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Monday, May 25, 2020

What if Biden had told a progressive radio host, “You’ve got more questions? Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t progressive.”


It seems likely that black voters have been treated by the Democratic donor class the same way as progressives; if you don't like our cramdown, where you gonna go, Jack? That being what progressives have had to swallow for years. Now blacks are feeling the same we got you cornered brand. Biden merely articulated a pervasive mood among inner party Democrats and their handling donors.

Progressives should bristle as much over the insult sting that comment carried for black people as if it were with one word substitution a dismissal of their dismay.

Last, usage: black vs. African American. I vividly recall days of "Black is Beautiful," and the current movement is not calling itself, "African American lives matter." Black lives do matter. Either categorical usage works.

What galls is the presumtiveness of what Biden said. Progressives are unsure of how much lesser evil time and again being the mindset they bump against. A big question is how much of that can they can put up with, time and again, and the Biden camp needs to address the feeling or be the Hillary clone suffering the Hillary fate.

Ditto for black voters who do not rotely take marching orders from Rep. Clyburn, but want to be shown more actual love and regard. Medicare for All has as part of its beauty and simplicity its universality; favoring blacks, progressives, indeed, all others who've not enjoyed their due respect - Their slice of the pie - Their part of any "American Dream" not a lying nightmare.

UPDATE: And don't bother to think substituting that corporatist nightmare Cuomo. Foisting that load might seem a glib option. However, it will not work. You genius inner party Tom Perez types gotta do better or watch Trump's four more years. You've torpedoed a better man in favor of Biden, made your bed, so lie in it.

Aside from gender, is there one actual difference between Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton?

It is a question every person intending to vote in November needs to answer.

Each, even, has/will pick a VP candidate of the other gender.


Is Trump really so bad that a mind cannot see Joe Biden as no different?

UPDATE: Found one difference. Ukraine Joe, relatively speaking, is a lightweight.

But each got the endorsement. Presumably this cycle a prime-time convention speech time bloc has been committed to already, as last cycle. The difference?

Friday, May 22, 2020

Were you to test positive for Covid-19, who'd know and how long would that knowledge stay held?

AP reports something to obviously be expected, but had you thought "Who'd know"?

As a hypothetical: If a swab is taken for testing, would one expect it is only for Covid-19 testing, with no DNA profile of you also taken for entry into a forensic data base for later testing against DNA from a crime scene or in some criminal investigation? If one swab fits all, and say you left a leaflet at some protest but personally got away, would there be a search for a DNA match against leaflet fingering residue? Part of the hypothetical, would they be telling us if they were using swabs for dual duty? For context, recall that Clapper lied under oath about phone sweep activity, to Congress, and got away scot-free. Does that latter fact make you comfortable?

Days ago the Patriot Act ultra-surveillance secret bullshit got renewed. Whether that gives you comfort or not, you decide. Is it worth the time for you to research how your Senators voted? Or can you simply guess? Amy and Tina? No need to look up Minnesota's two.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The other day Blogger stats showed a flurry of hits had come from Turkmenistan.

That caused a wonder, WHY?

Briefly, while only in the most oblique way suggesting cause and effect at play for Turkmen having a care over any posting here at Crabgrass, there is a natural gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to China, you can research it, with fossil fuel and gas in particular being a major export and segment of the economy. I had posted about Pottinger and Trump's keeping him after the Flynn exit, and the term "Wuhan virus."

With national wealth at stake, good vibes out of China must be a major Turkmen policy aim since a major economic trade they enjoy is focused on pumping gas to China. Goods and services in return.

Pipeline routing? Through Afghanistan.

It seems if the Taliban have waited us out in that Afghan adventure, as seems the case, China can protect its own interests, including pipeline routing - when you've a New Silk Road initiative going, (a part at a time), that paralleling the pipeline might happen. In routing road or pipeline, level terrain - as level as you can get - is best. And a transit fee tax can always be negotiated with whoever is in control along the length of the road/pipeline in question.

As to "Wuhan virus," that is fair usage, e.g., Marlburg virus - naming convention being to look where the first case was uncovered by a definitive diagnosis within a human population.

As to "Whuan virus," global pandemic and such, there is this. Even a direct Wikipedia page.

The closing caveat, parallelism of phenomena does not prove cause and effect. It shades expectation probabilities. An old saying about not biting the hand that feeds you got to be cliche because of general aptness.

The Economist.

CBS. NPR. Compare, here. English language Trukmen reporting.


Two videos saying things that should be said; and given attention by the people - about circling the wagons in ways AGAINST the people. Cohesiveness vs. evolution to a better way. About wrong way drivers jumping in line to bless lesser evils because it's their party's evils - the same old destrutive we-they two party posture against US.

Rather than caring much about whether Biden can "defeat" Trump, how about thinking, "Say Biden wins, what would be different?" When Obama/Biden had eight years, what - if much at all - was fundamentally different? China and Iran had things easier, but aside from that, there was continuity, Bubba > Bush > Obama > Trump.

What is the lesson?

Same commentator who, whether you like his style or not, says things we need to hear and will not hear from Comcast's servant outlets; CNN; etc. Not to expect to see it to read in the newspaper Bezos owns; a paper which coincidentally will not delve into Amazon faults and its workforce's suffering.

With that lead-in; videos here and here.

Pramila Jayapal is the most presidential person within either party in terms of decency and having her head right.

Unfortunately, she was born outside of the country and without the escape clause McCain had when running while having been born in canal-zone Panama.

If we do not face the questions raised by that commentator, where is our hope? It is sad that only a handful of people - under twenty thousand in each case - are identified as having so far viewed those two YouTube items.

UPDATE: The one about Bernie skipping a chance to vote against the Deep State troubles me more than Warren, given lemons, trying to make lemonade. Neither is a profile in courage. Still, each is only a disappointment and not a devastation. More outright saddening, than surprising. AND - Make that Bernie skipping out of voting for or against the Deep State. For or against the surveillance state. Chomsky if in that position would have shown up.

FURTHER: Ro Khanna was born in Philadelphia. He would make a hell of a fine President. His mind's right. Would he want it? That is a separate question, would he vs. could he.

A Trump four-more would ensue from a Biden-Harris or a Biden-Klobuchar ticket. Biden-Warren would have a chance; whereas a Warren-Biden ticket likely would win.

Biden's gender restriction blocks Khanna as VP, where, otherwise, he'd be the best choice the party has.

Last, Biden doesn't have the balls to select Tulsi for VP. Because her presidential campaign never moved from low single digit poll numbers, he need not explain any passing over her. Just not Harris, please. Phony on the second spot would just reflect phony atop the ticket. Klobuchar? Nothing phony nor corrupt in the closet; just mediocre centrist policy would reflect mediocre centrist policy atop the ticket. Stacey Abrams - a good possibility, fitting Clyburn's preference on race diversity for the ticket. She'd be a winning choice too. With winning being the objective, despite appearances from the Clinton to Biden party BS decision making two election cycles in a row suggesting wanting winners was subordinate to other obscure considerations we can only guess at and distrust.

Steve Timmer is a patient man, taking far more time and effort than I would to say Doug Seaton is a slimeball. [UPDATED, REVISED and much less JUDGMENTAL]

Steve says it with evidence. I say it as simple fact. Steve deserves being read.

My only question to Steve: Is Doug Seaton worth the time?

Anyway, Steve took the time. So read his latest post.

Upon reflection and seeking reasonableness: I do not know Seaton or much about him. "Slimeball" might be inappropriate, and if you've read Timmer's post, he does not say that. He says the man's perspective is warped.

Which I think is the right message, and I back away to that.

When seeing another having a flock that is a life's fiscal support, one can always make circumstantial inferences which may be incorrect.

That said, it shows faint trust in a flock to not fully trust each in it to hew a path in quarantine no different than one fraught with regular Sunday gathering. If there are flock members suspect of need for that weekly regularity, ZOOM them, and there will be less virus risk. If too many for that, has the flock to this point been well tended, or too many being too frail to not need regularity?

In any event, in a pandemic it is less than sensible to be wanting to flock together.

Were the notion that some in the flock might wander and never come back without a regular weekly infusion of rhetoric, that would, if true, present a long term likelihood of diminished cashflow, but not knowing Seaton I really cannot attribute that to him as a motive, in whole or in part, for his wanting to subject others to enhanced virus risk because he believes it's the thing to do.

Straying into and out of a flock is to be expected, and if those doing such straying offset, there remains an equilibrium. Pat Roberts uses media, Seaton seems to discount it as a vehicle for his usage. So be it. Sunday to me is a day of rest. Not of travel to hear some dude preach. Different strokes for different folks has a basis for being cliche.

I do suggest Seaton is being unwise about the health of others. And it does not make him a slimeball, just a person with judgment I believe to be faulty.

And, in closing, I believe reading the Timmer post again will show that to be closer to what Timmer was saying than the headline which I now disclaim as an overreach of circumstantial inference.

The circumstances are there, readers can judge, and opinions can differ.

BOTTOM LINE: I need not criticize or judge Seaton's motives; but instead, his judgment. That shall suffice me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Progressive reality is to know MAGA and the new Trump-cap KAG slogans are BS, and to focus on PTO. For progress we must PTO. [UPDATED]

Primary Them OUT 

Minds in parallel; see: DWT, posting a day after this.

_______FURTHER UPDATE_________
While looking other than at lost "Dem side of the force" leadership integrity and ideals DWT also scrutinizes Trump "branding."

As to that DWT speculation, there will be “ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED IN FULL.” Cardboard is a precedent. Indeed, the market offers company for you while you quarenrtine, but is the price right?

Monday, May 18, 2020

You can look it up. Whether or not there is an actual, recognized word, "eptitude," we all know there exists a term for the opposite. [UPDATED]


Despite Carnahan's quoted speculation, paranoia is not the opposite of eptitude. It is a more direct opposite thing.

And the sad thing. Those poor GOP hopeful conveners losing the chance to experience a Senate nomination acceptance speech by a Doug Wardlow clone.

Missing an online virtual speech by a virtual human.

Oh, my.

Should we say Carnahan and her tech minions were not "ept?" That their "eptness" level set the bar too low? That there was no pep to their ept?

Let's say, "inept."

And move on.

UPDATE: Let's not move on to quickly. Worth noting: With a bit more eptness that crowd could have ended their thing with a communal sing-along.

And there is a side thought worth speculation; where is Doug Wardlow these days? Did he die or move to Ohio? Or would he have been a convention mainstay, in a way equivalent to the tech people?

That eptness thought is apt.

FURTHER: While not entirely sure of the sound of "a bean-pot's fart," I believe it is something like this.

FURTHER: I found the sound - on YouTube.

FURTHER:  Jason Lewis has no real chance in his suggesting he is U.S. Senate material, when not. So, he shows desperation.

Jason Lewis is a savage. CD2 voters realized their mistake giving such a piece of work a term in the House. Voted out after his single sorry term, in favor of a lesbian corporatist and generally unimpressive "Schumer Democrat," because he stunk.

So desperate now that he hitches his chances to another more savage Savage. To a bloviating savage. Both are bloviating savages, and Jason has the gall to publicly dump on better men than him. Anybody who would vote for Jason Lewis over Tina Smith, (an admittedly unimpressive corporatist Democrat like Angie Craig), is a savage. End of story.

Worth reading for the detail: Sirota writes consistent with the old adage, "Stealing from Peter to pay Paul will always work as long as Paul is in the driver's seat."


Readers are urged to subscribe, per the opening screen at:

Sunday, May 17, 2020

They say Trump is tweeting "OBAMAGATE." Just that. No swing to the "gate."

Because the Watergate building had the name, every fleshed out complaint of corrupt practice has to be a "...gate." Leading to the notion here:


If the story does not ring the "complaint of corrupt practice" bell in your mind, think it over, and it will well before Trump's OBAMAGATE invention becomes a tedious chant that Trump can teach to Flynn, to replace Flynn chanting, "Lock her up."

Picture in your mind, at the next GOP convention, Flynn leading a chorus of "OBAMAGATE" crowd rowdiness with Bob Barr there, proudly thinking, "That's my man. Removed the hook; threw him back in the pond."

correction: Bill Barr, not Bob.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Retreading General Flynn goes beyond Trump thinking he's a good guy, to he's integral to the run against Biden by being a surrogacy run against Obama.

Larouche sometimes publishes online items, which if factually correct and subject to fact checking, explain much.

This particular post from August 21, 2015, paints a picture which can easily be inferred to be fodder for, and an outline of at least a part of Trump's surrogacy attacks on Biden (complicity being the suggestion, where Biden cannot disclaim a key administration role while having campaigned on a claim of having a key Obama administration role. Biden cannot keep a foot in each camp).

Matthew Pottinger is a quintessential out-of-the-Ivy-League spook, first the press, then enlisting at age 32 in the Marines, and co-authoring Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan.

Pottinger has a Wikipedia page, showing a military kinship with Flynn, who was the senior officer signing the "blueprint." Flynn's brief tenure as NSC head included bring Pottinger with him; Pottinger still serving as an East Asia specialist influential on Trump's China policy and conduct. Pottinger was alleged to be a spin doctor, (by, but reporting in every nation rests on often unstated "given premises").

CFR ticket punched. Time with a hedge fund. Likely gaining affluence that way, (not as a marine).

It truly looks as if Flynn is being retreaded for the campaign against Obama/Biden, Pottinger being in the Trump administration with no clarity of whether he has a campaign persona. If he stays in shadows, Flynn is a verbose front man, but in need first of the rehab. Starting with Barr's recent action which had career prosecutors on the Flynn criminal case refusing to sign paperwork re dismissal, one resigning. (No link, readers have to research something on their own or they get complacent.)

Closing, WaPo:

April 29, 2020 at 4:18 PM EDT

In February, as President Trump was projecting confidence that China’s Xi Jinping had the coronavirus under control, his deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger received some alarming information. The virus was spreading beyond China’s borders, and so, U.S. officials warned, was a disinformation campaign from the Communist Party in Beijing.

Chinese leaders, Pottinger believed, were engaging in a massive coverup and a “psychological warfare” operation to obscure the origins of the virus and deflect blame, according to people with knowledge of his thinking. U.S. intelligence officials were picking up signs that Chinese operatives were deliberately sowing disinformation, including state media manipulating stories to change key facts, the people said.

Pottinger urged Trump and other senior officials to brand the virus with a label so that there would be no mistaking its origins: the Wuhan virus.

See, Reuters.

Bet you didn't know that. Trump liked it and used it, but WaPo says the usage was derivative.

One last thing about Pottinger, Bannon likes him. The beat goes on.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Jesse Ventura endorses and joins Minnesota's Green Party. [edited since first posted].


Were he to run a Presidential campaign, as he alludes to, might he gain enough dissatisfied Trump voters to qualify the Green Party as a national party for the next ballot cycle?

Ventura could be a swing candidate stowing Schumer's middle of the road solicitation of those same former Trump voters, with Schumer's choice to chase that bloc while casting disdain toward progressives possibly backfiring. "Safe" Joe and all that; flushed. Where Bernie would have won.

Nothing is cast yet into an irrevocable posture, for Ventura, but his positioning now lessens the unyielding boredom of Trump-Biden mediocrity. Venal is a word coming to mind.

I believe Ventura is more a progressive than Biden, but that is such a low bar it's a joke.

AND - Better Jesse than Bloomberg. More energy. More personality. Less wealth. Equal chutzpah. Taller. A touch less aloof.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mothers' Day.

Link. Even Bloomberg had a mom. Jeffrey Epstein too.

MN Progressive Project Annex - shout-out time.


Lots of new fresh posting, brevity being wit. No excerpting. Go there.

Is the TSA - Homeland whistleblower only telling part of a bigger story?

Whistleblower reportedly informs on hoarding of masks.

What about toilet paper, kleenex, rubbing alcohol, gloves and hand wipes? Tell the entire story. Government agency hoarding at least is not having to blame the neighbors. Impersonal that way. Artificial shortages engineered to keep folk roiled seems a touch evil. Yes/no? And then alleging the Chinese cornered the market before letting the cat out of the bag? Where next? Winston Smith meeting O'Brien? The next follow-up step? Tracked down by his cellphone GPS?

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Add in Chris Dodd.

online image; this link; per this opinion item

This Chris Dodd.


Washington Examiner, an admittedly right-leaning outlet.

Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Probably with an eye to a possible career advancement, this. Today, Strib.


Add on that her policy view differs little from Biden's, although she has no Hunter in her closet.

She's not presidential, and if she's Biden's VP choice it would be a deal killer. Progressives should be expected to have a tepid to negative enthusiasm toward a Biden-Klobuchar ticket. Amy is honest and not a bribe taker. However, more is needed. That is merely a floor for a candidate, (where Hunter Biden circumstances can be viewed one way or the other, but the distinct smell cannot be denied).

Unlike Klobuchar, who says she believes Biden's story and not Reade's, I say I believe Reade.

Why not believe Reade?

BOTTOM LINE: Klobuchar surely left her Minnesota colleague in the Senate, Franken, hanging, twisting slowly in the wind. NOT a profile in courage. NOT by any measure.

Topping that off is the clear fact that Franken has a better mind than either Biden or Klobuchar, is better on policy though not a strong progressive, and is more presidential than either Joe or Amy. And when Al's career was threatened with Klobuchar having nothing to gain really by supporting Al, she took a hike.

That is not presidential. Comparing her "Al reaction" to her "Joe reaction," the juxtaposition carries an undeniable "What's in it for me" tainted dimension. A deal killer dimension.

Strib's headline today, "Sen. Amy Klobuchar backs Joe Biden in face of woman's allegations," subhead, "The Minnesota senator, a key backer of Biden's presidential bid, says she's 'proud to be supporting him.'" [italics added]

Pride being strange, she had no pride toward Franken, who had no career advancement chops to offer, either.

Monday, May 04, 2020

Written online, "I have every intention of writing in Bernie's name in November. Why? He's the best man to be president. I don't vote against people; I vote for people. Bernie and his platform were right for 2016 and he and his platform are right for 2020. Watch the video above and maybe you will decide to write him in too."

The headline quote is from Down With Tyranny! at this link; (the headline's quoted paragraph being the first text below the embedded video at that link, (the video that the headline quote here references)). View the video. Read the screed. Reading is a part of learning. Note the item itself is headlined, "... Part 1," so we all await following parts. Opinions will differ, but clearing the air might be a step toward making America great, again.

And to whatever extent it matters, I believe the woman. Franken got skullduggery against him based on a comedic photo the comedian in Franken could not resist; and his Senate colleagues piled on because of Kavanaugh. An allegation of rape is a more serious thing, and yet less undid the Senate career of a better man.

Last, that linked DWT item is source of the new sidebar top image. You can click that item to see it enlarged, but even as a tiny sidebar thing, it says volumes.

Sidebar sequencing has been altered since this post; so this caveat is needed to avoid confusion.

If sincerity mattered, who'd get your prize?



Just so people can perceive what's being shoveled onto them these days, this online item was posted as "NEWS" and not an opinion piece.

Link. This is not even laying it on with a trowel. This is burying you in it with a backhoe.

There is no excuse for a biased screed like that to be posted as "news." Trump being Trump is no excuse for such a shunning of decent journalism practice.

Fifty years ago to the date, the Kent State murders.

And the bastards still rule. Today: Staged "protest" by idiots holding assault weapons go on unchecked, replete with photo op shit.

Then: Innocent students were slaughtered by their government at Kent State.

And then, Jackson State. But the murder of white Ohio students did draw more press.

Not one single murderer, nor the officer giving the command to shoot and kill faced justice. It was as sad a day as Biden gave to Anita Hill.

Lest we forget the past . . .

Bastards still rule. Two-party bastards. Run Jesse, run.

Wouldn't it be a better world if Bezos and Bloomberg were both put into Thunderdome? Two men enter, one man leaves. It would be worth the price of admission.

Just saying. We all know how Bloomberg spent to fuck Bernie and progress, and now wants to have a data stranglehold of the Democratic Party because the other party does not want him having a data stranglehold on it.

Bezos, latest, this link.

In the ideal world, the one leaving would be put back in, this time with Zuckerberg.

Just saying. The mark of the beast is easy to distinguish. It only requires open eyes.

Friday, May 01, 2020

These days, people are craoking in nursing homes in Minnesota and while it is making room for aging Boomers, it suggests elder care norms and acceptable practices need deep and wide-reaching review. What are Minnesota politicians doing about it? [UPDATED]

Background on the nursing home situation, Strib, May 1, 2020 — 12:03am . Earlier, CBS MN, April 2, 2020 at 10:05 pm.

Housely and Benson did right by pressing against the inertia of business as usual among those entrusted with care for those unable to fully care for themselves.

With the Reaper reaping, who has proposed anything resembling decent reforms for this growing industry segment? What's the fix? Hand wringing and keening does little. Action - reform - is what's needed.

Figure that out, folks. Warehousing the old folks might not be all that hot an idea. Concentrating the susceptible into situations where infectious disease spread can hit concentrated populations who collectively are highly at risk individuals is proving questionabe. What's the answer? Something aside from housing elderly all together where "efficiency" favors big populous facilities just might be dumb despite the profit-making lure of such an answer. Politicians should posture less and work harder.

Boomers should be most concerned. They're next.

Strib, Sunday, May 3, carries an AP feed headlined, "Faced with 20,000 dead, care homes seek shield from lawsuits." As a child playing the Monopoly game I soon learned the value of the get out of jail free card.

Strib, mid-item, in paragraphs touching a Cuomo New York liability-lifting legal setup posts:

While the law covering both hospital and nursing care workers doesn’t cover intentional misconduct, gross negligence and other such acts, it makes clear those exceptions don’t include “decisions resulting from a resource or staffing shortage.”

Cuomo’s administration said the measure was a necessary part of getting the state's entire health care apparatus to work together to respond to the crisis.

“It was a decision made on the merits to help ensure we had every available resource to save lives,” said Rich Azzopardi, a senior advisor to Cuomo. “Suggesting any other motivation is simply grotesque.”

Nationally, the lobbying effort is being led by the American Health Care Association, which represents nearly all of the nation’s nursing homes and has spent $23 million on lobbying efforts in the past six years.

Grab onto that very first paragraph. These are often multi-state for-profit business ventures, bottom-line oriented, where any fool of a bean counter can tell you, underspending on supplies and staffing - goods and services, if you think that way - is a way to boost the bottom line, profit being what is left after expenses are subtracted from income, and lessening expenses in commerce with a set income means bigger profits.

So, gross abuse, make them insure against that - it is so politically sensible the lobbyists recognize that line. However, letting the industry off the hook if compromising upon the industry's sole raison d'etre, provision of reasonably expected credible levels of care - what's expected within the public's mind, is mind-boggling. Yet profiteering as much as feasible no matter what is NOT a good thing to lobby for or grant. Corner cutting simply is too attractive a business venturing incentive to be tolerated, much less made a liability-free option; a go for the gold incentive even toward shoddy and inadequate practices. Faulty goods and services below the reasonable public's expectation must not be hidden or tolerated in allowing escape from liability for "decisions resulting from a resource or staffing shortage," where "SHORTAGE" can be as now resulting from inadequate pandemic planning and funding by government, or in other settings from a decision to compromise in search of greater profit.

The pandemic is a problem, but let's not make it an excuse, one reaching even to normal operating times.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Rep. James E. Clyburn of South Carolina co-orchestrated the Biden big boost move on Super Tuesday, where Biden bypassed Sanders toward the "Democratic" Party's 2020 presidential nomination. To understand Clyburn, understand his campaign money trail. And then, an anti pharma price gouging bill sponsored by progressives has languished in the House where Clyburn holds a leadership role.

It is not rocket science. It is old-fashioned follow the money. Clyburn money to be followed, lately, and over his entire House career. Do you doubt where his legislative priorities fall on the question of disarming the insurance-medical-pharma-complex of its ill-gotten gouging-powers? You want an example? Sure you do, and recent is better.

First, things were better before the Clinton-Gingrich policy collaborations. Preliminary to fleshing-out that last assertion, for readers unaware of it, David Sirota has a new online "soap box" worth the time to check it out, since Sirota writes well and ferrets out stuff which, once he strings links and commentary together, makes sense and hangs together.

Titled, "Too Much Information," the home link is:

The work behind this post at Crabgrass was Sirota doing the heavy lifting, but with the Clyburn observation tied to Clyburn's NOT being a cosponsor of a consumer protection legislative effort sponsored by Bernie in the Senate and Ro Kohana in the House. The links show Clyburn's absence from the progressives in the House, and in the Senate Klobuchar was a late cosponsor.

The bill text is presented via the Kohana link.

All this is a prelude to again stating that Joe Biden will be an enemy of pharma, insurance, and care provider reforms, if elected, i.e., in that dimension equivalent to Trump more than an upgrade.

Now, the Clinton-Gingrich days, again Sirota,

That NIH rule, however, was rescinded by Bill Clinton’s administration -- a big win for “the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, which campaigned against the pricing clause,” according to a contemporaneous report from the New York Times (and just yesterday, Donna Shalala — the Clinton official who ran HHS when the pricing rule was rescinded — was appointed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the government panel charged with overseeing coronavirus stimulus funds).

And just a day ago, I believe, the Clintons endorsed Biden. Full circle; citizens suffer, super big business and lobbying forces prosper disproportionately.

Clyburn and Biden had best look to Abrams rather than Harris or other Pelosi-like women of color for the second spot on the ticket. It will either save or doom Biden, how he chooses, and then follows up the choice with a bit more.

Kohana and Jayapal more than AOC and Warren seem best to lead progressives as Bernie ages away from another try, but the four, on the same page and mutually respectful would be stronger together.

In fairness to AOC, so far she's not officially lined up behind the Biden bandwagon. Bernie has. Even before Biden has announced a VP choice. Perhaps Bernie and Biden discussed names.

Perhaps not.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

What is an "NPI" and should you care? HINT: The New York Fed cares.

In our research, we exploit variation in both the severity of the pandemic, as well as the speed and duration of NPIs implemented to fight disease transmission across U.S. states and cities. NPIs implemented in 1918 resemble many of the policies used to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including closures of schools, theaters, and churches, bans on public gatherings and funerals, quarantines of suspected cases, and restrictions on business hours.

Our paper yields two main insights. First, we find that areas that were more severely affected by the 1918 Flu Pandemic saw a sharp and persistent decline in real economic activity. Second, we find that cities that implemented early and extensive NPIs suffered no adverse economic effects over the medium term. On the contrary, cities that intervened earlier and more aggressively experienced a relative increase in real economic activity after the pandemic subsided. Altogether, our findings suggest that pandemics can have substantial economic costs, and NPIs can lead to both better economic outcomes and lower mortality rates.

NY Fed link.