to another seat in the same row, according to the airline). She also documented the experience in photos and tweet after tweet, which she shared with her 1.6 million followers, not to mention the wider spectrum of people fascinated by things Ann Coulter does.

Big baffling question: How can a total joke like Ann Counter have 1.6 million twit followers? Don't people have real things to do? Don't they treasure their brief time on earth more than to do something as brain-dead stupid as being an Ann Coulter follower? Have we as a nation sunk that low that Trump is only the tip of the iceberg with 1.6 million twit followers for Ann Coulter representing the underwater body of the beast, a greater extent of national degradation than a blowhard TV personality in the White House with a Dominionist a heartbeat away and a clown in third place? 1.6 million people give a shit about Ann Coulter? No? Really?

Say it ain't so, Joe.

It should be a felony offense for any police officer on duty with a working body camera to not have it turned on in ANY encounter with a citizen.

This link explains why. If a city goes to the expense of a body cam program, after having reached a policy decision to go that way, there is simply no excuse for non-use. It is criminal that a woman was killed by a cop without any body cam record of the encounter in a city with bady cam usage required. If the cops can get away with this, why have the program? Put teeth into it. Make non-use in citizen encounters a felony, and let the courts deal with suggestions of extenuating circumstances or exculpatory factors. If body cams are issued or used on any shift in non-working condition the person responsible for quality assurance should have no job security beyond recourse to the courts. Any bargaining unit contract interfering with or compromising protecting the public via body cams should be held void as against public policy. No employer-union can, for cops, bargain away protection of the public from rouge or criminally stupid (aka grossly negligent) police actions. You issue a badge and firearm and powers, you have to keep reasonable checks and balances. The public deserves no less.

There is NO EXCUSE.

UPDATE: Even while buying a cup of coffee while on shift, the camera should be activated and recording the encounter. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

An extended advertising page but nothing said about Russian oligarch/mafia chops? Transferable skill set, in general.

Lawyer du jour. No senior discount given. No base left untouched.

A trade parity in balance of payments with China is not a mere fantasy. It could be a policy of nations.

RT here, stating:

Through June, trade between Russia and China was worth $39.78 billion. Russian exports increased 29.3 percent to $20.34 billion, while Chinese exports to Russia were up 22.2 percent to $19.44 billion.

In 2016, trade between Moscow and Beijing grew only 2.2 percent to $69.52 billion. The countries have set a goal to boost trade to $200 billion by 2020.

In July, the Russian Direct Investment Fund and the China Development Bank (CDB) agreed to establish a Russian-Chinese investment fund worth 68 billion yuan ($10 billion). It was created to make settlements in ruble and yuan easier.

Both Moscow and Beijing have repeatedly talked about the importance of payments in local currencies for bilateral trade.

The agreement was signed at a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, while he was in Russia on an official visit.

The countries are also jointly building the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility on the Yamal Peninsula in the Russian Arctic. Over the past year, Russia has overtaken Saudi Arabia as China's top oil supplier.

China is building a new transport corridor to Europe as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (also known as the New Silk Road), which goes through Kazakhstan and Russia to Europe.

Trade growth both ways, nearly equal payment flows each way, energy sold outside of any dollar hegemony, more liquefied natural gas on the market with Qatar stating an aim to substantially increase production/export, possibly in response to actions of its neighbors backed by whoever, and a new Silk Road to replace that of Ross Ulbricht, aka Dread Pirate Roberts, or referring back to Marco Polo, or a bit of both presumably with containerized shipping. Shipping of whatever, you name it, and shipping might be an improper usage, in context.

Central Asia being essential in the planning and with no mention of the Indian subcontinent. With that New Silk Road it may be easier for North Korea to ship plutonium hither and yon, although care likely is taken to size individual shipments properly, not too large and too close together. And it is likely a supplier's market. A high demand commodity at a guess.

What might the Saudis think, and what might the near equal balance of payments along with the Saudi reference imply for your continuing price at the gas pump? And for Tesla?

Over them I would choose Huntley-Brinkley. In a heartbeat.

This link.

It is a good thing it was the firm it was, and not Goldman Sachs.

Were it Goldman Sachs, it would look as if that firm had advanced its agenda a step. This link.

Friday, July 14, 2017

A fifth person allegedly present when Trump Jr., Jarad, and Manafort met the Russian lawyer. Do you consider that, if true, a material omission by Donald Jr. which makes the remainder of the "for transparency" disclosure misleading? Especially if the fifth person has a sizzling story to tell?

AP story, online here. And, if a fifth, what about a complete agenda list, sixth, seventh, etc., if the room held that many.

TRAPPED!  [this link]

Third Man; fourth man, what's the difference when it's the full and complete story, unshaded and unslanted, that counts?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Combing through the Trumpster's dumpster.

Dateline July 11, here and here.

Dateline July 7, here.

A hypothetical - after Trump Jr. met with the Russian lady lawyer; Jarad and the then-campaign-chief Manafort in tow; did Trump tweet or speak about Clinton emails more than previously; is there a timeline?

What exactly did the Trump Jr. emails say, and how else but obvious ways can they be read? Surfacing now, not earlier, must be its own story too.

Comic relief.

UPDATE: About a month after that foursome meeting, Seth Rich was murdered. For now, an isolated data point. But - what if . . .

FURTHER UPDATE: WND has the only timeline Crabgrass could find re Seth Rich; with no info online of when he began work for DNC, or what his duties were during his tenure there up to his death. Zippo online, it appears.

Curiously, about a week after Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer met, the WND timeline [not second-sourced] has its first entry:

If WaPo had its Russian hacking story June 14, days after Trump Jr. etc., then presume DNC had notice around then and began an internal investigation of its email system log files; including that part belonging to Seth Rich and his system access record. Comey claimed DNC denied the FBI voluntary access to DNC computers, and there was never any subpoena. It was an instance of an imperative sentence being not a command, but a polite request, from appearances. Presuming the FBI through the spook network already knew what was there, no need to press the issue would exist. Presuming they did not, why in the world was the issue NOT pressed? As in, "Show me the Bear tracks." That loose string has never been tied off in public in any sane manner.

Shot in the back and NOT robbed, wallet and watch left on the body.

FURTHER UPDATE: Crowdstrike was the DNC tech guru consultant/operative firm [sand bur] that "found" Bear tracks at DNC. Meaning that firm's minions had open and full access to the DNC system - servers and stations - which was denied Comey; and that would have to include logs of Seth Rich activity anywhere within the system without any hint Rich had Snowden levels of sys-admin skills to go with his employment. That Bear facts link was on the web dated June 15, 2016, so previously the firm had to have done its sleuthing to reach its conclusions. Close to the Trump Jr. et al. confabing at Trump Tower. However productive it was, Trump Jr.'s recollection is it was not. Not being there, I have no corroborating or contradicting evidence. But it seems the meeting was kept under a hat for a lengthy time; causes for that being outside of today's public domain knowledge.

And, since the Bears were alleged Russian, and a Russian national met with DJT Jr and colleagues; let's keep things Russian - Crowdstrike having the access Comey's FBI lacked to DNC hardware and logs; look here, here, and the extended fine story here.

Seth Rich in the story was not a Russian, and searching the web might more likely than not show that the hospital treating staff was not either.

Although finding hospital attending staff names on the web might be a search for someone else, starting here might help. And, well, gee. If that is not fake news, it is intriguing. And if it is fake news, it's genesis would be a fine thing to learn.

FURTHER UPDATE: Something seems missing from the Trump Jr. release - there is the email exchange representing damaging negative Clinton info, then, for example, Business Insider reports:

Trump Jr. on Sunday said the meeting was set up on the premise that Veselnitskaya would provide damaging information on Clinton, but he said that material was never presented. Instead, he said, in a roughly 30-minute meeting Veselnitskaya pivoted to discussing the Magnitsky Act, a US law blacklisting Russians accused of human-rights abuses that so enraged Putin that he retaliated by barring US citizens from adopting Russian children.

" ... none was presented ... " begs the question of what was discussed. Seguing to a possible quid pro quo thing, if having mentioned info of a general nature - without presenting it - surely is within the parameters describing the meeting as set out above. Was Wikileaks as an outlet discussed? Who knows but those present, and that question is adroitly skirted in what appears to be part of an official statement.

Later in the linked item Trump Jr. is quoted, two paragraphs:

"To everyone, in order to be totally transparent, I am releasing the entire email chain of my emails with Rob Goldstone about the meeting on June 9, 2016. The first email on June 3, 2016 was from Rob, who was relating a request from Emin, a person I knew from the 2013 Ms. Universe Pageant near Moscow. Emin and his father have a very highly respected company in Moscow. The information they suggested they had about Hillary Clinton I thought was political opposition research."

"I first wanted to just have a phone call but when that didn't work out, they said the woman would be in New York and asked if I would meet," he continued. "I decided to take the meeting. The woman, as she has said publicly, was not a government official. And, as we have said, she had no information to provide and wanted to talk about adoption policy and the Magnitsky Act. To put this in context, this occurred before the current Russian fever was in vogue. As Rob Goldstone just said today in the press, the entire meeting was the 'most inane nonsense I ever heard. And I was actually agitated by it.'"

The italicized language, doubtlessly vetted by an attorney before being released, does not say what would be more reassuring " ... that she had no information to provide us or anyone else, then or at any later time, under any conditions ... ". It seems feasible under the released statement that existence of info, if not then "presented," might have been discussed with impact of possible third-party publication also discussed; and with Wikileak being mentioned in such a context and all that if it happened would not make the formal released statement a direct lie, only phrased in an incomplete and arguable misleading way. If that was a part of the conversation. The public has not been told of any detail of the conversation beyond things the Russian meeting participant would like to see changed. There is that loose thread needing tying off one way or another. Curiously, Trump Sr. raved about worry over recording of things at Trump Tower. Without any particular circumstantial context given in the raving. Was there worry that a contact between a Russian national and U.S. citizens that day in Trump Tower was swept up full and intact as part of the giant sucking vacuum that is the U.S. intelligence community? That an actual recording of the meeting in full might be stored in some obscure NSA data site in Utah?

These are questions. Some official named Mueller or working for him should be looking into answers and evidence, so another shoe might drop. Absent that we can only guess and wonder about why a more definitive statement about the meeting is lacking. Having nothing to present at that time differs greatly from having nothing. Words. Facts. Speculations. This Trump Jr. meeting bit has all three.

Yet stepping back a bit: If there was Russian held info of misconduct by either or both Clinton spouses, even if obtained by questionable hacking, the plain factual matter having the greatest interest to an electorate on the eve of Presidential voting would be the info itself, what, if any, misconduct a wannabe-President and/or a former President together or separately might have engaged in during the course of each being during his/her lifetime little besides a career politician and becoming together a multi-millionaire pair of spouses out of that career. That's still the most relevant question. And it always was. What Podesta's emails said being more relevant - to a voting public - than the ways and means by which they went from private to published.

FURTHER NOTE: The cited Business Insider item, again online here, includes the text and headers of the released emails, so readers can read them and draw their own conclusions of how important they may be - and how important the full disclosure of all things discussed at that meeting might be. That news outlet presenting the evidence itself instead of only commentary about it, is an example of better journalism and we citizens should have more if it from every news outlet.

A month late is better than missing something altogether. Ro Khanna, a Bay Area Congressman, IS a Justice Democrat.

Videos here and here.

A Reddit thread.

Where the line is drawn - not taking corporate PAC money. Rich individuals can contribute. If they lean toward Our Revolution and/or Justice Democrat policy, that might incline them to contribute; whereas the Koch brothers likely gave zippo to Ro. Organized union money? That might have an answer, but none is known to Crabgrass. The prevailing terminology "no corporate PAC funding is accepted."

Now if Michele PAC were to offer Khanna a contribution, would that be accepted? Clearly a hypothetical. Does Michele PAC give to anyone besides Bachmann lawyers, these days, if ever?

Is Michele PAC still alive and accepting money? Seems so, given that PAC accepting it in 2016.

UPDATE: Campaign spending is a part of things. Apart from campaigns, there also are the independent (allegedly independent at least) slush funds [can you say Norm Coleman] which collect and spend lavishly, primarily on the Republican side but also some for corporatist Dems to work to tamp down progressives.

However, the hope is there is less a direct dependence/indebtedness in practice (as well as a formal fig-leaf), when the money stays out of the campaign coffers.

Money corrupting politics by corrupting politicians; or by helping the already corrupt ones; is the problem. The nation's supreme court [deserving lower case for this] are the ones who green-lighted the spending of the green, more is merrier, and if you want to criticize and hate on anyone John Roberts john roberts is as deserving as any mafia Don, or that is the opinion held here. The line he and court confederates crossed is not one with any criminal penalty, but little else favoring it can be said beyond that. And before all else there was Buckley v. Valeo. For the old timers, not the young, the former Senator allegedly is still sucking air, age 94. Outliving brother Bill, the publisher/writer.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dominionist indoctrination aimed toward a political outcome should be taxed. It is conspiring against the rest of us who are civil secular humanists.

This first link. It is clear political proselytizing which is being touted as "tax deductible." It has a purely political agenda. Prove to me otherwise. This second link states pure political intent and aimed-for outcome of a political nature:

To respond to this challenge, and to give pro-family voters the opportunity to vote for stronger pro-family candidates, Family Policy Foundation created the Statesmen Academy. This Academy provides rigorous training by experienced Christian legislative leaders, who produce graduates bonded in an enduring fellowship of mutual encouragement and accountability, spiritual strength and political wisdom.

[...] Your generous financial support will identify, recruit, train and build a vibrant community of future statesmen—who will be equipped to begin transforming our political system from the inside!

[italics added] What else is it but a political exercise when the operation's top dog calls shots that way? How can it be tax exempt. It's not a church. It's a political propaganda and indoctrination mill. Aimed at a political outcome - aimed at "transforming our political system" to theocratic rather than nonsectarian. It offends.

Bigotry, spoken in low-key sanctimonious tones. By a Dominionist.

This video.

This follow-up. Judge Minnery on the facts. Judge his organizational pyramid on the facts of how he shapes facts. Assess character and/or capability. Sheep or goat?

UPDATE: Here. Here. Same theme as the "follow-up video" cited above; except this item goes to the study's author, who says Franken was correct in correcting the doctrinaire theocrat.

Dominionism and theofascism are terms used without precise [universally accepted tight] definitions. Here Dominionism is considered an intent for establishment of a state endorsed and favored religion rather than wanting and having a nondenominational government. Theofascism is the use of and integration of theocratic inclined individuals into a coalition which has fascistic intent; i.e., fascists using theocrats to gain numbers within their ranks. Some voicing or claiming leadership of the fundamentalist religious right are actual theofascists, i.e., both theocratic and fascist in mindset and intent and world view.

Fascisism here is used to mean wanting a policy and intent of a strong and intrusive state to support aims of very wealthy corporatists and financiers in having great freedom among themselves with little actual liberty or privacy among the bulk of a people. Strong and intrusive government is a required part; aims to promote income and power inequality which virtually disenfranchises the common man is also a requisite. Use of propaganda to quell the will and strength of a people is a means, not an aim, of fascist persons. Use of debt burden, especially to ensnare the young, is also an expected fascistic technique and those espousing its use that way, to disempower questioning and popular will are fascists. "Turn 'em toward fears in order to better be shorn passivly" is a way to say it. "Distract and attack."

Theofascism, as a dimension of abject fascism, is a threat of great menace. Theocrats taking their place in the bundle.

Some are more pluribus than others. You have Koch money you buy plenty sticks.

The Liberty dime has two sides, which can be viewed as in conflict with Liberty facing us all, up front, and that bundling around the war ax as the flip-side of Liberty.

Here and here, for more thought of an image of many sticks bound around a war ax. Accept whatever you want to as a truth. You can find almost any point of view on the web.

Prelude to answering a prior posed open question.

This link.  

At seconds 12-25 in particular - please wait that long before tab-closure; tune time, JC to AW.

Caption this.

It's easy to say, "Alpha Dog barks." But then, what message? Perhaps something about Trump ties. Your guess [your caption] is as good as mine.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Minneapolis mayoral field: No DFL endorsement, but Legislator Raymond Dehn, who stood out as Our Revolution endorsed, topped the field handily.

But many were running, Dehn having the plurality but short of a majority; Strib reporting, here.

Dehn's legislative history, his campaign site, and this websearch.

Hodges has not been bad, even when she and her police chief were on differing pages. Normally, absent Our Revolution endorsing, Hodges as incumbent would be okay with me. But once Our Revolution weighed in, it became decisive to me - win and reform with Dehn. Opinions can differ, but if you feel the Bern, you're better than otherwise.

With Our Revolution tips the balance in Dehn's favor; greatly for me, it is too bad as a metro county person I have no vote. Where I vote Republicans proliferate much like prolific bunnies. Tea town types. And Jesus jockeys. Both, at its worse.

Make a Revolution happen one office at a time.
Donate, this page; or by snail mail.

Neighbors United for Raymond Dehn
1611 25th Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Without links: Just remember, Montanans, Trump Jr. was the first and most active White House delegate to the GOP Gianforte effort.

And Gianforte held Russian investments. Likely he still holds them; waiting for an uptick once sanctions are compromised.

Just saying . . .

Montanans are going to get the quality in DC for which their majority voted. Sad.

UPDATE: Put another way, Special Prosecutor Mueller should be investigating, what did Trump Jr. tell Gianforte about the Russians, when did he tell him, and what impact any such information had on Gianforte investment holdings/trading? In effect, was insider information exchanged in an impermissible way?

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Rep. Tim Walz commits to a run for Minnesota Governor. It is important of itself, and equally as an example of something else - that beltway Dem-money-central can't hack it and needs replacement/reform. Something more than more of the same, tarted up like a whore.

Strib reporting, read the item for full content; this partial quote displaying an oblique critique of the beltway money-centric, donor-centric Republican-lite numbskull mentality being an abject failure threatening teachers, government employees, and other union solidarity hope:

A Mankato DFLer representing the First Congressional District, Walz was elected in 2006. DFL powerbrokers have been hoping Walz would run, given his ability to garner votes in greater Minnesota. Walz has been re-elected in tough Democratic years like 2010 but barely squeaked by in 2016 despite facing weak opposition. Walz ran ahead of DFL presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who lost the district by 15 points.

After losing the state Senate in 2016 and falling deeper into the minority in the House, DFLers say much is riding on the 2018 governor's race.
[...] The Minnesota Jobs Coalition, a Republican aligned group that has helped turn the Legislature Republican, released a statement, calling Walz a "Washington insider": "With his 10-year record as a liberal rubber stamp, Walz won't fool anyone when he claims he's a moderate," said John Rouleau, the group's executive director.

The attack is an attempt to preempt what will surely be a Walz campaign message, that he is not a typical DFLer. A gun owner who has been supported by the NRA, Walz has focused his energies in Washington on farm and military issues, including a recent appointment as ranking Democrat on the Committee on Veterans Affairs.

Walz said he would focus on issues like education, health care and transportation but first wants to hear from Minnesotans, espcially the seven congressional districts where he is largely unknown. Walz called the increasing geographic divisiveness of Minnesota politics a "false narrative" and touted his ability to bring Minnesotans together.

[italics added] In short: Haim can't buy you love.

Walz, to be taken seriously, needs to feel some of the Bern. REBECCA OTTO is running, not that she's progressive enough, but more so than Walz.

The Republicans seem intent on running Nancy Pelosi against Walz yet again, as with Rob Quist in Montana and Ossoff in Georgia. I know I would not ever vote for Nancy Pelosi, but for cause separate and apart from the Republican stupidity in calling her anything besides "wealth-corrupted corporatist" which is who she is and has been for too many recent years. Kept in leadership, "The Horror."

If anything is, in Walz terms, "false narrative" it is that Pelosi is anything but an equally problematic beltway equivalent of Paul Ryan, the only difference being gender and insipid condescending demeanor.

That Pelosi is in any meaningful way different from, say, Norm Coleman or Vin Webber, is a "false narrative" worthy of porpagation by Norm Coleman and Vin Webber, as entrenched beltway insiders with insufficient regard for actual truth.

Would Walz, if elected, prove a better governor than Tim Pawlenty. Sure, given that Donald Duck would be better than Tim Pawlenty. The bar has to be set higher than that. Walz is no Wellstone. REBECCA OTTO is closer to the Wellstone touchstone. Even if that does not play well in lesser Minnesota. Where, actually, Wellstone did reasonably well, integrity showing, as with either Walz or Otto.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Hiding from voters. [UPDATED]

Because he's a d**k. (Similar to being a Cruz.)

Yes readers, you figured it right. D**k meaning, "duck" for "ducking" town halls based on flimsy false pretenses. What else could have been intended? Dork is a noun, admittedly so. Deck can be a noun or verb but does not make sense in context. Dark is not even a noun. Ryan is not a desk. Dusk is daylight waning. Drok is not even a real word. What else?

With voting controlled by States, the federal government has no need for, nor business requesting, private information which has been released by citizens solely to vote, and solely to State officials. Mike Pence does not need to know who I am, where I live, when I voted, nor anything I don't want that individual to know of me. I do not trust him nor his henchpersons trolling my private data.

This link. It is NOT a federal question.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Iceland on my mind.

Reykjavik Grapevine, here. What is interesting is after the global banking shock of Bushco's Sept. 2008 (earlier some places), Iceland allowed systemic failures - dominoes falling - and put some bankers and other shysters into jail and the volcanoes did not erupt in cosmic disapproval. The earth did not move. A lesson of a way the big O never contemplated. Iceland lacked a Geithner, one guesses.

UPDATE: Of equal interest, Bushco [Goldman Sachs/Treasury's Paulson too] allowed Lehman [commercial paper = Main Street small business] to be the one and only domino to fall; the others including AIG being propped up -- through Bushco + the big O in continuation, Geithner channeling Paulson, but who expected elsewise? If news to you, you are not alone; here and here. The news is the unexpectedly high and appalling level of audacity these pirates show.

Unable to tell whose fortune it is.

Keeping a container of cookie fortunes bedside, and tipping it over was like throwing bones. Patterns and arrangements presage something, voodoo needed to say what. The flooral arrangement (they spilled onto the floor); so pick one: "Your problem is not defeat: It is an opportunity to grow." What I cannot tell is whether I picked up Bernie's fortune, or the nurses'. Certainly not a clinton pickup. No opportunity to grow when the will is wholly lacking.