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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ireland vote is for family liberty to plan. Or for the freedom to undo an unplanned pregnancy. Irish voters deserve praise for being progressive about abortion.

This link.

Minnesota's Met Council centralized planners get unhappy over bonding bill provisions limiting planner power.

strib reports - Northern Anoka County towns wanted and got legislative attention of their desire for independence from the iron fist of Met Council decisions, be they good decisions, or the more prevalent bad impositions towns suffer under current "regional planning" dictates.

With God on your side the speech did not need to be so long and repetitive.

Rep Whelan, this link, at 16 minutes onward, Whelan takes a bow. "Called to be here" she says. I certainly made no such call, nor was one heard. Called to be a divisive twit, transgender bathroom bill authorship and all while being the constant keeper of fetal tissue faith.

Faith-above-science: The lady is laying a big bad bias trip fitting Whelan's own warped intention - upon God - when it's all her doing including websearch for an Epistle quote, obscure enough to look scholarly in a holy way . . .

Sincerity is its own best reward. Or so they say.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dayton - finally using the veto power as was hoped for from the entire two terms; the Governor does the right thing; for the right reasons


Fletcher defeats Moser in TX 07. Craig in MN 02; someone besides Phifer in MN 08.

TX 07. The hope is that those who've advanced their batch of lackluster corporatist people will fund them. Now that the interest is gone, progressives can again stay home and wish them well. There is no fulcrum for progressive change, so good luck folks, in November. With Pelosi and with Schumer. With Obamacare instead of single payer; with income disparity worsened by Republican Tax messing up in favor of the rich, again, with the "Democrats" watching and clucking. If progress is unwanted by the power holders they may continue to see diminishing spoils. Except for the real Republicans but not for Republoican-lite. Clintonian decision making continues. Republicans continuing to get an ever larger share of nationwide spoils. Pelosi and Schumer appear to prefer that over progressivism. Bless them.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Abigail Whelan, just leave, please.

This link. What a weight on the body politic. She wants a world as mediocre and biased as she is. That would be a hard order to fill. There are only so many Mike Pences to go around. But they keep finding clones of themselves. That is what amazes. It is as if Whelan herself is Kiffmeyer, cloned.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

More importantly, as an independent running in a general election, I will be able to court so many young voters who refuse to register Democratic and therefore cannot vote in a closed primary. Recent polls suggest that upwards of 70 percent of young voters are now independent. They are more progressive and woefully underrepresented in our political system. We aim to change that. And by running as an independent, we will be engaging with a much wider population of voters, not just Democrats, but also independents, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, and others. Make no mistake, even though I’ll be running as an independent, I’m still the real Democrat in the race. I’m pushing a New Deal agenda of jobs for all, Medicare for all, election integrity and campaign finance reform, environmental protection, ending the drug war and mass incarceration, and converting to 100 percent renewable energy. On all these issues, we must take power back from the corporate interests that control our government in Washington, D.C.

Tim Canova as a persistent progressive picks a path, leaving Schultz to see him in the general election.

A/k/a can an independent candidacy of a progressive Democrat sidetrack an entrenched repellant corporatist Democrat in her
"safe haven" district?

The headline was mid-item text from here.

Or web search = tim canova debbie wasserman schultz general election independent

However you reach your view of the Canova approach against an entrenched majority structure and personnel interwtining; read of it with an open mind. A mind that can encompass a better party with no hostile animus springing forward against progressive beliefs and dogma as the legitimate path for the party to take.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Laura Moser May 22 Texas CD 07 runoff election - next Tuesday.

From that link you can reach a "DONATE" page or this page, which explains the runoff balloting.

Wilmar's West Central Tribune publishes, "Dayton vetoes abortion ultrasound legislation." (By Don Davis Today at 12:27 p.m..)

Dayton hands back to Abigale Whelan that which should never have reached Dayton's desk for a send-back; along with the admonition that no Nanny State interference between physician and patient privacy is how things should remain. This link.

Down With Tyrany continues its coverage of the DCCC's war against progressives.

It saddens that the ill-informed enemies of popular democracy retain their ways against the forces of change. It can only help the Republicans to have Congressional corporate Republican majorities replaced by equally conservative Blue Dog kinds of people. It will be harder for the progressive part of the nation to fight the Democratic Party establishment than to fight and prevail against the Republicans. The DCCC does not want a victory for the people, but instead a victory on its terms or another loss, those being favored scenarios among DCCC operatives to giving progressives a meaningful voice. Giving progressives a voice would mean changing business as usual, and business, as is usual, will take freebies from Republicans or Democrats, the gift being more to the point than the giver.

DWT, here online.

UPDATE: The Nation publishes; not marching to the Chicken Little sky-will-fall tune against the upstart progressives who are about to mess with corporate big blue wave thought and rhetoric. Shut up and hold the flag high is not the best way to CONTINUE to address progressives who saw BERNIE WOULD HAVE WON first stolen by intrigue, and once stolen than routinely pissed down a podesta general election mismanagement rathole.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Iraq had an election.

A web search. From The Economist; ten years ago; final year of Bush White House, before the market crash.


This link.

A letter sent by Haspel with regard to the Haspel nomination.

Read reporting, read the letter; online here.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

City of Ramsey - Haste alone does not make waste; often stupidity is a key co-factor.

A five-million dollar pedestrian bridge for a town that has to scratch to figure how to finance road upkeep is like putting whipped cream on Ramsey Town Center.

In fact where esle would you expect such a project, besides the ill-fated Ramsey Town Center? The song/dance is that this pedestrian bridge will catalyze miracle growth in Ramsey just as the big parking ramp and expensive City Hall catalyzed miracles. There in the hub of the Town Center, because some few think it might be a good idea if only somebody else would pick up the tab. If Jim Deal is not financing it the clear message is it will not pay for itself with profit, but will instead drain cash from better spending.

It is unneeded fluff in a part of Ramsey that has been a money sinkhole since day one of the thing being proposed.

It is excessive even to envision such a project. It would be wasteful if ever actually built. It could reinvent the very concept of "wastefulness" to build something that unnecessary and yet costly. Table the question. Fifteen years from now, reconsider it as whether then needed or not. Lack of any justifying need might change with an actual need arising over the next fifteen years.

Just don't bet on it.

If it simply goes unbuilt, think of the upkeep and maintenance savings such a decision would yield. Kill it off now. There is no cause to do otherwise.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Read, Pete, read.

The Hill reported. HuffPo reported. Think Progress even reported with an opening image of a confused insecure looking man holding a newspaper, as if pretending to read. Hegseth freelanced a non-story as gospel, as wise a step as when throwing the ax at the marching band member. He thought it was a good idea at the time. Aiming elsewhere with no intent of error. Just a touch careless.

Reader help, has FOX published a correction? One is due. Expect it of Hegseth, as would be routinely expected of a gentleman.

Friday, May 11, 2018

The four military dead in Niger. A commission did a report; somebody did?

The WaPo report, about the released Pentagon report.

Notably, the investigation was handled by Army Maj. Gen. Roger L. Cloutier Jr., who is Waldhauser’s chief of staff at Africa Command.

Put another way, the command investigated itself amid questions its senior leaders could have contributed to failures of situational awareness and command oversight in this mission and in Niger itself.

Christensen said Africa Command has shied away from publicly blaming senior commanders, saying it is an example of “different spanks for different ranks” — military parlance for meting out harsh penalties for junior troops while senior leaders escape accountability.

“It seems like an intentional avoidance. There is enough smoke there to make you think: ‘why aren’t you looking above them?’ ” Christensen said, referring to the two captains.

A critique of a Pawlenty fellow round-table-type having a job akin to Pawlenty's having been key shill for big banks.

John Gilmore, who adamantly admits, "I write for myself and always will," and for other unstated sense and feeling dimensions he may be suscepticable to writes of Charlie Weaver. Weaver is a Pawlenty law-school classmate corporatist Republican.

Gilmore does not lavish favors in framing an analysis.

At it again. Public hemorrhoid Abigale Whelan gets the embryo willies and just has to push through a DOA abortion bill, just because she can.

The idiot.

The sooner that mistake is out of the legislature the better. Yesterday was not soon enough.

Strib publishes detail.

The vote drew attention from activists on both sides of the abortion debate. The group Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life cheered its passage.

Strib does emphasize the ignorant woman is not alone but is supported by an ignorant outside agitator body, and Republicans in the legislature, all ignorance, all oppressive, all confrontational because they can be.

A bunch of assholes politically empowered hemorrhoids. Throbbing away, no relief from the pain they foster all session long. Abigale Whelan had the chance at an education and studied political science instead. She is a pubic menace.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

War drumbeat, Iran.

This link.

Sanctions - causes and effects in three links - here, here and here. Are European partners bound to follow, or could they find a third way staying in touch with Iran or choosing not to follow a unilateral fence suggestion? How do details of international entanglements translate to contract duties beyond reasonable argument.

“My highly respected nominee for CIA Director, Gina Haspel, has come under fire because she was too tough on Terrorists,” Trump tweeted.

What a piece of work is Trump. That nomination never should have been made. Torturre is not American. It is antithetical to what America needs to be.

Juan Cole, this link.

Put away that thumb drive, varlet.

Big Blue is watching you. And it is those disgruntled present employees that are the worry. They still have system privileges. Not like the guy yesterday escorted to the parking lot by security.

Farmers donlt love bankers. So who is jiving the farm community?

This bucolic image is being used by what DC operative to pull the wool over farmer eyes? By what DC lobbyist who  made seven figure money promoting bank interests above the public interest and then says a governor like him would be rooted to the loam of the soil? By one who raises a million dollars in secret donor lounges, money to then campaign on  behalf of the secret donor agenda. They paid to play. Is their guy your player?
Check it out as a candidate homepage, using that image. It is on the web.

What did Hegseth do while in the military assigned to Gitmo?

He takes torture lightly, or seems to. He walks point for Haspel..

Wednesday, May 02, 2018