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Friday, May 20, 2016

Howe to make the CD2 Republican primary a three-way contest; any friend of Freedom Club is no friend of mine.

Coverage at The Uptake, including a video, with this text included:

Republican John Howe [...] announced he would run in the primary despite losing the Republican endorsement for Minnesota’s second congressional district to Jason Lewis earlier this month. Darlene Miller has also indicated she is running [in] the Republican primary.

Howe called Lewis “a fatally flawed candidate” and [...] Unlike Lewis, he doesn’t wholeheartedly endorse the apparent Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, but said he wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

Asked about Lewis’ support of “bathroom bills” that discriminate against transgender people, Howe said he did not agree with him on that issue.

The winner of the primary will face Democrat Angie Craig in the fall.

Peggy Scott - Freedom Club
That cabal of west-metro elitists, with a metastasized Champlin presence, besides pumping the Aplikowski brand against Jim Abeler and savaging Abler in a pro-Aplikowski mailing this past special election to fill the vacated SD35 seat; has embraced homophobe Peggy Scott by donation, and that might ring well with some folks, but it unpins my BS meter, which already had been unpinned a time or two by Scott's conduct/statements/activities. This BallotPedia link, five hundred bucks to Scott's candidacy in 2012 - not that much, not every election - but it's the thought that counts. Freedom Club to my mind embodies and represents all that is worse with right wingers and their swagger in Minnesota.

UPDATE: Readers may note the BallotPedia item does not list 2014 data; so reader help needed: in 2014, did Freedom Club subsidize the Scott candidacy, and if so, how many bucks?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Idiots dance on their party's grave. Short term gains are limited gains. Short term minds are limited minds.

This link.

Cut off your nose to spite your face; but don't blame Bernie if losing by a nose.

I'd have thought Clinton supporters would have had a sounder appreciation of the spoils system; and Trump's real possibilities. Yes, Trump and Clinton at heart are little different. But spoils are spoils, Clintonians.

Read an item, in the context of who was President having presidential powers in appointing and managing the federal Attorney General's policies at the time not one single Wall Street crook went into the slammer, and while speeches for pay were Wall Street's policy. Which party, which orientation regarding ordinary people. Voters. Citizens suffering.

Timothy Canova was never a mainstream academic - Harvard or the "Chicago School," in economics; but then his message is not conventional Ivy League U.Chi. stuff. This link, a short twelve pages, telling you what co-opted and regulatory capture and other concepts mean in our recent history; and how such things came about.

When and how, and under what stewardship.

Download and enjoy. A big part of being educated is knowing the process never stops, and that diverse views are not a bad thing. Often reform hinges upon new views of accepted dogma.

UPDATE: If you read little else, read the item. It indirectly explains why a singular Congressional primary contest in Florida is important, and why likely differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be little else than cosmetic. Being played for fools, we are the public of the US of A. Feel a Bern. Take at least one step. Contribute to Canova's campaign.

FURTHER UPDATE: If your taste is for a jargon-loaded earlier look at an indirectly stated presentation of "Hillary horsed up any hope of healthcare reform during Clinton years in office," and other apologistic stuff from before the chickens came home to roost during Bushco's Sept. 2008 eye opener arising from the financial market "reforms" Gingrich and Phil Gramm wanted and which Bill Clinton [presumably Hillary too] too happily conformed to but with other real and crypto-Republicans' mouths other than Clinton ones leading the parade; you can understand how with a Hillary run for the roses looming, Goldman Sachs paid. Academia can be indirect, while Canova was, in that sense, less academic.

FURTHER UPDATE: While hindsight is easier, Canova was ahead by years in advance of the Big Splat; compare N.Y. Times; here and here. As to the second short item, could "John Russell" have been a pen-name of don't worry - be happy Debbie WS?

Whatever. For the good of the nation, Debbie WS needs to hit the skids this November. We need a Canova win. Not as a matter of national pride or national feel-good image; but as a matter of national good sense and well being.

FURTHER UPDATE: LeftMN, here. The more you see and think, the less oppressive Trump looks; absent a Bernie endorsement; which dark forces have resisted and undermined on behalf of Madeline Albright's first premise. Which is not, "Shame on any woman not supporting a woman politician." It's "War is good for us - our opportunity," and it is a surprise that when light shined she backed off from the Kosovo telephone privatization ploy, on behalf of --- you guessed it. There is a sort of thread between Albright-think and Clinton-actoin. Free money on the table, mine, and thank-you is implicit.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Not the favorite of ineffective entrenched political families or machines, Florida Democrat House candidate Tim Canova is a breath of fresh air. And given how stale things can get and have gotten, fresh air is a very good thing.

[UPDATE: Knowing by viewing; who you might be donating to, or against: cf. here and here; vs. here, here, here, here, here and here. What level of expertise, fairness, understanding, depth, cliche-free freshness and projected quality of mind do you favor?]

This websearch return list. Then, from the top returned search items:  Wikipedia. The Canova campaign site here and here. AND - reporting of over a million dollars already in campaign contest small-donor fundraising; average donation eighteen bucks; no PAC money accepted.

Ring out the old, ring in the new, another time has come. Hopefully.

Donate via ActBlue, here.

Snail mail by check:

P.O. BOX 22-1868, HOLLYWOOD, FL 33022-1868

(Make checks out to: TIM CANOVA FOR CONGRESS)

Campaign finance law requires a campaign to determine contributor occupation and employer.

PHONE: 954-367-3877

Please help this progressive person to defeat stale same-old same-old institutionalized atrophy and torpor.

Rules individual contributors should honor:

This contribution is made from my own funds, and funds are not being provided to me by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.
I am making this contribution with my own personal credit card and not with a corporate or business credit card or a card issued to another person.
I am not a federal contractor.
I am at least eighteen years old.
I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).


You know he's progressive by who he opposes.

As a political independent, I don't care much for either of the Republicans seeking the Presidency.

Not caring for either puts me in the majority decisive responding pluralities; per this Reuters link:

Former Secretary of State Clinton's appeal to voters seeking continuity with President Barack Obama's policies, has won her a decisive lead in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, but finds strong opponents among those disillusioned by what they see as lack of progress during Obama's tenure.

The poll asked likely voters about the primary motivation driving their support of either Trump or Clinton heading into the general election on Nov. 8.

About 47 percent of Trump supporters said they backed him primarily because they don't want Clinton to win. Another 43 percent said their primary motivation was a liking for Trump's political positions, while 6 percent said they liked him personally.

Similar responses prevailed among Clinton supporters.

About 46 percent said they would vote for her mostly because they don’t want to see a Trump presidency, while 40 percent said they agreed with her political positions, and 11 percent said they liked her personally.

A career politician who built a fortune from being that, vs a blowhard. And, in a sense with a description pairing such as that, labels are substantially interchangeable.

Two Republicans? Certainly, with even HuffPo noticing. Vomit time, looking at the both of them.

And out of curiosity, who besides the medical industrial complex including Big Pharma, together with Wall Street, likes what's come of the Obama presidency? What change? No hope. Lied to again. Feel the Bern.

If alive, Eisenhower would not vote for either of them; each being further to the right than he was. Each shorter of character than likeable Ike. Yeah. Another difference. He was likeable. Who likes either of the Clintons, and then, which one? Who likes Trump? Liking a good joke is okay. Having two bad jokes winnowed for us by our two party system as offered chaff winnowed from any wheat, what times we live in and what ongoing awfulness can we expect. To the extent Dayton's assessment of DC as a cesspool is spot on, both candidates fit.

UPDATE: Through your looking glass and with Alice in Wonderland as only a spectator, (think Elizabeth Warren); and then unless Bernie gains unanticipated traction, is it to be a contest of the two Tweedles; or is it the Mad Hatter vs the Red Queen?

FURTHER UPDATE: Remember you saw it here first. If Bernie does end up run over and pushed aside to a gutter to rot, then as a perfect match ticket possibility you read of here first, a Hillary Clinton - Lloyd Blankfein ticket. Expect it. If it does not happen, with Clinton the candidate it should. Hand in glove slam dunk similarity. Equals in trustworthiness for ordinary citizens looking at elitist self images held among "in it for the money" players.

Can you name one fundamental difference aside from gender between the two? Payor - payee, okay, that, but otherwise . . .

FURTHER UPDATE: In contemplation of Dayton's DC - cesspool analogy, there is an arguably more apt ecosystem analogy. While that seems a digression from the main theme of the post, it is and it isn't; depending on your perspective. It, as well, is an alternate vision of the Blankfein - Clinton relationship as well as a model of existing variations in lobbying.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ramsey City Council at it again. Raiding the funds to not raise the levy rate, but to fund what exactly? The Ramsey Foundation and "concerts" at "The Draw?" And the Landfill Trust fund, without trust?

This agenda business, from here online.

Purpose: Consider adoption of Ordinance #16-05 to Repeal and Replace Chapter 3 Section 3.40 of the City Code Entitled "City Funds" to update the status of the City Funds currently being utilized.

Background: The "City Funds" section of the city code was last amended September 2004. Since this time, some of the funds listed are currently no longer utilized, their sources and uses needed to be updated, or just their description needed to be amended.

The Proposed Ordinance was presented to the City Council at worksessions on March 22, May 2, and April 26, 2016. All changes presented at these worksessions have been incorporated.

Some of the major changes to be noted are as follows:

- Lawful Gambling Fund was amended to allow contributions to a 501(C)(3) Corporation whose purpose is to provide a benefit to the community in an amount not to exceed $5,000 annually.
- Landfill Expendable Trust is now known as the Landfill Fund as there are no restrictions on the use of this fund, so should not be labeled a trust fund. The cap amount was removed and any expenditure from this fund needs to be authorized by City Council.
- Park Maintenance Fund is now known as the Capital Maintenance Fund which allows for the fund to be used for unbudgeted maintenance needs related to all city needs, be it parks or facilities.

It looks like robbing Peter to pay Paul, where Peter's holding the long term cautious perspective. Money burn, hidden by such things can happen, and should not. It does look as if Trash Mountain is slumping in height, and whether there may be needs associated with the settling process seems to not be anybody's agenda item. Gee.

And what's that "Lawful Gambling Fund" business re a "501(c)(3) Corporation" mischief? If the self congratulating Ramsey Foundation muck-a-mucks want to pat each other on the back sponsoring this or that; let them pick up the tab. Not you, your family, while they bask in self created glory - such as it is.

If the agenda is not saying where precisely the money's going, than it's going to an arguably improper cause/place/pocket. Identify recipient beyond verbal hedging per "a 501(c)(3) Corportation."

Putting in an actual name would have used less letters, for Christ's sake. Sure it's only five grand, chump change relative to money flowed Tinklenberg, but there are principles involved in either case.

ALSO - A glide and slide here, re funds, ". . . their sources and uses needed to be updated, . . .". How does that grab you? The source of the Landfill Trust Fund has long been closed. Only its "uses" is getting jiggered.

Up front wording expresses up front motivations. Glide and slide also speaks as to intent.

1. Name the five grand recipient and the purpose.
2. Don't use the Landfill Trust Fund as a slush fund.

Best practices suggest those are practical and trustworthy steps. And Parks and Trails being the aim of having a parks fund seems fundamental too. It's an election year, whose seats are possibly being contested, and who's in favor vs. against such dipping into savings to pay the rent? And is it for "the rent" or for luxury without having to impose any luxury tax? Is it essential spending, or money for fluff? For somebody's private sector "Gee, wouldn't it be nice . . ." thinking with you picking up the tab?

If not the Ramsey Foundation, who? The DAR? Some ball league using Alpine Park wanting a subsidy? Who? What? Why? When?

Do you want more? There is the inherent vice [apologies to TP] of governments getting into land speculation, dating back to the Kurak term on council and the instigation of the Ramsey Town Center brainstorm; then to the plunge into the abyss with Matt Look, Bob Ramsey, and crew onboard buying the failed thing out of litigation; and now:


Lifestyle Construction Services LLC Purchase Agreement for OUTLOT A of Ramsey Town Center 8th Addition [PORTIONS MAY BE CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC]


Explain to me, how can elected and appointed officials have accountability to the voting public over whether they are cutting smart or dumb deals, when the details of negotiation are shrouded in secrecy? That's a Trumpian theme, but independent of his candidacy, it is a fundamental fault in the Public Meeting Law to have an exception that you can drive a truck through. It hinges on the problem, a town board should not get itself into land speculation; and when in the past bone-headedness and other motivations got it there, why put transparency back-burner?

Last: They will be/are wanting tax money to fund a Town Center community center and a parking ramp, and that stuff is buried deep within an "objective questionnaire." NOTE: Page 2 mention "community center." Then see, Page 3, Number 7. Whoa - that also holds the "parking ramp" whammy, and if you cannot see the hidden agenda of Page 3, number 8, remember that Jim Deal is building his rentals overlooking the concretized rainfall holding ditch [a.k.a. "The Draw"] without having been required to build a parking ramp, because he like other developers would either not want one or would want to fob off the cost to public funding to subsidize private gain.

Then again; see, " . . . parking facilities," at final page 5, numbers 15 and 16.

How that questionnaire gets used; who responds within how wide a whole-town group (vs a mere homeowners association quizzing among Town Center dwellers) is a hell of a good question somebody should ask.

Not me. I've quit sometime ago on attending overly long and tedious meetings. Something the process favors. Bore them to death and they'll go away and leave us alone to tax and spend. Meetings were over long during Gamec times; Bob Ramsey's mayorial stint, and still ARE.

Yet, bottom line, do YOU want to pay for parking ramps and a community center at Town Center? Yes/no.

That would be a much simpler questionnaire, town-wide. Nobody needs five pages for that. The remainder of that questionnaire?

1. Ask Jim Deal.

2. Then: Ask those living at Town Center about its remaining vacant land, and the remaining aims and uses. It's their back yard. Not mine. The "nice shoppes and restaurants" fiction has been proven false, as false as John Feges' "Live, Work, Play," sloganeering. Coborns is helpful, with a postal outlet. Beyond that, what's Town Center done for you?

3. Do you want more? Page 4, number 11:

11. There is currently no Architectural Review Committee for the COR. Should it be re-established? Yes_____ No______ I don’t know_________

followed by, you don't want billboards do you, (even while they do act as an effective wind-break):

12. The City continues to get requests for signs up to seventy-five (75) feet and height and upwards of 300 square feet in height, requiring special permission from the City Council. Should the current sign regulations be reconsidered/revisited? Yes_____ No______ I don’t know_____________

That surely is tilting the playing field via wording. Fact is, after Flaherty, what does sensible architectural standards and "Architectural Review" mean?

Yes, no billboards, but the horse is gone on design good taste, so lock the barn door now???


BOTTOM LINE: Are five pages needed, if obfuscation is not an objective, in asking: Should all of Ramsey be tithed for stuff at Town Center, more spending there; and "who wants billboards?" If land developers [a.k.a. Crabgrass, which springs up all over and requires constant vigilance] want a community center and more ramp parking will they buy it rather than trying to fob it off on the entirety of the town's people, wherever living? See my number 1, above.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

A tax haven for scoundrels.

Reporting, here, noting a nation which:

is a prime offender in the global race-to-the-bottom among corporate tax scofflaws [... where] global economic watchdogs (including the less-than-incendiary-leftist sachems at the International Monetary Fund) announced that they would likely serve as yet another loophole-ridden refuge for footloose global tax-dodging concerns.

[...] The Tax Justice Network, which tracks compliance with such protocols, ranks [... this nation, not Russia] as the third-worst national performer, behind only Switzerland and Hong Kong. [... It] “provides little information in return to other countries, making it a formidable, harmful, and irresponsible secrecy jurisdiction at both the federal and state levels”.

Yep. Tax avoidance as a major league sport.

A year has passed. You make a promise. You keep a promise.

This link. Not the promise of an aditudinally challenged individual. If opinions were dollars, what wealth there would be reflected in Ramsey.

Yeah, I should talk . . .

Anyway, for Abigale and Peggy and Mr. Lucero and their discomfort with comfortably secure transgendered individuals contemplating performance art. Less audacious, here and here. Less; FOX; here.

I think some ostensibly "deeply religious" people missed the Sunday School class(es) about the Sermon on the Mount. And on the distinction between realms of Caesar distinct from realms of God. Too many junior Caesars in St. Paul, with lifestyle agendas for you and others; their way as the One way. Full of themselves. Caesar's areas of expertise are roads and bridges, and rail and land use. Not bathroom use. Let 'em pee in peace.

More. Thankfully, less of something. Since Indiana.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Yes we can they are.

This link. Read it.

Every political truth has its poster child.
Click the image to enlarge.

Having something of an overlap, instead of separate posting and commentary, simply the two posts; here first, and then here. Second item, one brief observation. Running to the right of Eisenhower is not your parents' Democrat. That whirring sound? Franklin Roosevelt spinning in his grave. As Bernie's chances lessen. Roosevelt knew what to do, and did it, and we survived the Depression and War. Clinton? The Clintons? Seen it all for eight years of Bill. Working with Newt. Hand in glove.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Shameful dissembling Clinton camp garbage.

Strib carrying something it dredged up in California's Central Valley, and should be ashamed for printing.

The Clintons have had all the privileges career politicians who show themselves very ethically challenged when money's on the table can have.

This link. What's wrong with this picture: Whining surrogates, keening that Bernie would be scapegoated for a Clinton loss, despite the distasteful Clinton personas, and the inclusion of the likes of Debbie Wasserman Schultz in their plans and schemes; along with inner party Dems who simply know insufficent levels of shame themselves.

What's right with that pile? Zippo.

That said, this dissembling link. Someone should tell that arrogant candidate thinking she's somehow privileged by some divine hand to an easy candidacy without questions of ethical matters, "you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone."

Lady, don't know how to swim? Not my problem. I'm an independent. Not in hock to any situation.

Do not start to scapegoat Bernie for the flaws in others.

It is indelicate. It offends. It makes folks stay home in cold November.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

A headline/story which causes confusion with the Trump self-financing, no-PAC promising he's done: Talk Media News, Sunday, May 8, headline, "Trump super PAC strategist convicted for hiding bribe."

This link, this excerpting, (where earlier Crabgrass posting from the past noted Iowa electioneering between the Bachmann presidential campaign and the Ron Paul campaign - those campaigns had dueling bids in for a gentleman holding an Iowa legislative office named Sorenson who in a strangely timed way switched allegience):

A federal jury in Des Moines, Iowa convicted a top staffer for a Super PAC supporting Donald Trump Thursday over charges that he concealed a bribe to a State Senator during Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential bid.

Jesse Benton, the chief strategist for Great America PAC, was convicted of conspiracy, causing false records to obstruct a contemplated investigation, engaging in a scheme to make false statements to the FEC and causing the submission of false campaign expenditure reports to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Benton served as campaign chair for Paul. Fellow 2012 staffers John Tate and Dimitrios Kesari, Paul’s campaign manager and deputy manager respectively, have been convicted on the same charges.

Chief Judge John A. Jarvey of the Southern District of Iowa has not yet sentenced the three.

The three aides paid over $70,000 in campaign funds to Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson in exchange for him switching his endorsement from then-Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) to Paul, according to prosecutors.

[...] Following the 2012 campaign, Benton was the campaign manager for Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) 2014 reelection bid. Benton quit after allegations of the concealed bribe were made public.

Great America PAC has spent $1,239,937 in the 2016 election cycle according to the latest filing reports.

Those Republicans. There they go again.

The report does not connect Trump to the PAC beyond alleging it is supporting Trump. More interesting, if out bidding Bachmann for the Sorenson support was a bribe, as reported, what were the Bachmann payments to Sorenson prior to his switching loyalty?

Answer: Unprosecuted.

We can speculate beyond that; but that is fact.

UPDATE: The report says, "convicted of conspiracy, causing false records to obstruct a contemplated investigation, engaging in a scheme to make false statements to the FEC and causing the submission of false campaign expenditure reports to the Federal Election Commission (FEC)." Use of the word "bribe" in reporting may be editorializing; in that the Bachmann campaign had been paying Sorenson with no false reporting prosecution filed against Andy Parrish or other Bachmann staffers. It was Parrish who by affidavit publicized the Sorenson switch. Might there have been a plea deal? Or some missing element(s) of the criminal statute(s) under which Benton et al. were convicted?

Devils are in details; and reporting avoids some details.

FURTHER UPDATE: Des Moines Register reporting of Benton conviction, here. Benton is alleged to be resigning from the particular PAC headlined by the other report.

FURTHER: Reader thought experiment. Does this Benton/PAC thing, as a practical matter, take Rand Paul out of the running for a Trump VP nod? At the time Rand Paul suspended his presidential campaign reporting was he would focus on retaining his Senate seat. With the Senate term expiring this election, that alone might discourage Rand Paul from accepting a VP nod.

What would John Galt say?

This Strib link.

Since John Galt is/was total fiction, we can add to or subtract from that fiction; and Galt will not be opposing Lewis in a GOP primary since he's not a real human any more than Citizens United is. Aside from that, fourteen years of Kline the item says.

It sure seemed longer. This woman candidate Kline endorses, my guess would be dead in the water in a GOP primary unless absolutely vocally and unequivocally denouncing for-profit pseudo-college clip joints of the kind Col. Kline loved and from whom he took campaign funding. Also, her saying a word or two about the Teamsters pension situation might be needed, given the name "Kline" attached to legislation at play in that morass.

Anyway, Galt on the six-ballot final endorsement of Lewis over Gerson, re the two of them, I'd have Galt quoting T.S. Eliot:

We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats' feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar

Shape without form, shade without colour,
Paralysed force, gesture without motion;

Those who have crossed
With direct eyes, to death's other Kingdom
Remember us-if at all-not as lost
Violent souls, but only
As the hollow men
The stuffed men.

Of course Galt in my world view would have been saying the same of Reagan and the Bush family. About the CD2 caucus goers who could not make up their mind over the mediocrity of Lewis or the extremism of Gerson; taking six ballots to decide.

But Galt coins, now that's something Jason Lewis is full of.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Pocket "change." A paragraph from an online item, "Former Secretary of State Clinton's appeal to voters seeking continuity with President Barack Obama's policies, has won her a decisive lead in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, but finds strong opponents among those disillusioned by what they see as lack of progress during Obama's tenure."

Count me among the disillusioned; but then were John McCain and Mitt Romney real alternatives, or just the Tweedle Dums offered by the second of the two parties having a stranglehold on US of A political power; with Debbie WS the poster child for it, at its worse?

This Reuters link, for the paragraph, in context.

An interesting few paragraphs from within an AP feed carried by Strib, about Trump and debt relief.

Headlined, "A Trump proposal for national debt would send rates soaring, By JOSH BOAK, AP May 6, 2016 — 2:44pm," at this Strib link (online here if having Strib paywall difficulty), mid-item, states:

Trump has touted his acumen for restructuring four of his companies under bankruptcy laws. When Trump Hotels & Casinos finished a 2004 bankruptcy reorganization, it cut $500 million off $1.8 billion in debt and reduced the interest rate to 8 percent from 15 percent.

"I don't think it's a failure' it's a success," Trump told The Associated Press at the time.

But countries function differently from businesses. Nations usually print their own money and service their debt through taxes, unlike corporations that can sell off assets and equity stakes to manage debt or close up shop. Interest rates would spike if a government refused to pay what it owed as investors priced in the risk of default and became resistant toward lending.

There is a lot there. First, Trump's experience as reported suggests he's no great love of lenders, unlike Hillary of the quarter-million speeches to Wall Street. That is a good thing, in Trump's favor. He had to take the blighters to bankruptcy court to shave principal and get a better rate. Not a super rate, just a better one. He knows how voracious they are, and has suffered having to do business with them.

The Clinton business with Wall Street was showing up a few hours and becoming much richer from, ostensibly, only giving a speech or two, or a bit more. Transcript release pending ... Don't hold your breath waiting ...

I like the Trump experience as more leavened.

Next, "countries function differently from businesses [...] usually print their own money [...] unlike corporations that can sell off assets [...]" is another handful.

The fact is, that charlatan Reagan did sell off assets as part of his giving a tax break to the wealthy, financing it short term by "privatization," and long term putting his successors in office in the penalty box.

"Great communicator?" No. Total fraud, given a free pass by a complicit press who collectively and wrongly called him a communicator. Perhaps saying "Drop your shorts" to the general public in an indirect way can be viewed as great communication, but then Tom Petters was as great a communicator, just on a smaller stage.

And, do you think the government of the US of A prints its own money? Think again.

Banks are great if you own one.
The Federal Reserve, a cabal of bankers seizing power in 1913 per a confab on Jekyll Island and the hand of a New England politician Nelson Aldrich, for whom Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller was named, finagled things that way.

The Federal Reserve prints the nation's money, and sells it to the government in exchange for debt bonds; so that the cabal of bankers makes interest money from taxpayers; where a very substantial part of each federal budget is debt service. And the bankers internationally in the New World Order grin and take the profits.

What "usury" means under such a plan is an uncertain thing to me.

So, is Trump's idea bad? Or merely cutting against existing moneyed-interest arrangements where taxpayers give money to international financial elite individuals, who may like a status quo which operates that way? You decide.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Identify this Minnesota legislator. And in a comment, let other readers know what the individual has done for the represented district.

Date of Birth: 12/19/1961
Birth Place: Corydon, Iowa
Gender: Female
Religion: Evangelical Christian
Occupation (when first elected): Small Business Owner; Real Estate Investment Company, Scott Property Investments

Wayne Community High School; Secondary;
Lowthian College; Junior College/Community College; Fashion Merchandising, Associate's Degree, 1983

Municipal Board/Commission: Andover, Minnesota (Parks and Recreation Commission); ??/??/???? to ??/??/2008

Total Days Served: 2678

Affiliated with this spousal-managed, on-again, off-again registered Minnesota speculative investment venture (not appearing to be in the business of merchandising fashion).

Identity might be an easy one, for some readers. Done for District, that hummer might be thorny. No official easily researched Minnesota government site directly gives listings of bills-authored and passed into legislation; so helping on that has to be part of the done for the district query.

Readers, please pay attention and help on done for district. It is important. It is why folks get sent to do legislative business.

The Clintons doing all they can to alienate Sanders supporters; and may the chickens come home to roost. No need to reinvent the wheel. Things I might have posted, in part, but not as well. And going beyond things I'd read about by including a link or two.

It is as if establishment Dems [can you say Debbie WS?] want to alienate and push away millennials from THEIR PARTY. As when they claim "Bernie has not been a Democrat." That, idiots, is in his favor. He's not been stuck in that mud. The party has become a nest of Eisenhower-Rockefeller Republicans; in drag; and it's time to expose that for being counter productive to all that progressives favor.

That said, Steve Timmer in two incedibly tightly written posts (with a link or two but not overly derivative at all), does what I need not paraphrase, since he does it so well.



Linking here (in turn linking per example to 'truebluedonkey' here).

And Trump has maintained an insurgency and will take it to Cleveland where within the SECOND OF THE TWO PARTIES there are inner party scuts believing they should wag the dog [can you say Paul Ryan?] doing all they can to saddle Trump with baggage that did more harm than help to the Romney candidacy.

[On that latter point, see, e.g., Strib here and here.]

BUT DO NOT LET THE LINKS ABOUT THE OTHER PARTY DISTRACT YOU FROM READING THE TIMMER ITEMS ABOUT THE MESSED UP PARTY OF "FOOL ME ONCE, HELL, FOOL THEM EACH AND EVERY TIME AND KEEP A SMALL TENT AT ALL COSTS." A Wall Street here's the money - take the money tent; which does nobody any good aside from Wall Street and misguided hangers-on getting a from time to time table scrap.

A turn their backs on you after they've hustled your vote tent.

That one Reddit link from Timmer emphasizes two things. First, never in a million years would I have thought there was that much individual attention to Reddit. Or Facebook. I consider both hateful wastes of time. But the comment thread to the Reddit link was intriguing. Paid web trolls as a theme; shills, see e.g., HuffPo, here.

An AP feed Strib carried noted near the end:

Both Clinton and Trump head into the general election with historically high unfavorable ratings. But Clinton is generally popular within her own party, particularly with women and minority voters who are crucial to winning general election battleground states like Florida, Colorado and Nevada.

On both fronts it seems the inner party Angst is: even without love, there is loyalty.

That is why I am an independent. That same Strib item noted earlier in the text:

Bob Vander Plaats, an influential evangelical leader who backed Cruz, withheld his support for Trump Wednesday, saying the real estate mogul needs to prove his conservative credentials with his vice presidential pick and more information about what kind of judges he would appoint. "It's kind of a wait-and-see moment with Mr. Trump," he said.

For entirely different reasons, having both Trump and Clinton on record re VP and judicial appointments would interest me too.

Unless Trump caved in to the inner party awfulness of the GOP's Vander Plaats clone bunch, I could live with him as President. He's appeared honest so far; not getting rich out of career politicianism. Unlike others, that way.

But if Trump goes the easy route and departs from what got him to where he is, independence and insurgency against the likes of entrenched Orrin Hatch levels of egregiousness; and schmoozes with the GOP Ryan bunch in their call for "unity;" hey, I could under that kind of compelling circumstance vote for somebody I essentially believe to be a crook.

If Trump remains an insurgent, I can take a vacation when voting, as to the top spot on the ballot. And very likely would do so if it is to be the Clintons holding that spot, not Bernie. Downticket: SD35, HD35A, HD35B; I do support DFL. Congressional District 6; my vote will not make any difference whatsoever. Demographics are as they are, Wright County and other district backwaters being what they be.

BOTTOM LINE: Trump has his talking points. Hillary has her transcripts. Trump shares his. No public release of transcripts absolutely means not wanting my vote. Do it without me or not; but over a half a million dollars into her pocket not her campaign for "speeches" alone is hard to swallow, but then hiding the transcripts on top of it; that is disrespectful of the electorate. She accepts that quarter-million buck hourly rate, without backing a fifteen buck minimum wage; that is equally disrespectful. Disrespetful of basic human decency.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
This link. And this. Here. Here. Here. Here. November cannot come soon enough - the closer election day appraoches, the more we will see those squishy things evolve; and billions will be spent for one side or the other to buy the Presidency. One party or other; and with victory go the spoils. [UPDATE: As to telling you of the value of "to the victor go the spoils," Eric Holder, his law firm, and all the unprosecuted Wall Street crooks from the various mortgage real estate backed derivatives promotions could be the chior singing that tune; where Goldman Sachs even issued a derivative security touted to its hedge fund clients and then hedged its own portfolio against it being a loser; etc., etc. Jail overcrowding surely was not the motive for the non-prosecutions. Space could have been found.]

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

For Ted Cruz, the consolation prize.

This link.

For Carly, a consolation prize from the part she failed to mess up.

For Kasich in Cleveland.

For Trump, a theme for casting himself as the Wizard of Oz.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Larry Klayman files interesting litigation, against the Florida Republican Party, concerning convention delegate matters per a Florida statute.

The post headline summarizes things where an excerpt would not help as much as reading the entire item.

More, in Larry's own words, here.

The Stanford Daily publishes: When specifically asked his opinions on Ted Cruz, Boehner made a face, drawing laughter from the crowd. “Lucifer in the flesh,” the former Speaker said. “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

Boehner coverage, here. This from CNN:

"After a great deal of consideration and prayer, I have come to the conclusion that if I am nominated to be president of the United States that I will run on a ticket with my vice presidential nominee Carly Fiorina," Cruz said during a rally in Indianapolis.

Oops. Wrong image. Got the CNN based caption correct, but . . .
Try this -

UPDATE: Here and then here and how far can you get into that second link before being repulsed? Far enough to say you cannot disagree with Boehner?

(I made it through 3 min 6 sec, but to be honest, I was repulsed from the outset)

What a total bozo. [UPDATED]

This link.

Hateful, spiteful control freaks waste time while real issues exist.

There is budget.

There is capital project planning, bonding.

There is long term mining policy and consequences.

There is diddling while others do the real work.

Hello, Ms. Whelan. Wake up and do the real job.

Voting straight party leadership commandments on the real issues, and then Bachmanning on the crap is not representing anybody.

UPDATE: This link. We have too many like minded in kind, if not in details of doctrine.

FURTHER: Another blog takes a more extended viewpoint. Friend Abigale did forget one point, whatever your gender identification or attraction; she'd rather you don't leave the seat up. Leaving it up shows gender bias. Birth-certificate gender bias.

FURTHER: Well gee. Today is my day to apologize. I went and confused "news" a day ago, with "news" a year ago.

Now how could such an error happen. I suppose for hatred and ignorance the motto is: revive to thrive. Or is it: reprise the lies? Or: an annual event, transgenders - "Repent." Whatever -

How about those first-stone throwers; ain't they really something? Never letting a year pass by.

FURTHER: Apologies again. It is not Bozo; but Bozos in the plural. Bozoes? What's the plural form of Bozo? Do you add an "es" or only an "s?" Abigale and Warren should know how that's pluralized. Like a murder of crows; is it a squad of bozos, or a collective of them? How about, of course, a Brigade of Bozoes?

FURTHER: A Tangle of Transphobians?

FURTHER: While possibly drawing criticism for the observation, two images of Whelan from the same right wing outlet; the recent item here; earlier a two-fer, here. From that, subjectively, she at least appears a more serious legislator to be taken seriously, without the warpaint.

FURTHER: Faint praise, but at least giving some credit, Whelan's chief author bill on fetal tissue use in U. Minn. research aims not that all such research be forced to cease, but that only tissue from stillborns should be considered appropriate; in a manner similar to a distinction Dr. Ben Carson was reported to have stated. Not a total troglodyte; thought ninety percent there. Only partial troglodytism there, hinged onto choice hatred. Other coverage has not yielded that degree of attention to detail - recognition that less than a total ban is proposed in the Whelan bill.

Whatever other criticism I have for Whelan I do not doubt she will have the intellectual honesty to continue that in-between distinction into the future, even perhaps during a Republican governorship where a bill such as her present one might be less a total grandstanding exercise in futility by bill sponsors:

I am in no position to, nor particularly disposed to attribute an equal degree of intellectual honesty and integrity to Whelan's fetal tissue research constriction bill's cosponsors.

The crystal clear insight, however, from this Whelan bill making the stillborn exception is that it is an anti-choice bill, pure and simple, as now drafted with the utility of aborted tissue Verboten, but at least it is not a bill wholly repudiating the advancement of medical science. Choice hatred at least being a lesser evil than science hatred, which is the norm in Bible-as-unalterable-word-of-God Bachmannistan, where evolution is repudiated as counter-Biblical. There are degrees of bozodom.

LAST: Transphobic mindset commentary in the context of Ted Cruz pandering for votes; this item.

The strategy seems to be to narrow the scapegoat population yet further than those hated against via the failed Minnesota marriage amendment circus. Transgender folks are fewer than the entire gay-lesbian segment of the population, so go after them.

If you want a really small group for focused hatred; what about that list of bill sponsors? Twenty to twenty-five individuals; a sound hate-focus number well below the number of Minnesota transgender identifiers among us, and who knows, among that list there may actually be some harboring a healthy degree of merited self hatred and loathing. Likely not, but who knows?

FURTHER: One thing that really honks me off about Whelan, via this video she talks about district need, particularly related to traffic, and via a somewhat late-in-session bill number she's gone through the motions; this link. However, Peter Perovich running for that seat aggressively promised to bring back a parity in what the district pays the state, and what it gets back in public spending in district. Whelan then in her public statements while running against Perovich co-opted his agenda as hers; got elected that way; but she's not delivered jack.

Going through the motions of throwing a text into the bill hopper at the legislature is quite less than getting the allocation for the district's achieving a parity in payments - what's paid by the district into the state coffers coming back for project needs within the distinct in something like balancing numbers. Now, the session's not over, something however unlikely may happen, and if it does a less harsh view of Whelan capability and actual priorities may be merited. But is that how the smart money would bet the odds?

This page, 482 days in the legislature collecting pay checks; and she's focused on this kind of Strib op-ed publicity-oriented marginalia; not the core job. She was not elected to serve Jesus and the fetuses, to get that ticket punched, she was elected to do the clear job of capably representing the needs of the district. She's failed. She's fiddled, the district got the Armstrong interchange largely because Jason Tossey and others on the Ramsey Council supported it and made annual payments to Elwyn Tinklenberg to lobby, and because Jim Deal can get things done with Democrats holding statewide office. Jim Deal's done Whelan's job while she's put time into ticket-punching op-ed nonsense along with others:

[...] Abigail Whelan, R-Anoka, is a member of the Minnesota House. This commentary was also submitted on behalf of the following legislators, all Republicans: Sens. Michelle Fischbach and Warren Limmer. Reps. Mark Anderson, Jeff Backer, Brian Daniels, Bob Dettmer, Steve Drazkowski, Sondra Erickson, Steve Green, Glenn Gruenhagen, Dave Hancock, Josh Heintzeman, Kathy Lohmer, Eric Lucero, Tim Miller, Jim Nash, Marion O'Neill, Cindy Pugh, Peggy Scott, Dennis Smith, Anna Wills.

It appears Jim Deal has to be doing Whelan's job because she is either insufficiently interested or insufficiently talented to do it herself. Bottom line. Pure and simple.

That listed bunch of "no aborted fetus shall defeat us" conniving nonsense peddlers will not be the ones getting our district's parity in payments for us, nor will she. It is time for a broom. Sweep things clean and start over.

FURTHER: This from Strib:

Tensions are rising between Gov. Dayton and GOP leaders as Minnesota legislative session winds down --
Dayton, Republicans stand fast as taxes, transportation remain unfinished.
By J. Patrick Coolican Star Tribune - April 29, 2016 — 7:48am

[...] Dayton said he relented on a few policy provisions in 2015 because they were tucked inside key budget bills needed to keep state government running for two years.

Not this year, Dayton said, refusing any negotiation over GOP measures like restrictions on which bathrooms transgender people can use and the defunding of Planned Parenthood. He called these provisions “pandering to their extreme right wing base.”

Daudt replied: “We had a very pleasant breakfast, and he didn’t bring up any of those things to me, so I wonder if he was potentially doing it for the cameras. I don’t know.”

Daudt gave no indication of backing down. “We feel like we’re in a great position because we’re on the side of the public,” he said, citing support for tax cuts and transportation spending that are at the heart of the GOP agenda.

Being unnecessarily hateful toward transgender people is not really what Minnesota nice is about, nor fitting to the parable of who should be stoning "sinners." Not that transgender people should be called sinners, but unfortunately pseudo-Christians more into power-tripping than gospel insights are afoot, feeding demonizing biases as much as they can, with mischief in mind, dark in their hearts. Let us hope Dayton holds firm against bigotry. Bigotry and budget are, and must remain two separate things. Giving something in one, to secure favorable things in the other, is not long-term sound government. It would be exactly what Dayton termed it; "pandering." To the more base moods afoot now in the nation, being inflamed as they are, by who we clearly see stoking those dark, unpromising fires.

FURTHER: In terms of pandering to the worse of the Minnesota north-metro GOP Gestalt, do notice Peggy Scott right on up there on the lists with Whelan. The Batman and Robin of the female gender of that GOP segment's hate squad. Not too much to say for either. They reinforce the worse in one another. Whelan uses less makeup.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Here it is, read all about it: From Mammon to The Almighty. Eighteen million reasons Pastor Mac Hammond should feel envy.

This link.

The Highway 10 landscape evolves. Or at least changes. "Evolution" might be inappropriate phrasing. I would not know, and would be unable to pick Bob Merritt out of a police lineup. Never seen the guy. Don't know him. Could not find a Linkedin page. Yet, wish him luck on the business risk of his next step.

Look for the trademark, your sign of quality:

__________FURTHER UPDATE___________
So, will this new town of Anoka venture on the busy highway meet the competition, or perhaps up the ante?

If so, it would not be the sole prominent trademarked brand of a nonprofit along the Hwy 10 corridor:

Friday, April 22, 2016

Doth protest.

A year ago today, this online item detailing aspects of a defense of Clinton conduct. Same day certain pundits alleged to have separately said "nuts."

If you want to see something as phony as a three-dollar bill, the opening of the post here; but check the thread at this point and following. Arguably, Franken ran for his Senate seat on Paul Wellstone's grave, and is not being Wellstonian to any great degree this election. His cozying up to Clintondom thus offends more than Klobuchar's doing it since she was one of the unanimous [except for Elizabeth Warren] female members of the US Senate who signed on early in a gender move.

Some Wellstone statements within that post at this point deserve traction:

"Never separate the life you live from the words you speak."

"Politics isn't about big money or power games; it's about the improvement of people's lives."

"The people of this country, not special interest big money, should be the source of all political power."

Heed the message, lest we forget and be deluded.

In all honesty, I'd expected more from Al. Per those Wellstone quotes and Al grabbing the coattails so thoroughly. Al's claim to be a Wellstonian channel. There seems to be a disconnect at play.

FURTHER: This ad attained this viewer response thread. Vapid stupidity; aptly reviewed. On one of those 3 am phone calls, wouldn't you want somebody besides an egoist owing more to Goldman Sachs, Arab nations, and the weapons industry than to the electorate? Someone like Bernie; in a word. A 3 am phone call response, "Take two extra drone strikes and then call me in the morning," would not impress.

_________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Two additional DU posts, here and here, telling things as they are. That first link; reflect on who you'd want to be taking a 3 am phone call from Goldman Sachs. (It would NOT be Ted Cruz either.)

_________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Recent AP follow-the-money-and-shudder item, posted with interesting accompanying graphic images. Reader help - does any reader know an online link for a larger, readable version of this hummer? Even being unreadable, it has an intrigue to its layout and suggested complexity. All that complexity, all that money; so is it really that complex or merely the old fashioned story, ever and again, where money meets open handed politicians and stuff results?

The dismal, depressing march of the establishment Dems to cram Hillary Clinton down our unwilling throats aside, there are good local DFL candidates in SD35.

The New York snub of indepentent Bernie voters wanting to vote that way in the recent primary, where you had to declare a party affiliation there back in October, is a symbol of non-openness that is both oppressive and ugly.

The GOP planning on the other side to undermine Trump is equally off-setting; but together both trends show the total sickness of the two-party stranglehold in our nation. It needs to be undone.

If a Clinton Cramdown together with GOP counter-Trump effort leads to a Clinton vs Ryan, or a Clinton vs. Cruz contest it's hold-your-nose-because-this-time-is-truly-lesser-evil-time. It would be awful. If the Trump insurgency succeeds, as still seems likely, a Trump vs Clinton contest would feature two obscenely rich 1%ers, one who in business competition enlarged greatly an inherited fortune and the other who has been a career politician taking money as given, doing so along with spouse and daughter appearing to have the exact same modus operandi. Figure out who's the better choice there if busting the two-party establishment's stranglehold on behalf of lobbying wealth and disgraceful influence peddling is necessary in your mind. Or does the "other party" bogey man [woman] thing bias your choice in two-party think mode?

HOWEVER: Locally, things are less awful; where GOP same-old Peggy Scott and Peggy Scott clone Abigale Whelan are opposed by decent humans; with a side bar item linking and excerpting ABC Newspapers reporting, originlly online here.

An item linked to before, needing re-emphasis. Frank Zappa, here.

_________FURTHER UPDATE__________
It looks as if the copyright police got to that Zappa link. If you shop around YouTube you'll likely find a still-posted Zappa musical version. If not, metrolyrics, here. A Chumbawamba cover, effectively done, online here.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In the midst of a typical terse and direct dissecting discussion of impecable form and substance, Larry Klayman declines to mention Paul Ryan, the seventeen million dollar man.

This link, and is Ryan's home district any better?

Republicans: Toying with your -- psyche?

Mr. Cruz, here. Mr. Kiffmeyer, here and here. The saving grace for Mr. Cruz, of the two, is he is not the total idiot; this excerpt:

Though the criminal charges against Webb were eventually dropped, a collection of sex-toy companies sued in federal court to challenge the constitutionality of the state's ban.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. District Court of Appeals later ruled that the Texas law violated 14th Amendment privacy rights. Then-Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, now the state's Republican governor, unsuccessfully appealed, asking the full appeals court to review the case.

As solicitor general Cruz co-wrote an 83-page brief arguing that the U.S. Supreme Court "has never suggested that the substantive-due-process doctrine ensures individuals' ability to stimulate their genitals in ways that are neither connected to procreation nor associated with any particular lifestyle."

In an interview Friday night on New York's WABC radio, Cruz was asked if he would ban the sale of sex toys if he became president.

"Look, of course not, it's a ridiculous question, and of course not," Cruz responded. "What people do in their own private time with themselves is their own business and it's none of government's business."

Cruz campaign spokeswoman Alice Stewart noted in an email that as solicitor general, Cruz had an obligation to defend Texas' laws in court, regardless of whether he agreed with them.

"Senator Cruz personally believes that the Texas law in question was, as (Supreme Court) Justice (Clarence) Thomas said in another context, an 'uncommonly silly' law," Stewart said. "But the office was nevertheless duty-bound to defend the policy judgment of the Texas Legislature."

Cruz defended the Texas ban as "protecting public morals — discouraging prurient interests in sexual gratification" and argued that in doing so the state had a vested moral interest in discouraging "autonomous sex."

Cruz's brief also suggested that the legal sale of sexual enhancement drugs such as Viagra was different because it can't be described as a "device."

Uh, which gender is it having Viagra as a policy grounding? What about Mr. Cruz having a view on the pill, or RU 486 for that morning after, or the human papilloma vaccine? It seems an active fact-focused press would press such questions. Why is there this letting Cruz skate?