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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Latest CD8 primary info - unless new reports say otherwise . . .

There was some confusion, Brady Slater who is with DNT wrote the item PiPress carried online Apr 15, stating Metsa and Kennedy were out. It appears that was only a conditional withdrawal; to apply had there been a convention endorsement. Apparently Sunday, Apr. 15, after PiPress published online, Metsa and Kennedy both declared themselves as in for the primary.

The latest word: Slater, Apr.18 writing at DNT:

On Wednesday, Phifer left the race altogether, saying she was only ever targeting party endorsement and that she wanted no part of a “divisive primary” she said would hurt the party.

“My goal, since first declaring my candidacy in October 2017, has always been to win the DFL endorsement, bring new voices to the table and strengthen the party,” Phifer said in a news release. “A divisive primary season would only serve to weaken the party and distract from the issues affecting the people of the 8th District.”

Phifer’s decision leaves four candidates vying for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor primary in August — Kirsten Kennedy, Michelle Lee, Jason Metsa and Joe Radinovich.

[...] Phifer said she will not endorse a candidate at this time.

That seems the present state of affairs.

So, this recent earlier Dev Crabgrass post is incorrect, there are four DFL primary entrants, unless and until news arises saying otherwise.

NOTE: This recent Dev Crabgrass remains true and correct today -- as true as it was years ago. The update in that 2009 post remains as true as the fact that the image in that update is a bald eagle.

The business in the latest DNT item cited above about the Latino Caucus does not ring true. This "researcher discovery" story is lame. Back when the Around the 8th in 80 days was first seen reported by Aaron Brown back then the sidebar item about Phifer was posted; including the link to an item Phifer wrote that was published online by MinnPost; for everyone to have seen before Phifer's formal entry into the race in opposition to Nolan - indeed before the summer district tour by motorcycle:

In defense of the executive branch
By Leah Phifer | 02/24/17

On Feb. 20, 2017, the Department of Homeland Security released a series of documents providing guidance on how the Trump administration plans to address its promises of increased immigration enforcement. Specifically, the documents detail expanded enforcement priorities for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), reinstating such policies as the 287(g) program, rolled back in 2014. Having worked for ICE for six years, I know what comes next. In the upcoming weeks and months, photos of ICE arrests will be front-page news, and individuals’ deportation stories will provoke strong emotions. Many people will see those photos and think, “Look at those jackbooted thugs, kicking in doors and rounding up families – who do they think they are?” Before this all begins, I’d like to take a moment to tell you a little about the people in the headlines.

[...] There are a lot of misconceptions about why people seek out careers in law enforcement. Many people think it’s because we all want to carry guns and kick in doors. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I started a career at ICE after having spent several years abroad. I wanted to use my foreign-language skills to help undocumented immigrants through the deportation process – a very confusing and stressful situation often compounded by a language barrier. During my time there, I met some “bad hombres” – pedophiles, rapists and violent felons. Sometimes I met single mothers trying to build a better life for their children. In the latter case, I would study their background, their family history, the story of how they arrived here. I would look for anything that would qualify a hardworking parent for legal status in the U.S. and then make a referral to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Sometimes I was able to help, and other times I wasn’t, but I never once forgot the delicate humanity of everyone I encountered.

Though I left ICE three years ago, I still work in national security and I’ve never once felt torn between a desire to help people and the pursuit of justice. We need to shed this idea that half the population chooses law enforcement over compassion, while the other half wants to let their bleeding hearts put our national security at risk. For the past 10 years, I’ve been both a proud bleeding heart and an ardent enforcer of the law. My friends represent a mix of brilliant immigration attorneys, as well as dedicated ICE officers. I support the ACLU. I’ve drafted Warrants of Deportation and shed tears of joy at a naturalization ceremony, often in the same day. No one side has the moral high ground here; we’re all devoted to upholding the law, even if we’re working on different sides of the issue.

ICE may be the first federal agency to provoke public ire as the new administration churns out executive orders, but it won’t be the last. During the next few years, I urge people on both sides of the aisle to remember that civil servants are trying to do the best we can with the orders we’re given. Like you, we want what is best for our country. Immigrants undoubtedly make our country better, but so do the individuals enforcing our immigration laws.

Leah Phifer, of Isanti, is a graduate of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. She has been working for the federal government since 2008 and continues her national security career at the Department of Justice.

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Comments (15)

Tell me again . . . .
Submitted by Pat Berg on February 24, 2017 - 9:41am.

Tell me again how "sensitive" these ICE agents are:

"ICE Agents Take Undocumented Mom With Brain Tumor From Hospital To Detention Center"

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Spend a little...
Submitted by Edward Blaise on February 24, 2017 - 10:13am.

Time along our Northern border and see ICE in action. Or should I say inaction. Walk into the I Falls custom's house and see 10 plus Kevlar wearing, hand gun toting clerk typists busily pecking away with no time to disengage and greet the citizen waiting at the counter. Read the reports of regular citizens being followed from their workplace to their homes on a steady basis: When asked why the response was "just practicing our surveillance techniques". Personally, I had an ICE agent scream by me with lights flashing well over the speed limit. When I reached the next gas station he was filling up and calmly cleaning out his back seat. And, as soon as he got back on the road? Yes, the lights came back on and he sped off over the speed limit. After the ICE agent who killed a beloved Northshore Dr. while speeding in bad weather, one would think more universal caution would be applied. Our Northern border is grossly over staffed and over budgeted. Here are the entities one may encounter on a border waters lake:

1. ICE
2. US Border Patrol
3. MN County Sheriff
4. MN DNR Enforcement
5. US Park Rangers
6. US Coast Guard
7. Canadian Provincial Police
8. Canadian MNR
9. Canadian Immigration
10. Canadian Customs Enforcement
12. Royal Canadian Mounted Police

And that is just the folks in boats. Add in the helicopters, airplanes and drones for the full list.

The US folks should be lined up and told to count off by ten and then numbers one thru nine given their transfer orders to El Paso. And number ten? Use a little common sense and be safe out there.


Phifer got ambushed. Her ICE ties were clear public knowledge for over a year before the CD8 convention. Fifteen (15) comments were published by MinnPost from people who can read. And did.

A contention that the Latino Caucus missed this when published is stupendously mind-boggling.

Whether the Latino Caucus was complacent, or sandbagging to time an objection at the convention is less relevant with Phifer out; but are they really that incompetent? To have missed the MinnPost item until the eve of the endorsement convention?

Hopefully not. Competence is a virtue.

Sandbagging, however, is nobody's virtue.

Phifer was wise in not advancing into a primary that might have degeneratee into an ICE opinion survey, which is not the key issue.

Michelle Lee, of the remaining four primary entrants, is the one who firmly opposes sulfide mining as more risk than benefit. Others should be judged on their position, however waffled or clearly stated it may be on that issue.

Lee also is anything but a single issue candidate.

Hopefully Our Revolution will weigh an endorsement among the four advancing into the CD8 primary. Readers are urged to be vigilant for any such decision by the organization. Ditto for the DFL Environmental Caucus. Those are important opinion outlets.

The Latino Caucus can have their pick of the four; I don't care. I only hope they endorse in a timely, noncomplacent fashion. Rick Nolan's opinion, in my view, is in the same category.

______________FURTHER UPDATE________________
A reader emailed of a shorter KSTP online item about the Phifer decision. As with the DNT report, it ended stating, "In a release, Phifer said she was not endorsing any of the remaining candidates at this time."

___________FURTHER UPDATE___________
As a person with a media background and hence attuned to video content, Michelle Lee has a YouTube channel. It is not known whether any of the others have taken such a step. Anybody willing to do a Rosie the Riveter pose for the "We Can Do It" fun of it deserves a nod of respect from CD8 district elders.

Youngsters, go google it.

It is shameful that this video got only three viewings. Justin Perpich probably was one of them or should have been. Sipress does not mince words. It is refreshing to see his early endorsement.

Her ActBlue donate page. Snail mail:

Michelle Lee for Congress, P.O. Box 566, Moose Lake MN 55767

Yes, Phifer's candidacy was unique and fresh in approach, the guess being neither Michelle Lee nor the others are motorcyclists.

But that was an introduction by Phifer, with the substance and appeal following. With her out and her not nodding toward others, it is time to look at the remaining hopeful foursome. Lee talks the progressive talk, and that is helpful. An interesting anecdote, Lee before the convention phoned the houshold, I was the one home, and after telling her I supported Phifer her response was, "Well at least you've chosen a Democrat."

Last, after Phifer support and now looking at Lee, please do not accuse me of gender bias. I liked Erdmann in CD2. Now I like Craig. Also, it is not gender bias, not a whit, to say Jason Lewis and Stauber are worrisome. It is because they are.

_____________FURTHER AND FINAL UPDATE____________
If you want waffle free environmental good sense, watch this candidate forum YouTube segment. That leaves few questions or room for differning interpretation. No weaseling about we just assure it is done safely, with an escrow, and hunkey dorey why are we waiting, sing with me, Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs.

None of that with Lee. Check out the others.

The State Auditor position died. The supremes ruled that "Let Rocco do the auditing, he's friendly" will be the rule from now on.

Strib reports. They did not say it was wise. They said it was not illegal. Also from reporting it appears that a policing oversight power remains:

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled against State Auditor Rebecca Otto Wednesday, ending her legal effort to block a 2015 law that allows counties to hire outside accountants rather than her office.

Otto, a DFL candidate for governor, had argued that the law undermined her authority. She sued Becker and Wright counties after they hired CPA firms, and challenged Ramsey County's refusal to sign a three-year contract ensuring that her office had the sole right to conduct audits.

In a statement Wednesday, Otto said that the high court had "now made clear that the State Auditor has authority and responsibility over county finances, including the authority to conduct additional examinations of a county following a private CPA firm audit."

She said the Supreme Court opinion "clearly establishes the role of the State Auditor in county finances and sets an important precedent that protects taxpayer dollars."

[...] The opinion concluded that the 2015 law did not violate the separations of powers clause in the Minnesota Constitution [... which] "does not expressly detail the duties of the constitutional executive officers" of state government and are instead "prescribed by law."

The Supreme Court agreed with the appeals court that the state auditor retains the authority to "set uniform standards for auditing counties and ensure compliance with those standards."

In Strib's reporting, the paragraphs covered by the first ellipsis had Republican snipers quoted doing their little thing against there having been litigation of the questions. Partisan hackdom remains alive and well.

But will a policing function be real moving forward? And will it be more politicized? The legislature will set an agency budget and within that budget whichever party holds the Auditor office might be inclined to police more closely counties controlled by the other party. If starved of funds, the office of State Auditor could become a haven for a handful of voted-out legislators from the same party as the Auditor, with nothing to do and needing regular pay. In effect, ceremonial window dressing much akin to a few other civil jobs, e.g., the airport commission where professionals run the operation, and other board and commission "parking lot posts for the voted-out, politically connected, or election losers who chased higher office." Where the staff carries the weight, while the appointees get the better window-offices and larger desks.

A bottom line, shrinking the office and allowing local control of both the spending and the oversight over the spending is an invitation for friendships, discord and intrigue. Bless the legislators behind the will to so empower local control to where it can more easily run amok.

The Twins and Indians playing in Puerto Rico.

If you watched it televised, it emphasized how much more fun televised Baseball can be if not in a crapified ball park. Likely so if there in person, not being gouged on ticket price or food. Like a St. Paul Saints game. Also, the players did not look cold.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

CD8 DFL: The final shoe dropped. The primary will be Michelle Lee vs. Joe Radinovich, may the better candidate win.

Phifer in an email to supporters reported her decision to withdraw. It being a public statement apart from any press release she may issue, here is a part:

I’m writing to share some difficult news with you today. After assessing resources and potential primary election strategies, I have decided not to move my candidacy forward to represent Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District. I’m so proud of the grassroots followingLeah addressing the convention with supporters Dan Fanning, Michael Mayou, Nevada Littlewolf and Lisa Radosevich. we’ve built across the district – farmers, students, teachers and many more have kept this campaign afloat even while barely making ends meet for themselves. Without DFL party resources, I can’t keep asking my supporters to keep sacrificing for this campaign (though I have no doubt that you would). It was not an easy decision to make, but again I’m incredibly proud of what we built and how we moved the needle forward in the 8th district. We may not have made it all the way, but we forever altered the conversation by bringing new voices to the table.

Looking back over the past ten months, because of your dedication and resilience, we went extremely far. You took me - a political newcomer and grassroots candidate - and turned me into the top delegate-earner in an open endorsement race for Congress. Whoever our next representative is, I hope they follow the path we have carved out together.

[...] I was once told there is a very close relationship between how people treat women and how they treat the earth - we've seen that play out very clearly the past several months. Please continue to fight for both; I know I will. It was the greatest honor to be a vehicle for your voices these past few months.

While believing Lee has the sounder candidacy between her and Radinovich, little likely will be posted here about the CD8 contest after Phifer's withdrawal. The belief was always she'd be extraordinarily good as a fresh voice in Congress. That level of promise will be hard for the two remaining candidates to match. I had the same feeling about Jeff Erdmann. Craig will be okay, if she gets past Jason Lewis. She and Erdmann could not both advance. She should give Lewis a better run this cycle than last. She was the better candidate then, but now she's more experienced. And the Blue Wave is anticipated, may it happen with more progressives than corporatists. Craig is enough a progressive. Then next to Lewis, no contest.

CD3 needs an upgrade too, big time. The absentee if defeated likely will remain in DC, his habitat, for lobbying loot.

CD8 DFL - Something not seen in prior reporting. It will be either two or three candidates in a primary.

PiPress, here, stating in part:

The stalemate at the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party’s 8th District convention in Duluth saw the field whittled from five to two, but returned no endorsed candidate.

The 170 delegates failed to give Leah Phifer or Joe Radinovich the party’s nomination after 10 rounds of voting, putting the party on course for an August primary election between Phifer, Radinovich and a defiant Michelle Lee, who was the only one of three deposed candidates who vowed to continue in the race. Jason Metsa and North Branch Mayor Kirsten Kennedy both said they would fold up their campaigns.

“Unfortunately, mine’s not moving forward,” Metsa, the state representative from Virginia, told the assembled delegates.

So Metsa suspends his congressional run and will concentrate on reelection to the legislative seat he holds. His FEC filings indicate he will not be pressed for cash to run the legislative campaign. Details of how the money will be repurposed from federal to state intent may exist, but they are apart from the CD8 representative question.

With Metsa's move, Michelle Lee might be a spoiler to take votes away from Phifer, if Phifer chooses to contest a primary, or to be a main challenger to Radinovich if Phifer defers from the primary.

It is now, wait and see. Phifer, not Lee, holds the DFL Environmental Caucus endorsement. Lee as a late entrant has not had the same late entrant traction Radinovich achieved, with Rick Nolan's blessing.

Reko Diq Balochistan - and why should you care?

It is dry barren land with no water flows below ground to cause worry and with no nearby wetlands and lakes in danger. Images online, here and here.

They have no thriving taconite industry. But reserves to boast of. Mineral wealth and natural gas.

It is where copper sulfide mining can be carried out with minimal risk, and it is an economy far less prosperous than the regions of Minnesota where taconite supports the local economy.

This link. Here.

One CD8 DFL candidate has been vocal of the needs of copper for generators and motors, for renewable energy and electric powered clean transportation. True enough but the hand-waving starts after that about doing it in high-risk pristine water-rich lands in Minnesota for a handful of jobs but high profits to mining interests and large campaign funding of political expediency in tune with mining interest aims.

Have a look. Read this full item. Anyone saying there's less sense mining copper in this barren waterless terrain vs Minnesota lake country is either blind or insincere.

So, what's the story? And the Canadians, while behind mining adventure suggestions in CD8 know of this more fitting area to mine, same source - read the text beneath the image:

Get real!

If the Pakistanis are more protective of their land's resources against exploitation than tom bakk or Justin Perpich, I'm not responsible for that imbalance, nor is the DFL Environmental Caucus. The easiest marks will be the ones exploited first and most and brazenly with no remorse.

There is plenty of copper where there is less of a risk.

At or before the CD8 DFL convention a "Latino Caucus" letter surfaced critical of Leah Phifer. A copy was obtained, and is presented.

Rather than an email screenshot, the text is presented by cut/paste below:

From: Latino DFL Caucus
Date: Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 8:38 PM
Subject: For immediate release: Latino DFL Caucus statement re: CD8 candidate Leah Phifer
To: Undisclosed recipients

"April 7th, 2018

Latino DFL Caucus Statement Against U.S. Congressional Candidate Leah Phifer

We, the Latino DFL Caucus, take seriously our job of advocating for Latino interests and policy positions within the DFL Party. We focus on increasing Latino participation within the DFL and advocate for Latino rights regardless of citizenship status to make the party and our state more inclusive.

It is because of our goals that we ask those of you in Congressional District 8 to stand with us against Leah Phifer’s candidacy.

Too many families have been torn apart at the hands of ICE and endorsing Leah Phifer, a former ICE agent who played a direct role in the deportation and separation of families, goes against the values of our party.

The DFL cannot afford to endorse a candidate with a history of breaking up families. Doing so would ostracize members of the Latino community and undermine its loyal support for the party.

We are asking you and the DFL to deny Leah Phifer an endorsement. We urge you to endorse a candidate in the race who can bring us together - our party is strong because of our diversity.


The Latino DFL Caucus
Rebecca Diaz Luebbert and Miguel Morales, Co-chairs"

The date received, Apr 10 differs from the email heading, "April 7th." It is signed by "co-chairs." I am curious of the history of this, whether it was sent to a mailing list of convention delegates, and if so, who provided the "Latino Caucus" the list; and when was notice of the issuance of the item called to the attention of the Phifer Campaign. It surely is on the eve of the Apr 14 Saturday convention, so lead time "Latino Caucus" voting and/or decision making on issuance of an item against one candidate of several would be of interest. Also, whether any of the other campaigns, Rick Nolan, or any CD8 DFL officer, including but not limited to Justin Perpich, had any input or influence over the wording, issuance timing, or circulation of the item.

An attempt will be made at email contact with the Latino DFL Caucus per the email address within the item. Reporting of the result of inquiry, if any, will follow.

That line: "To: Undisclosed recipients" makes it unclear whether press was sent copies, CD8 DFL officials, Ken Martin, the Pope, whoever. An inquiry to obtain a distribution list will be part of the attempt to better understand the mechanism of generation and usage of this letter against one of several candidates. The candidacy started a bit less than a year ago, with ample time to have addressed concerns with the Phifer before an eleventh hour production and distribution. Issuance of such an item without prior contact with the candidate/campaign seems unusual and unprofessional. They are in the same party together and normal courtesies would be expected.

Most curious, while dated Apr 7, the Phifer hit-piece came out in circulation, as forwarded to me, Arp 10; the precise date when the Environmental Caucus endorsed Phifer; ECM Publishers reporting:

Phifer endorsed for Congress in Congressional District 8 -- Apr 10, 2018

The DFL Environmental Caucus today announced its decision to endorse Leah Phifer for Congress in Minnesota's Eighth Congressional District.

"Leah Phifer knows firsthand that the economy of Minnesota’s 8th District is rooted both in the mining and the recreation, tourism and service industries,” said caucus chair, Veda Kanitz. “She understands that strong environmental protections and a 21st century workforce will both be required for every corner of the district to thrive.”

“We were impressed with her commitment to creating clean energy jobs across the Eighth as part of the fight against climate change,” Kanitz said. “We also were impressed with her recognition of the special threats that water-based copper-nickel mining poses to the district’s water resources and its communities. We appreciate her call for caution and due process with this new kind of mining.”

[...] The Environmental Caucus endorsement process involved several steps, including the evaluation of candidate positions on transportation, environmental justice, climate change, clean water, agriculture, mining, pipelines and citizen engagement. Candidates Leah Phifer, Joe Radinovich, Kirstin Kennedy and Michele Lee were considered.

The Environmental Caucus followed an orderly process, professionally, as the reporting noted. They deliberated, and only Mesta's was a DOA candidacy.

In short, the hope is Phifer in her present deliberations decides to not let the Environmental Caucus down and instead plunges with renewed vigor into a primary contest against the arrayed pro-risky sulfide mining candidacies of all but Phifer and Michelle Lee.

Reaction of those willing to put the Boundary Waters at risk for hundreds of years of potential sulfide pollution over ICE status; and to so decide on the eve of a convention when another DFL caucus was duly and openly deliberating, in effect to ally with the pro-polluter forces, to drop a surprise, is sad. It stands as a Latino Caucus alliance with Mesta and in spirit with Stauber, but more so with (and possibly in touch with) the Perpich/Nolan/Radinovich pro-sulfide mining troika, and that possibility is a worry.

Upset minds are out there over Phifer's candidacy putting Nolan on the spot and being a factor in his demurring to continue a reelection effort, leading to the surrogate Radonivich candidacy being promptly advanced after Nolan's withdrawal notice.

Might there have been coordinaiton of an opposition campaign with the two co-chairs of the DFL Latino Caucus?

How would we in the public, including the voters of the Eighth District know if any coordination happened? Indeed, there perhaps even might have been an instigation at a surprisingly late date from outside the Lation Caucus, to raise a tardy objection without any prior notice to Phifer of any such concern? Anything is possible. If coordination of such kind happened, would it be publicly disclosed, or closely guarded and publicly denied?

Might there be touchstone facts suggesting at worse a coordinated series of steps?

The first and immediate question: Were rank and file Latino Caucus members even consulted before the co-chairs wrote; and why would such a step not have been done early in the Phifer candidacy? It started in the middle of last year.

In good faith, sooner is always better? It looks better. It is better. The process of that attack letter, as well as its substance, deserves attention of discerning activists.

[FURTHER: Apologies to the gentleman, his name is Metsa, not Mesta, and the error escaped initial edit attention.]

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Well it wasn't Scott Pruitt. Nor Steve Bannon. Nor Robert Mercer. Jarad looks different - a thinner face.

Strib, carrying an AP wire feed.

An image. Nah . . .

Great news! One of the best and brightest to upgrade the Minnesota Supremes!

Paul Thissen. Dayton still has good judgment in him and proves it. All those saying it was Tina's doing did a disservice.

Strib reports. With all the Blue Money Wave stuff happening here and there; one very decent thing to brighten the day.

Minnesota Governor Contest: Corporatists take over money race, both parties. Really quick for Republicans. Steadily so for Democrats.

Strib links: Republicans. Both parties. The GOP base, takes gas. Progressives, less so. The carpet bagger from DC bank lobbying did his thing. With that insincere smile; the Sam's Club new outfit; the toxic resume. Jeff Johnson won't you please come home.

Otto and Erin Murphy are not being scuttled, despite Walz having money bags fuller than the two put together.

If there is that Blue Wave, it might not be my Blue Wave; it might be the moneyed Blue Wave; those on the Dem side of things who benefit most from the Ryan tax cut monstrosity. Sad!

UPDATE: At least on the DFL side, the money front runner is not repulsive. Not so, the Republicans.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Who are these people and are they the best and brightest? Is Justin Perpich badge heavy?

[NOTE: 2:10 PM 4/17/2018 - the post was revised and extended]

All on the Iron Range love taconite. Taconite mining is not sulfide mining. They are different animals. One being established and an economic anchor, the other being more risk than merit. Watch this YouTube CD8 candidate forum sulfide mining

After the wholly messed up CD8 DFL convention, the question of who are the CD8 DFL inner party ones, and are they a sound bunch - or mining tools - is fair game.

That gets to examining an under the radar (except for "up there on the range") dustup from last autumn.

In it Justin Perpich comes out looking less than spectacular, arguably far less with the term manipulative hack coming to mind; read of it here, here, here. If not reading or consulting the links, the remainder of the post will lack clarity. So read.

Justin Perpich took a big swing at Duluth for Clean Water, links here and here. Perpich took a clearly off-record and heated private exchange of views public as part of his big swing. That is what the above three links in harmony show.

For a context, two images, the first from DFCW, the last indirectly so, Duluth News Tribune, this link. If not getting the drift of the dustup context from that, quit reading. Back to the dustup detail, Perpich claimed DFCW was at fault for late filing of a disclosure report, with how he reportedly phrased things being the question:

The organization, which has publicly endorsed three City Council candidates, came under fire for failing to file the report on time. This led to claims by 8th Congressional District DFL Chairman Justin Perpich of the group being a "dark money non-profit."

[...] DFCW co-organizer John Doberstein says the report filing was late because the group's attorney was out of town on a personal matter.

'Duluth for Clean Water’s second campaign filing was made at the Duluth City Clerk’s office this morning. The report shows $521 in cash contributions for the period from June 10 to September 11, 2017, with $284.63 in disbursements, and $476.37 cash on hand. The initial filing made June 9, 2017, showed $1,000 in contributions, $760 in disbursements ($300 to Updegrove for Duluth and $300 to Kennedy for Duluth), and $240 cash on hand.

[...] 'We hope this puts to rest the disingenuous attacks from 8th CD DFL Chair Justin Perpich,' said John Doberstein, co-lead organizer for Duluth for Clean Water. 'We’re proud of our 100% volunteer efforts to protect Lake Superior, and it’s disappointing that Mr. Perpich seems more interested in pursuing a pro-Glencore/PolyMet agenda than he is in doing his job as Chair of the 8th CD DFL, which is to bring people together. We appreciate all of the support we’ve received,including from Council President Joel Sipress, who clearly has Duluth's best interests in mind.'

Nailing things down a bit more, the Duluth for Clean Water’s Facebook website presents a Duluth New Tribune's screenshot, with this caption:

Duluth for Clean Water -- April 13 at 10:28am
The DFL CD8 Convention is this Weekend. Here is the DNT's issue breakdown of the 5 candidates vying for endorsement. Note the author refers to three of the candidates as "all-in" on PolyMet, and two candidates (Leah Phifer and Michelle Lee) as "taconite only."

"All in" includes Nolan's acolyte and former campaign manager, Joseph Radinovich who left a St. Paul consultancy when Nolan decided to demur and before the tires cooled he was back home on the Range strutting around as a Nolan surrogate candidate. Pro-sulfide mining per the DNT screenshot DFCW posted (If you viewed that candidate forum YouTube link given under the opening image and thought you smelled some waffles cooking, congrats, gold star - make it copper star - you are not mining's fool.)

Back to Justin Perpich: Apart from Polymet love and Polymet critic hate, while Radinovich entered as Nolan's surrogate candidate Perpich was a Nolan cheerleader after the Emmer-Nolan monkey business put Nolan on the defensive, (justly defensive in the minds of many but not Perpich); this link, word search "Perpich," and form your own opinion. But understand Perpich is a Rick Nolan head-to-toe acolyte and hanger-on:

Justin Perpich

Legislative and Political Organizer
Duluth, Minnesota Area
Political Organization

AFGE, Coalition to Draft Rick Nolan Governor

Rick Nolan for Congress, DCCC, Minnesota House DFL Caucus

University of Wisconsin-Superior

That being quoted from Justin Pipich LinkedIn disclosure-tout.

Interestingly, Justin Perpich reportedly did run, once, for elective office, failing to convince voters he was school board material.

Perpich has now moved from Nolan=Guv to Walz=Guv, as one among many who presently endorse Walz, this link. Unlike per the earlier Nolan testing of gubernatorial waters, Perpich has no declared tie to the Walz campaign, that arguably being in Walz' favor.

Doesn't the guy like Becky Otto? Gee. What about nursing leader and legislator Erin Murphy? Probably he's less than akin with wanting prograss since Our Revolution endorsed Otto and Murphy, as well as Phifer for CD8, not Nolan's Radinovich guy. Vice versa, Our Revolution seems not affectionate toward young Perpich. Is a broom needed up there in CD8 affairs; or put tom bakk into it and say a mucking of the stable? (some do not deserve capitalization of their names)

Taking off the record stuff public is work of a spoiled brat. A Twitter twit to boot, using social media to a fault. His taking off-record discord public is what the September DFCW dustup was about. It was unprofessional to take it public and then to yin and yang sanctimoniously.

Last, is Perpich a mining whore? In deciding consider this, stating in part:

Duluth, MN (Oct. 13, 2017) — In response to yesterday’s New York Times Magazine story, titled “In Northern Minnesota, Two Economies Square Off: Mining vs. Wilderness,” Minnesota 8th Congressional District DFL Chair Justin Perpich released the following statement:

“Yesterday’s story from the New York Times Magazine included numerous divisive statements from self-identified leaders of the environmental/anti-mining movement on the Iron Range. These statements were cruel, excessive, and do not reflect the community values we hold dear on the Iron Range. [...]

“What the Iron Range needs are good-paying jobs. Jobs that support entire families. Jobs that let you buy a snowmobile to navigate our world-class trails, or a new rifle to hunt in our expansive forests. The truth is this: a tourism-dependent economy does not produce these types of jobs. We need a diverse economy, one where miners, the creative class, and environmentalists can live together and thrive.”

“The DFL is a party that welcomes individuals from all walks of life, promoting constructive discussions on the various issues that confront our communities on the Iron Range, the 8th Congressional District, and across Minnesota. [... a/k/a jobs?].”

[bolding and italics added] He, bakk, rukavina and tomassoni could be a barbershop quartet unendingly singing, "Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, ...". There is more to life than whoring to rapacious mining interests that way. Perpich has the family's name, but what, if anything, else?

Between the ears?

Joseph Radinovich - his money
FEC links, here, here and here, indicating 2017-2018 having raised over a hundred and eight grand; no source date found.

Joseph Radinovich - his campaign website

Look at that Issues page, in light of the foregoing, is there something lacking? Believing so, I used the second link, giving my email address twice, writing:

Where are you coming from on the sulfide mining question?

On your website issues page it looks as if you dog whistle by starting "Jobs" but you never answer the question directly.

I blog and intend to write about your answer, or lack of one, however it shakes out.

If not getting an email at the address I presented in sending this by the end of this week I presume you care not to answer, and will presume from there, it being guesswork if you remain reticent.

I am a Leah Phifer supporter, so you've fair disclosure. Now you are asked to disclose, please.


A man of conscience and courage would not duck definitively going on record over the key issue, and if not that, why should anyone vote for the guy? I await a response. Hopefully he in reply can point to an online link where he has answered the question not just for me, but for the voting public of Minnesota's CD8. Less than that would be a disappointment.

Pro-sulfide mining Jason Metsa - his money; see, here and here, as with Radinovich, no detail on who chipped in.

Leah Phifer - her money; here and here; itemized, and showing her strong efforts from earlier than the pro-sulfide mining pair entered the contest (and while tardy still raking in substantially more cash), with Phifer's campaigning against Nolan and aiming to show strongly in the endorsement process leaving her going into the primary with low reserves; so contribute folks, it is needed.

Michelle Lee - her money; curiously entering about the time Radinovich and Metsa did, but not a mining maven, her totals were lower than the other three; see, here and here. As with Phifer, she is left with little in reserve.

The mining tools have the cash, the opponents of profligate mining suffer. Gee. Strange world, eh?

Kirsten Kennedy - her money; here, hardly enough raised to be a player and while pro-sulfide mining, the money's gone to the men. Yet she is the third woman in things, and to the extent there is gender-vote splitting, the guys can smile, 2 against 3. It looks set up for bad things in CD8 if Phifer and/or Lee do not go to a primary.

LATEST NEWS: This DNT link. The DFL Latino Caucus seems to have been primed to poison Phifer's well, but was low profile until the endorsing convention in striking from the weeds:

While Phifer’s supporters appear ardent, stiff opposition to her candidacy had been brewing throughout the weeks leading up to the 8th DFL convention. The DFL Latino Caucus asked for the party to deny Phifer the endorsement for starting her 10-year federal law enforcement career with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The Latino Caucus blames ICE for breaking up families, and said in a letter that Phifer’s association with ICE “goes against the values of the DFL.”

It is vexing when this "letter" is mentioned without a date given for its generation; suggesting it is a recently engineered event step.

Dirty pool or not, it hurt. Phifer is taking a two week sabatical to weigh whether to advance to the primary or suspend the campaign:

The leader in delegate voting throughout last weekend’s 8th Congressional District DFL convention may not be moving to the primary this summer.

Leah Phifer told the News Tribune on Monday she will take the next two weeks off from campaigning and fundraising to decide whether to file for the primary.

“We’re giving ourselves until the end of April,” she said. “We want to do what’s best for the district.”

Phifer won on all 10 delegate ballots at Saturday’s convention in Duluth, but she fell short of the 60 percent delegate threshold the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party requires for endorsement — topping out at 52 percent. Phifer explained her candidacy was always reliant on and respectful of an endorsement and that she never planned to go to a primary.

[...] Phifer, of Isanti, said she believes she’s paying a price for challenging incumbent Rep. Rick Nolan and that some blame her for pressing Nolan into retirement at the end of the term. Nolan endorsed her closest challenger, Joe Radinovich, of Crosby, with a statement midway through the weekend’s convention.

“You may have observed some of the dynamics playing out in the district — something we’ve been up against for a while,” Phifer said. “I think people who didn’t want Congressman Nolan to retire partially blame me for that. They’ve teamed up with people outside the district to provide a front that’s distracting from the real issues in the 8th District. I don’t want that. There are very real issues affecting the district.”

Radinovich, State Rep. Jason Metsa, of Virginia, Michelle Lee, of Moose Lake, and North Branch Mayor Kirsten Kennedy have all said they will take their campaigns into the August 14 DFL primary election.

With Lee committed to go to a primary on name recognition and hopes to raise cash, she would be the obvious choice for the Our Revolution supporters to choose, if Phifer's not in the primary. Anything to scuttle the Metsa cabal, and the Nolan cabla (via surrogates). They suck. Moreover, neither would have the vote-pulling power to defeat Stauber. Phifer could. Lee might. Two quality women.

Phifer has the DFL Environmental Caucus endorsement.

To quell any uncertainty, as a CD6 Anoka County resident I have no ties whatsoever to Duluth for Clean Water. I learned of them when researching the Nolan - surrogate/acolyte network, per a websearch return grouping about young Perpich violating an implicit off record exchange.

He seems aggressive, with that making up for moderate wisdom. Little wisdom. A bare smidgen of wisdom. Barbarian cunning, that perhaps, but it differs from wisdom. He overreacted to somebody telling him his pro-sulfide mining advocacy went too far in characterizing a grassroots operation wrongly when he full well had to know DFCW was exactly that and not some Twin Cities netro-area nefarious conspiracy.

Pettiness can show many ways, that being one.

Ever since Miles Lord wrote the Reserve Mining decision I have had respect for Lord's perspective and his work, and for the big lake's pure water. Miles Lord is missed, and will continue to be. Back when Vento and Fraser were protecting the Boundary Waters via wilderness designation by statute, Oberstar in opposition and in alliance with the wrong side of that argument, awareness of the ulterior interests using the jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs mantra for the benefit of the dark side of the force was understood. They should grow up and stop.

Oberstar will be missed less than Miles Lord or Bruce Vento, ya betcha.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Curiously MIA on a current event, while shooting darkly.

This guy is a Republican blogger with a sidebar key word widget with "Pawlenty" one larger than others [indicative of a greater frequency of reference possibly] and a top of the site search box; so give "Pawlenty" a try. No news is good news?

Too many cooks spoil the broth in CD8.

Craig endorsed CD2, Phillips endorsed CD3, CD8 hung; per Strib reporting here. In CD8 some guy named Radinovich got in the way of Leah Phifer, who after ten ballots led but was short of the sixty percent needed to be endorsed, again, per Strib. That means with 48% Phifer and 42% for Radinovich 10% was left for strgglers.

Phifer - from her Around the 8th in 80 days website
Maybe they could have a trap shooting
contest instead of a primary.
It would not take until August.

Phifer is the better choice to defeat Stauber, but it appears there will be a primary, exhausting resources; Stauber benefiting while progress suffers. Phifer, not tardy entrant Radinovich, got the Our Revolution endorsement.

Radinovich might be the best man for the job, but Phifer is the best woman and the progressive between the two; unless you want to quibble over Our Revolution's choice.

Contribute to Leah or suffer Stauber going to DC to be a pro-mining ass.


Snail mail:
Leah Phifer for Congress Committee, 
P.O. Box 424, Isanti, MN 55040

CD8 DFL voters: Tromp Radinovich in the primary for the late entry termerity. Phifer was candidate when Nolan married Emmer [figuratively] on dangerous mining; Phifer was there when blowback on the Emmer-mining monkey business "encouraged" Nolan to weigh options; Nolan quit; then his campaign management honcho Joe jumped in and mucked things up - on behalf of Stauber indirectly.

Nolan even went so far as to put his thumb on the scale at the endorsement convention, in absentia, for his campaign jock, Radinovich.

Whomp Joe R. in the primary, CD8 folks. MinnPost reports on the CD8 deadlock; this link; mentioning the Nolan thumb on the scale (which proved insufficient except to hang the endorsement voting and cause a messy primary).

Thanks a lot, Rick.

Where might you vote for that steady rising tide that lifts all boats instead of ones that raise the yachts and swamp any little boats nearby or at a distance?

While my ideal world in terms of candidates for Minnesota Governor at this point in time before the November election is Erin Murphy being endorsed from among those still actively in pursuit of the office, (Liebling's withdrawal being real and her candidacy past tense), nonetheless Congessional Districk 1 Rep. Tim Walz seems a good man with sound intentions. For the reason he may at the DFL State Convention end up the endorsed candidate instead of Erin Murphy, with the DFL candidates all promised to abide, I have gotten on his e-mailing list. The most recent item from Walz:

When I was in my early twenties I worked in a tanning bed factory. The factory wasn’t unionized and I saw some terrible stuff. There wasn’t sick time and the pay was low.

I saw coworkers injured on the job. One stapled her finger to a tanning bed. Another inhaled fumes from the adhesive and passed out. They were sent home for the rest of the day without pay, and told to show up the next day or risk losing their job.

I’ve also been a union teacher and a proud member of Education Minnesota. I’ve seen the difference a union makes: quality and affordable healthcare, sustainable hours, a livable wage, and so much more.

I’ve been proud to stand with working people in Congress, and I’ll stand with Minnesota’s working families as governor.

This election is critical for the future of collective bargaining and the right to organize in our state, and I’m asking you to stand with me today. [...] As governor, I want to be the organizer-in-chief. We need to strengthen the right to collectively bargain in our state and grow the middle class. I’ll fight back against right to work legislation, and expand opportunities for workers to organize.

I’m proud of the tens of thousands of union members who have signed on to this campaign and the dozen labor unions that have endorsed Peggy and me.

We’ll keep fighting, and I hope you’ll join us.

Well, as to endorsements, the nurses and communication workers are close allies of Our Revolution, which endorsed both Rebecca Otto and Erin Murphy. I stay with the wisdom of the most progressive within the State's population. But if Walz is endorsed, staying with the most progressive choice will then be Walz.

Can you imagine Jeff Johnson or carpet-bag do-as-told Tim telling the bankers, Freedom Clubsters and yacht owners a story such as Walz sincerely presented?

Do-as-told Tim would tell the next secret donor enclave of the unfortunate co-round table banker who at lunch spilled the last of three martinis on his expensive suit and was so distressed he went home because of that and the fact he'd fired the guy who'd been tasked with upkeep of the guard Doberman kennels for having gotten sick, and the illegal immigrant hired to replace that person spoke Spanish as his first language and might not work out either. And atop that, as-told Tim would bemoan the downright saddening truth of difficulty in finding the right people to crew a yacht.

Trouble along the Potomac would be what could get as-told Tim to cry.

Union Tim Walz, has more substance and every intermediate-affluence person at risk needs to ask, is the banker on the other side of the mortgage or the student loan more my friend more than the union member supporting a fifteen buck minimum wage which will boost consumer spending and money circulation forming the bedrock of small business prosperity? Do-as-told Tim would likely think it a fine day to see your loan somehow forced into a renegotiation to a higher interest rate. How in as-told Tim's world zero sum games should work out.

The man's Potomac friendship liklihoods and his core Unalloter smallness of character and personality would be forecast to aim always to not ever appear to bite the hand that fed him so extravagantly for his several years in DC. Recall that before that he dropped at a distance away from Romney's show, and got the bank lobbying job as reward for services in office and for stepping aside. Demonstrable character shown the right people, that way.

If between the banker and the union man in prosperity, wonder about that tax cut and how it steepens the hill your prosperity is sliding down while the house at the top of the hill is lavishly redecorated, spare no expense, rosewood being nicer than pine.

Opinions can differ.

While with morning coffee email was opened first, and this post believed proper, looking at Strib's homepage; this item from the news outlet owned by former Republican legislator Glen Taylor, and hence no tool of neo-communism or in tune with any such nonsense claims:

In 2012, when Pawlenty took the job of CEO for a Wall Street trade association called the Financial Services Roundtable, more than a quarter of all American homeowners were still “underwater,” meaning they owed more on their home than it was worth. Millions more had already lost jobs and homes in the four years since the financial panic of 2008, which economists and government investigators blamed on reckless mortgage lending and Wall Street’s unsound trading practices.

Pawlenty earned more than $10 million in a little over five years in the job, which he left in March. Now, the Republican faces scrutiny of his tenure at Financial Services Roundtable (FSR), which fought aggressively against financial regulations that the industry deems too burdensome. Pawlenty’s opponents in both parties are already making political fodder of his time in the job.

“[Pawlenty’s] lobbying will be yet another thing he’ll be on the defensive about in this race, and it’s clear Republicans have a much better chance without all that baggage,” said Jeff Johnson, Hennepin County commissioner and Pawlenty’s chief competitor for the GOP nomination.

Wall Street’s progressive critics, who battled Pawlenty in Washington for years, are eager to discuss issues like the safety of the nation’s financial system; lax privacy laws that led to fiascos like the Equifax breach of the personal information of millions of Americans; and Wall Street’s efforts to prevent customers from suing them.

“Across party and regional lines, most people think Wall Street has too much influence in Washington. And they think that because it does,” said Lisa Donner, executive director of Americans for Financial Reform, a consortium of labor unions, consumer groups, liberal think tanks and organizations like AARP.

Pawlenty declined an interview request to talk about his time in the FSR job.

[italics empahsis added] "... in both parties ..." is interesting language. Most Republicans likely make monthly mortgage payments and feel the hurt felt more by those less affluent than most Republicans. With that big pay bonanza Pawlenty got, he suffers less than rank and file GOP voters, especially those within the Tea Party faction. Freedom Club self congratulating elite, they probably either love the bankers, or are the bankers; a diverse membership, that way.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Idiot convention.

This link. Be there if you fit the headline description.

City Pages these days is a gift that keeps giving. Gossip column: Mary Franson has a crush on Rob Undersander. Sort of.

This link.

City Pages publishes an item on Minnesota Congressional District 3's incumbent, his money sources to run for reelection.

No quote, only this link, and the title, "Erik Paulsen’s campaign funded almost entirely by corporations and the wealthy."

Big surprise? He's a Republican.

In particular -- Residents of CD3 should read the item. One of the easiest things is to vote out a mistake. The only thing easier is to keep the same lame horse pulling a wagon. Shoot the lame horse and get a good one? Ever think of that CD3 rank and file? Counterexample, CD2 going from Col. Kline to talk radio. There are learning curves, some places, learning curves being lacking elsewhere or even downward sloping.

Early in the City Pages item, there is a link to Palusen-money info.

Comp plans can nourish Crabgrass? What a novel idea. The develpers never told us that.

City Pages, today's focus, this item, stating in four mind-item sequential paragraphs, re Minneapolis, but possibly true elsewhere:

Just as profits were made off segregationist housing policies in the past, today’s real estate investors and developers have a lucrative future invested in the shaping of the Comp Plan. We should be sober that they will fight hard, using all their resources, to defend against tenants and communities organizing for rent control, demands to tax developers and build affordable housing, or for a tenants bill of rights. Last fall’s elections showed this, when for-profit developers flooded hundreds of thousands of dollars behind candidates who won’t challenge their influence on City Hall.

The Minneapolis Comp Plan reflects what developers want while giving lip service to renters’ rights. Most of the progress that has been made is the result of grassroots organizing by tenants, under strong opposition from groups that are excited by the Comp Plan, like the Multifamily Housing Association. The Comprehensive Plan offers nothing concrete in the way of protections for tenants in Stephen Frenz and Mahmoud Kahn’s buildings, slumlords with long histories of violations whose names only came to light after renters organized to change things.

Renters’ rights only get vague references in the plan because the assumption is that slumlords exist because renters lack the freedom to move, not lax enforcement, stagnant wages, discriminatory practices, etc. Without renter protections, landlords have all the power to encourage renters to move along by neglecting repairs, threatening rent increases, or evicting people for any number of reasons that could permanently tarnish a rental record. Rent control and public housing are viewed with hostility, since they discourage investment.

The city’s logic amounts to punishing working people by awarding handouts to developers, incentivized by the city to build the housing most profitable for the developers and their investors, while energetically attempting to privatize rather than repair what little public housing still exists (like the Glendale Townhome residents fighting to stay in Prospect Park, many of whom are skeptical of accepting Section 8 vouchers and promises they’ll be able to rebuild community in the suburbs).

Read the entire item. Dispute this blog's title. Landlords are hosing people.

Politics being local, City Pages comments on St. Paul having a problematic Starbucks drive-thru. In the permitting, doubtlessly planning school graduates on staff had a say and issued approval opinions. Or were staff planners bypassed or ignored?

With Developers being Crabgrass, and Consultants Sandburs, Staff Planners with degrees from planning school are Wrong-way Driving Enablers. Who genuflect to Met Council. In every way, every detail. Never questioning.

The item online.

The term SNAFU has at times been expanded to SNAFUBHR, ... Beyond Human Recognition. City Pages, however, recognizes. And comments.

UPDATE: Most planners and officials are aware that change in a neighborhood almost always is met with neighbor opposition. It is vexing that the City Pages item was critical with a focus on neighbor opposition and "told you so," but silent on any city planning staff input. The item notes the developer bought a study, but what cosmetologist will tell a client she's plain ugly and there's no way around it?

Was staff underfunded, stifled, or otherwise curtailed in forecasting traffic patterns, or was it situation normal, rubber stamp? This is a fundamental question reporting should have addressed. If a permit with "drive-thru" space had been denied, instead with a town demand to put in additional parking space where drive-thru was sought, would a problem be lessened? Hind sight is always 20:20. Was there any demand forecasting, given drive through designer coffee takes more time than otherwise and designer latte stuff is the Starbucks business model? The article seems to have not delved into city records, which presumably are online. City of Ramsey, tiny and in the 'burbs keeps its history well online. Is it a David Goliath thing, St. Paul being remiss? Or was the item solely aimed at a decision once made, etc. It seems common sense that any drive-thru small lot arrangement at a major intersection is begging for trouble. Invitation for trouble accepted, one instance, might have carryover to next instances; but public official learning curves can be flat.

Because it is easy to be hard on the planners, they are in open season all the time, going easy may have merit. So was the initial non-updated post too harsh? Possibly. Possibly not. The entire Comp Plan process is flawed and costly to towns, at best. Best laid plans of mice and men, etc. Citizen staffed planning commissions can seem a bottleneck to developer intent, but that is a plus and not a minus. Another bottom line, often the neighbors know best but are ignored. Public administrators who are attuned to that chance are best. Those with attitudes of bulling over and past neighbor objection, less so. Ramsey has had James Norman as head administrator, and now has Kurt Ulrich. Would any contend Ramsey has not seen an upgrade, and a substantial one? Ulrich survived a mayor-led coup attempt a few years ago, a past mayor and not the present one, and in part it was community outrage that resulted in a 4-3 vote to not make a big-time mistake.

Coarse acts of a hatchet man consonant with the man who appointed him are collateral to being appointed to be a hatchet man. The hatchet, not the coarse acts, are the core cause for scorn.

Buzzfeed. How does it set with you? Bigger question, what did you expect?

So will it be no trade war after all? Soybeans trump jobs? Intellectual property can be "stolen" with impunity? Let's redo the TPP? How about repudiating every massive lie told ramping up to the 2016 November election?

CNN. Breitbart. NY Times. Bloomberg. Vox. CNBC. Sydney Morning Herald. Guardian. National Review. Politico.

Is it coming through that a deplorable pathological liar was put by deplorables into the White House, and he cared not a damn for the workers he piled into the speaking events, by lying? Or is that yet to sink in? That a corporatist Wall Street servitude was elected? That he's likely lying about Stormy Daniels? That his Trump Tower is filled with Russian emigres? That feet are clay? That had he lived, Roy Cohn would be proud of his protoge? That likely his only core belief is that his children are special? Got that yet, folks?

Most of the links are to reporting. Breitbart is editorializing. After zinging Trump's about-face, a closing paragraph zinging Ryan on his way out of Congress and into green pastures. This is an interesting phenomenon surfacing. Rural globalists and urban workers discovering despite their past and shaky cohesive Trump mania, their interests may differ. Does Trump deserve criticism over false promising? Is Pope Francis a Catholic?

Two words of discouragement, however, for those whose easy answer is Dump Trump.

Mike Pence

If Trump is to be dumped it must be at the ballot box because Pence by impeachment would be moving a good but foolish nation from the frying pan into the fire. Mike Pence is Trump's anti-impeachment insurance policy. Pence was that from the get-go. Why else pick such a mediocre biased person for second spot on the ticket?

It was a sensible thing for Trump to do, given who he actually intended to be - from the get-go.

Do corporatist Democrats hold the answer? They wrote in secret the detail of the TPP. Along with Wall Street. We need a national shift to Berniecrats, or doom looms. Globalization done right could be win-win for the people of the world. Done with the wealthy buying Congress to avoid taxes which would cost them more than the Congress critters cost, those malefactors of great wealth in the global driver's seat, would be a disservice to U.S. workers and to regular people, worldwide. Wall Street has no merit whatsoever, to be running the world. Waking-up confused Rip van Winkle a bit, but he adjusted. FOX has no answer but march in step. In step with Koch's Hegseth, no less. Waking up from a torpor can be good. If done right.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
No more demagogues with glib presentations and dark intent. Remember, Bernie never said his goals would be implemented overnight, just elect me. He articulated a sane set of beliefs and goals which could be fought for with the knowledge that power to create beneficial change for more people would not be easily surrendered by those holding power for themselves and a small band of greedy cohorts. Yet if not having a proper set of policy goals in view, with that as roadmap of where to push and to fight, being hoodwinked by wolves in sheep's clothing, by Trumpsters, if not an inevitability is a most strong probability. So, good people, educate those among you who enjoy being glibly hoodwinked by FOX in sheep's clothing. Rupert Murdoch not only owns FOX, he owns Wall Street Journal, so chew on that, FOX mavens. Clarity is not a difficult perception, if you start with an open mind and a view to who prospers by what.

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
What we have here is Lincoln's fool most of the people some of the time, and a rude awakening happening. Time is ripe for a sequel, "Art of the Spiel."

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Get a job or die. The antithesis of healthcare as a right and not a privilege. It is mean.

This Strib report. Embryo Angst has these types handwringing and keening, but be an actual live human, then it is screw you Charlie or Charlene if you do not march to our tune. And your excommunication from public enabling of your right to healthcare involves your children, their needs; or does the bill implement some exception that way? They are actual living humans, so presumably they hump the tune parentwise, or suffer since it is the embryos that PR flakdom from that bloc embraces. Real people, stand on their throats. It gets their attention.

Question of the day - Where does inconsistency about treasuring human life cross the line into hypocrisy? Legislatively? Among Republicans? The fundies evangelicals in particular.

Minnesota appointment news.

This Strib link.

Infallability never seemed to be asserted for policing the flock, and leaders of the flock. Francis admits error in that arena; it being apart from doctrines of faith.

AP reporting, carried by news feed outlets, here and here.

Clergy sex abuse in Chile at issue, Francis reversing his belief of what measures and veracity were best and truthful. The Roman Church continues to sort out its error; by humans who experienced failures of piety and proper conduct.

Some doctrine of the Church remain questionable to outsiders, but it appears no concession of fallibility in such matters is involved here, and are not to be expected for a long time, if ever. From Constantine onward, the Roman Church has been political as well as spiritual, and politics can corrupt while corrupt people can be good at politics.

When the preeminant moral scold of the State of Minnesota wants yet more bureaucacy, her way, it is tune time.

The issue is not a bad one, but read the item - a bill that might grow legs, but what's the likely outcome? Besides more paperwork for private sector business and reviewing bureaus?

Well - tune time can say a lot about that which is absurd.

FACT: The purpose of government is to tax and to spend. Spending on public goods, needed things but which cannot be efficiently profitable if left to the private sector. Things such as roads, clean air, clean water, stuff. Not policing hotel/motel occupancy activity, when the police actually already have the power that way, as much as they care to exercise. Why add another layer on that? What's the gain? Aside from a nod to a scold?

Whelan fiddles while Rome has its true needs. May her fetal tissue research nonsense define her, rather than this, which makes some tiny bit of sense, but little. Perhaps somebody could point out to the dear bill sponsor where Urban Dictionary says the term "honky" most likely originated, and that there are automobiles.

This bill, massage parlors likely would back, ditto "dance studios."

What about spending the money on social workers and a network of help-available personnel to work with hookers wanting out, while possibly having drug problems? On advertising the availability of such social service aid and options? Something more sensible than scolding the motel.

Town scold, second tune.

How about doing something useful for a change. Banning robo calls is not a hard aim to identify. Usefulness as a criterion should not be that novel a thing for a legislator to understand. Is usefulness federally preempted, to be honored there in the breach?

__________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Prudes and threat possibilities to internet communication freedoms worries Vox. If in doubt, suppress - as a result of "anti sex-trafficking" worry, would that be a good policy outcome? Is the care of these moral warriors really sex-trafficking, or behavioral intrusion into other peoples' conduct choices? The world's oldest profession will find a way, but along the way intrusions and red tape can wrap up everybody, the great number of innocents as well as a few miscreants. Red tape rigors dreamed up by the worse of the ultra-religious can prove to be a royal pain. An imposition and a pain. Where are our libertarian friends when this kind of nonsense surfaces?