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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Deplorables convene.

This link.

Getting demagogued, attendees living and loving it. Stuff so deep you need hip-waders to navigate it.

As a state, we are better than the Duluth reporting suggests. More inventive outside the halls.

Despite the post a day ago below this one: Things looking as they are, it has to be Tina. [Please note updating]

First, Karin Housley, look at this wholly objective delineation of the Housley record and shudder over the thought of her reaching the U.S. Senate. This ultra conservative choice-hater would be a train wreck of a disaster if winning in November, so who in the Dem primary has an actual record to be trusted? Something as solid as "You can take it to the bank?" Something beyond nice-sounding words, spiffy spot TV ads, etc.? That is the question.


Housley has a record, objectively presents it, and it puts her into the Abigail Whelan camp, of divisive bill mongering and posturing while fully knowing the mischief could never survive a Dayton veto. Votesmart lists:

Karin Housley Co-sponsored - SF2849 - Requires Abortion Physicians to Give Patients Option of Ultrasound

Karin Housley was rated 88% by American Conservative Union(State Legislature Positions) [higher than Jeff Howe, a percentage point below Sondra Erickson, Kurt Daudt and Steve Drazkowski, identical to Peggy Scott, and 30 points ahead of Mary Franson; i.e., in the ozone layer of "Conservative"; compare Debra Hilstrom at 0% and Jim Abeler at half the percentage given Housley]

Karin Housley was rated 0% by Voices for Racial Justice ("Minnesota Legislative Report Card on Racial Equality")

Karin Housley was rated 100% by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (Positions)

Karin Housley was rated 100% by Minnesota Chamber of Commerce (Positions)

Karin Houlsey was rated 29% by Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (Lifetime Score)

Karin Housley was rated 0% by AFSCME Council 5 (Positions)

Karin Housley voted Yea (Passage With Amendment) - HF600 - Prohibits Local Laws Regarding Minimum Wage or Paid Sick Leave

Karin Housley was endorsed y National Rifle Association


The dumpster fire guy, running an early gimmick ad with no actual content except saying the man will campaign by criticizing Trump; i.e., by trying to divert voters having anti-Trump sentiment from voting for a clear and actual Democrat with a track record as one, to instead support a Bushco "ethics" guy; who stayed and collected paychecks [despite Bush whoring to evangelicals when it seemed he was not at all really one himself and despite Bush-Hank Paulson's kllling of the economy and handing the basket case to Obama while the Republicans in Congress impeded Obama's effort to dig out of the Republican engineered disaster. And lo, Obama had Geithner, another Goldman Sachs alum in his Cabinet for which Obama can be faulted but that is old news. This time it will be Trump seeking 2020 reelection with an economy better than Bush left, but with an opportunity if given a second term to mirror the down-cycle engineering, in perhaps a worse way, with a host of Cabinet Goldman Sachs alums in tow; just as Paulson was when the fan loaded up big time.

Do you have the willing suspension of disbelief that supporting Painter requires?

Dick Painter has a reported net worth roughly equal to that of Hously and Mr. and Mrs. Smith combined. [Please note updating at the end of this post]. Painter says he is highly offended by Trump, as an ethicist, but criticism is easy and voters can be too easily deceived. John Anderson as a vote-siphoning stalking horse for Reagan against Carter should never be forgotten, much as George Wallace was a red-neck race-bating stalking horse for Lyndon Johnson. A half century of evidence of stalking horses showing up in elections exists and should not be at all discounted.

If Painter is serious he'd publish his portfolio. While saying he loves Boundary Waters sanctity and wants single payer, what mining (and fossil fuel) extraction stocks he is holding and what med-industrial complex stocks he is holding would show whether or not he is talking a position mix differing from his own financial best interests. Absent that, "trust me" seems hollow. Rhetoric to not resonate very much at all, absent proof.

Tina has the Dayton years in her resume, super-moderate Dem status, but sincerely standing as a Democrat. Trust the record, as much as the words. If Painter denies DC was a Dumpster Fire during Bush years, Iraq war based on lying and all, phony-Jesus stuff and all, bless him. Along with blessing Karl Rove, from an ethics standpoint. It's a situation where there seems to be a logical disconnect, along with an apparent glide-and-slide on any Bushco "Dumpster Fire" questioning being advanced/permitted by mainstream media coverage - be it Republican Glen Taylor's Strib or GOP money-man Stan Hubbard's radio-TV empire doing the coverage. Free pass? You decide.

The ethics of lying the nation into the Iraq war; of Karl Rove; of Bush schmoozing Billy Graham; of firing capable U.S. Attorneys it's in the record. Who else remembers the "lost" email non-governmental email server situation which the media suppressed, unlike per Ms. Clinton?

Go figure. We rightly should question a Dumpster Fire video-bite thing coming from one who served through the second term of the Bush Dumpster Fire years ["chief White House ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush administration from 2005 to 2007" per Wikipedia, admittedly starting after Bush/Powell/Rove lying us into war and after most of working the fundamentalist bloc to get elected, and before the tanking of the economy]. Yet for several years Painter was a GOP insider getting a regular Republican paycheck; a fact nobody denies.

Surely Wikipedia paints an entire picture having merit, but John Anderson's record had merit too. The jury is still out on Painter. It would be too extreme to say otherwise, but as a noted contributor to the Federalist Society he is on a par with John Roberts, that way, which might appeal to dyed in the wool conservatives while giving progressives pause. Progressives will recognize the Federalist Society is nobody's den of Bernie backers, but for those feeling themselves in the moderates' DFL camp do they view the Federalist Society as more Republican than neutral? You'd have to poll them, but I have a guess. Recall that Painter debated running GOP vs DFL, before filing. Strib in a photo caption to a report from before Painter filed noted "an exploratory committee" involvement, without naming names of said explorers. Detail there would be helpful. Who voiced pros and cons either way might matter.

Doubts need answers.


BOTTOM LINE: So Tina "lesser evil" time is upon us, and as an "evil" Tina is less that than merely a well intentioned but vexing regular DFL moderate unlikely to push single payer - yet in essence - a clear choice-by-elimination at least in my mind.

Karin Housley deserves a later separate post, beyond what's presented in opening this Tina "warts and all seeming the better choice" post.

A post looking at an elder care anti-abuse "advocate come lately" spieler status; one of trying to draw attention away from contentious positioning per the Votesmart evidence toward a single issue no voter would dispute; shuffling cards that smarmy way.

But that is for later.

Absent a peek at least into the Dick Painter holdings, voluntarily disclosed, why buy into "trust me" from a Bushco Dumpster Fire alum? Credibility gap, who can say none is there; Bush minion to Trump critic as winds of politics change? No portfolio disclosure would leave only words, which from a lawyer absent a presentation of evidence, leaves doubt.

Yes, the Smith Amendment legislative Polymet land-swap cramdown effort can offend progressives, as did the Nolan blessing of same, but leaving ideology aside and focusing upon practical matters, disarming Stauber's main blather serves the purpose of Stauber having to show more to define himself than "mine, mine, mine, for jobs, jobs, jobs, I love you Ranger dudes" simplicity:

[...] said he "will not tiptoe around the fact that I support responsible taconite and precious metals mining in northeast Minnesota."

Well, nobody in Minnesota CD8 is against taconite mining, so read the essence of the Stauber positioning for what it is.

Disarming the Republicans of that Iron Range posturing opportunity per a "me too" stance and actions enhances the chance of a Blue Wave reaching Lake Superior, and if left to the Republicans the mining decision would be worse, where the Democrats would at least champion a fair sized escrow from Twin Metals where anticipated GOP tokenism that way seems the alternative. If sulfide mining happens, at least expect the Dems to be better on the sizing of any required pre-event remediation escrow against potential/expected environmental devastation. Those massive snow geese die-offs associated with copper mining quarry pit water in Butte, Montana, is a real and ongoing thing; and a lesson.

A KEY UNCERTAINTY: Posting above and yesterday was based upon not finding any Painter disclosure with the FEC, but noting this item, online. That involved error.

See; this FEC link, hat tip to this item's linking.

Without combing through the Painter FEC disclosure form it would be improper to question either report, the $9 million net worth claim, nor the detail of Painter's disclosure. Given large "range" disclosure valuation and a leading "Unascertainable" valuation item, per the FEC report, along with key missing valuations for some items Painter listed, squaring the two items is not attempted here. Nor is it possible with blank valuations of some assets.

Yet, FOLLOW THE MONEY is an essential factor.

Ask Painter. The press should resolve FOLLOW THE MONEY questions as a routine matter, but it does require diligence.

In any event, while no obvious smoking gun investment appears as detailed in the Painter FEC disclosure, MPR's indication is that Painter most certainly is a man of wealth well above "middle class":

Richard Painter, the ethics attorney running in a Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, made hundreds of thousands of dollars the past couple of years from speeches, expert witness testimony, book royalties and articles.

The combined $370,000 in payments to Painter are outlined in a required disclosure for federal candidates, which he submitted this month. They are in addition to a $200,000 salary as a law professor at the University of Minnesota, where his wife also works.

Such an annual income fits being a Republican now, as well as being a former Republican federal office holder during Bush/Cheney.

With Archie and Tina Smith quite wealthy, into the millions, perhaps follow the money is a wash.

If so, subjective judgments enter into things. That judgment, here, favors Tina Smith. The ghost of John Anderson might motivate thinking of others less than it motivates me. But it is as it is. Regardless of what Painter says; regardless of how assertively he says it.

Opinions can differ.

The Dumpster Fire video bit may impress many. In stating the obvious, it does not impress me enough for my vote. Between now and the August primary voting, who knows what might be an "August Surprise" to tip the balance one way or another.

Early primary voting in person or by mail opens July 29.

________________FURTHER UPDATE______________
Sometimes the BS meter unpegs, and you have to ask . . .

PowerLine, March 7, Let Freedom Ring, March 8, then PowerLine, again, April 3, all before Painter filed to run DFL. Conscious parallelism of that manner gives off the smell of a skunk, and raises an immediate question: were - respectively on the timeline - either John Hinderaker, Gary Gross, or Scott Johnson, or some combination of them on the Painter exploratory committee; i.e., was coordinated hijinks afoot, back then? As in "doth protest too much." Too uniformly.

Strib, March 8, using "exploratory committee" language, Gary Gross and Scott Johnson tracking the usage. Hinderaker a day before Strib publishes, setting a theme for follow-up punditry. It looks too cute.

Unconscious parallelism? What? Three self identified Republican ideologues; same theme, trash Painter in advance of . . .

Urban dictionary: Jumping in as a passage rite of membership.

If setting up a stalking horse, how would you preamble it, hoping for greatest street cred?

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_______________
The timeline of those Minnesota table setting posts overlap other things: Dust it up with Dershowitz on MSNBC with having Breitbart publish of it as news the very same day, May 5; file with FEC as DFL May 15, so add those to the timeline. Getting a compressed timeline of preamble online drum beating - with name calling and such - leading up to a mid-month of apparent self-discovery as a Democrat.

Cute? Or coincidental? WWKRS - What Would Karl Rove Say?

______________FURTHER UPDATE_______________
The gift keeps giving. The stalking horse uncertainty has its charm. After digesting first impressions of the latest "Annals of Muffing It" posting of dissatisfaction with the Tina Smith amendment which does disarm Pete Stauber and cohorts of a sharp stick to poke in the DFL eye; and then really seriously thinking how worse things would be with an Iron Range tilt leading to more Republican success in November; I can see logic in the Smith move parallel to the earlier same move by Nolan. Perhaps Timmer was drinking too liberally at Drinking Liberally when Koolaid was being served. Wool pulling over eyes is not to be discounted, even if involving the most savvy of eyes. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Timmer wrote:

The land that PolyMet has its eye on is currently owned by We The People. The US Forest Service is our land agent here, and the swap under consideration is being examined administratively [and now in the courts, ed.] from an environmental standpoint and the fairness of the price (which it doesn’t seem to be).

Anyway, Tina said “What, the hell; let’s just do it!” So she offered her “amendment” to a defense authorization bill, claiming the metals that would be produced at the mine are “strategic.” Strategic for China, perhaps, since that is where any copper from the mine is going for the first several years, anyway.

It is a brazen and disingenuous end-around due process to benefit a Canadian “mining” company (PolyMet) and its effective bad-boy Swiss conglomerate parent (Glencore). We The People are just chopped liver, I guess. When first approached after she offered the amendment about why she did, she didn’t have a response. No ready justification for what she had just done? Later she told the AP it wouldn’t interfere with rigorous environmental review. [chortle] Naturally, that is what it is supposed to do. But lying about it just compounds the felony.

[...] It didn’t take Tina Smith very long to go native in Washington.

But you can hear dollars clapping in some places, the PolyMet corporate offices for one. Three PolyMet executives, President Jon Cherry, Vice President Brad Moore, and Vice President Bruce Richardson have each contributed to Tina Smith’s campaign.

You will never guess who they contributed to last cycle. (And apparently their only contributions.) Oh, of course, you can guess: Rick Nolan. Rick has offered the same legislation as the Smith Amendment in the House.

You might compare all of this to the position of Senate candidate Richard Painter. He is unalterably opposed to sulfide mining in Minnesota. He has said so in many places, including Drinking Liberally last week.

We can only guess on some things and we always have incomplete information when voting. After a day's reflection, I split hairs differently than Timmer does. After reading good writing and forming a similar first impression, nonetheless my bottom line is I have to trust my own ambiguous but dominant gut feelings. Putting qualms aside -

Tina Smith. For Senate.

I sure wish Dayton had appointed someone else, however. He made things much harder for progressives, as Nolan has done.

Look at the names running in Minnesota CD5. There were alternatives ignored by Dayton. Corporatist Dems surfing an anti-Trump Blue Wave into office while DNC/DCCC/DSCC each aggressively spurns progressives is hardly an ideal world scenario. As the Corporatists smugly say, yet again, what choice have you, that gets really stale and truly is maddening. It insults. At least it appears the Corparate Dems at least are trying to keep Hillary Clinton and Debby Wasserman Schultz in the closet this cycle, showing a kind of barbaric cunning, if not wisdom. At least there is that.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
Some might want to reflect upon why Painter has had little to nothing to say about the ethics of Tim Pawlenty. Nor is he loudly faulting Mike Pence for his immediate after-the-fact straight out lying about the Trump motive for firing Comey. It would be guessing, but the questions have merit. Sherlock solved one case by the dog that didn't bark.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE______________
The Tina Smith amendment might best be viewed in light of this thousand word bullshit equivalent aimed at simplistic minds on the Range.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

So Barak Obama declined to deliver CHANGE. What, then, is next? Well, with claims Iraq and Libya were targeted over attempts to lessen dollar hegmony in the fossil fuel wellhead-to-distribution market CHANGE IS FEASIBLE IF BITCOIN WERE LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE.

And we should question all incumbent and intending elective office holders over, "Why not?" Push them.

Buy a home with Bitcoin, pay taxes, get a bank to write mortgages in Bitcoin, it is all possible.

Would Warren Buffet then corner the Bitcoin market? Would it not be good to have Russian and Chinese leaders repurpose their hacking to accumulate Bitcoin?

Were I a Bitcoin genius, with a massive Bitcoin fiat money holding, unlike others but like shady oligarchs of old Europe, I'd want to convert pronto to prime worldwide real estate. Others might feel otherwise, given how the Fed and other central banks cannot even well handle nation-backed currencies (or is there intention behind that machinery making order look like chaos but always favoring the already rich).

This kind of post originates when the first item read online with morning coffee is this. Queued up, this. First of those items linking here.

With fiat money and futures contracts big in finance and central banking, why not Bitcoin? Arguably, it is no less ephemeral than paper stock saying "This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private." No gold backing. Just, "Trust me." Making Bitcoin legal tender would at least rock some boats, and if it became an election issue things would be less tedious and boring than Stormy Daniels lawyer allegedly being "news" and not as boring as Pete Hegseth being now sued over the ax stupidity where a grown man should have known better.

One sure thing, if Bitcoin could be used to finance abortions, Abigail Whelan, Peggy Scott, and their minions of deplorables would be all over it, issue-wise. Biasing the market.

Poke the pinata. Advocate: BITCOIN = LEGAL TENDER

Or does dollar hegemony ring your bell as much as it does the U.S. of A. State and Defense Departments? Would they go to war over Bitcoin?

Once thinking outside of the box, go full bore. Tim Pawlenty, once defeated on election day, could move into founding a "Bitcoin Roundtable" group where he could have an obscenely high management salary, in Bitcoin. Give the man something to do as top dog Bitcoin lobbyist. Ideally, based for that outside of Minnesota. Since Iceland with its cheap and plentiful electricity has become an international Bitcoin mining hub, Iceland would be a fine place for Pawlenty. As fine as any I can imagine.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Stewing over it for days, and finally seeing another author say it better than I would, Tina Smith you are selling out the Boundary Waters for short term vote expediency and it galls. Throwing the environment under the bus, Tina, under the bus is something your decision faces. As a first act and a memorable one, selling out the environment stinks. [UPDATED: Plus, with a big med Tech portfolio bias, holding for example shares in big pharma's Abbott Labs, venture a guess about hunger of the appointee for true healthcare reform.]

Amy, a henchperson; Timmer here, linking here.


Single Payer needs somebody in high places with vision and talent. Tina? Amy? Bet on a waffle to have stronger beliefs and feelings.

Dayton's choice, where others might have chosen better.

From Timmer:

It didn’t take Tina Smith very long to go native in Washington.

But you can hear dollars clapping in some places, the PolyMet corporate offices for one. Three PolyMet executives, President Jon Cherry, Vice President Brad Moore, and Vice President Bruce Richardson have each contributed to Tina Smith’s campaign.

You will never guess who they contributed to last cycle. (And apparently their only contributions.) Oh, of course, you can guess: Rick Nolan. Rick has offered the same legislation as the Smith Amendment in the House.

You might compare all of this to the position of Senate candidate Richard Painter. He is unalterably opposed to sulfide mining in Minnesota. He has said so in many places, including Drinking Liberally last week.

Update: For a more complete, and frankly better, exposition of this issue I recommend Marshall Helmberger’s terrific piece in the Timberjay.

Further update and correction: There is an article about Tina Smith’s response to questions about the land exchange deal in the Saturday edition of the Strib. “Oh, the exchange seems fair,” opines Tina, “And besides, it’s done all the time.”

Perhaps she can point to a deal to sell or exchange land for use in strip mining after the Weeks Act was passed in 1911. We’re waiting.

[links in original, italics added]

Pope of the North Tom Bakk gets his ring kissed. Jeez. Fraser and Vento put it all on the line for the BWCA Wilderness; Smith puts it all, decades of work by a host of good people, behind her like a thoughtless fart on the way to November.

Vento must be spinning in his grave.

People should be telling Smith she's being a damned fool and should stop. Or is it too late? She might between now and November redeem something, but while not being hard of hearing, I have not heard it attributed to her or said by her: Single Payer, Student Debt Relief, Fixing Income Inequality, Ending the Drug War Against Cannabis; none of it. All Smith has to run on at this point in time is selling out the BWCA Wilderness. Beyond disappointed, I am disgusted.

The process fails when politicians with extreme short-term personal and party agendas subvert procedures for sensible tempered decision making to have a chance to work to a judgment and resolution fitting the time frame environmental havoc entails, centuries, i.e., well beyond a tack-on ploy to a wholly unrelated Act done because an election is months away. That latter kind of thing unprincipled Republicans do. Tricky Dick earned his name.

Tricky Tina?

While suitably cautious about a candidate who held a job in the Bush administration with a Republican background as possibly being a stalking horse much as John Anderson was in the Carter-Reagan days, presenting links regarding Painter remains fair in allowing readers to follow the links and decide for themselves; e.g., here, here, here, here (with an embed of Painter's first campaign video, same embed here); with readers skilled in how to do their own web searching.

Giving links is not passing judgment for or against Painter, which would be premature. He is a moderate as is Smith in many ways, but on mining, single payer, Painter says he is there with an issue stance, while Smith is MIA and quiet beyond the recent surprise Nolan-like BWCA bomb throw.

If you really want a protest vote candidate, check out:

A protest vote that way would show dissatisfaction with two-party agonies and aloofness and mediocrity on key issues, as well as showing support for a sane cause as we move further into our Twenty-first Century milieu. Thinking out of the box may help the people against being boxed up and delivered, yet again, to the malefactors of great greed and wealth. Which is better than stoically taking it, saying, "I love Big Brother."

Vento relates back to a time when a career school teacher like Jeff Erdmann had a chance to reach Congress. Which multimillionaire lights your fire? This one? Or the other?

Pick your Tweedle. Dum or De. Dayton, or Alida and Dayton, picked theirs.

But I'm O.K. I love Big Brother.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
Spouse Archie:

Archie Smith

Independent investor specializing in medical device stocks. Previously: a partner with Rothschild Capital Partners with a focus on publicly traded medical device stocks, a Venture Partner with SightLine Partners, a venture capital firm focused on investments in later stage private medical device companies and Piper Jaffray as a Senior Healthcare Analyst and Managing Director in Equity Research.

Then, does this portfolio disclosure give any hint as to Tina Smith's reticence in backing Single Payer; and can a snowball survive long in Hell?

_______________FURTHER UPDATE______________
1:09 PM 6/19/2018: Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Single Payer would depress share price and dividends from private sector FOR-PROFIT money sucking med-industrial complex operators. I.e., trimming the fat would trim Archie and the Senate appointee's portfolio, given how it's being kept med-heavy and not cashed out elsewhere to quell potential conflicts.

Winnowing out possible problems is what primaries are for. That said, the caveat is Richard Painter is reported to have a net worth at least twice that of the Smith spouses; and it appears he has yet to disclose detail of where the cash is parked. His holdings in med-related adventures might dwarf that of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or it might not.

Ethics hotshot: The man staking his claim upon Bushco public service and upon a tout of strong ethical motivations should have feet put to the fire to disclose the equivalent of incumbent fiscal disclosure to the public, which could easily be done via a press release and posting on the Painter campaign website.

Else, how can one follow the money? For all I know and the public knows, the Painter portfolio could be real top-heavy in United Healthcare and Big Pharma to where a likelihood of foot-dragging on Single Payer may be inferred.

As to well positioned intermediaries in today's world siphoning off money that could be going to actual, factual, physician-patient provision of health services, Strib published:

Health care sector, led by UnitedHealth Group, has outsized presence on Top 50 list
UnitedHealth Group maintained its status as Minnesota's largest public company in 2017 as the Minnetonka-based health care giant for the first time surpassed the $200 billion mark in annual revenue.
By Christopher Snowbeck Star Tribune
June 16, 2018

[...] UnitedHealth Group accounts for more than one-third of the revenue among all companies in the Star Tribune 50. It’s the primary reason that the six health care companies on the list account for an outsized portion of both revenue and income.

At the start of this month, the market capitalization of UnitedHealth Group was $232 billion, up by one-third from the same time last year.

Investors have been less excited about Medtronic, the medical device manufacturer with operational headquarters in Fridley. It’s the second-largest health care company in the Star Tribune 50, yet Medtronic’s market capitalization at the start of June was down slightly compared to the same period a year ago.

[...] UnitedHealth Group last year had more than nine times the revenue of Medtronic, but the companies were much more comparable in terms of overall earnings [...] since health insurers typically see profits in the range of 3 percent to 6 percent before taxes. Among medical device manufacturers, pretax margins often exceed 20 percent.

Plus senior management extracts an obscene cut from gross earnings well in front of regular public company shareholders; e.g., this link showing Omar Ishrak of Medtronics and Stephen Hemsley of UnitedHealth Group sucked out eighty-two million compensation between them in 2016, Ishrak gaining 5/8th of non-healthcare-delivery cash flow, each from their respective firms.

If the right oxen get gored by Single Payer, would that be less fair than the status quo?

Candidates should not be in cahoots with a status quo that could be characterized as a bond between profiteers in the top 1%. Conscious parallelism in favoring political outcomes akin to parallelism in income sources is an ever-present danger. Likewise, distance from any interest in defeat of Single Payer to keep personal oxen from being gored would be welcome sunshine upon a murky, swampy, "as is, like it or love it."


In closing, earlier two millionaires were juxtaposed, Smith and Housley. Now, Painter joins himself into the picture, making it at least three millionaires seeking the same political office. So what's grassroots to think?

DCCC/DSCC: We know priorities there - feed the consultancies slushing around the DCCC/DSCC's part of the DC swamp or go suck eggs. Just do not rock the yacht. In such a world we must presume millionaires are corporatists all or most of the time unless irrefutable contrary proof exists. DCCC/DSCC playing favorites complicates the analysis, but really does not CHANGE or cause HOPE of it.


Follow the money, unless you've a better idea. Questions exist and in good faith they should be answered with full and suitable disclosure. Especially from a self-proclaimed ethics hotshot.

The press should be all over that. Painter could be holding a seven-figure stake in shares of Chilean copper mining giant Antofagasta, which would be of interest to environmental activists and to the public wondering about Twin Metals' prospects adjacent to the Boundary Waters.

Saying you oppose sulfide mining is a fine first step. Backing that with the credibility of disclosing a high seven figure portfolio devoid of mining holdings would be a fine second step, for one with nothing to hide.

Why not? If wanting my vote, move in a way to earn it.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

"America’s veterans are in crisis. On average, 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Veterans suffer chronic severe pain at rates disproportionately higher than their civilian counterparts (roughly 40 percent higher, according to the National Institutes of Health), helping explain why the opioid crisis has hit veterans at a rate two times the national average. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), upwards of 20 percent of the 2.7 million Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will experience post-traumatic stress or depression. While VA physicians are quick to prescribe powerful drug cocktails (opiates and benzodiazepines) in response to these and other service-related conditions, the federal government continues to deny veterans legal access to a demonstrably safer alternative treatment option: medical cannabis."

The headline presents contents of two early paragraphs; this item, linking here.

Charity begins at home.

And then some.

It is time, again, to emphasize TRUTH, which is not entirely dead, althought missing in action in some venues. TRUTH by song of what's wrong.

YouTube. A second YouTube video, longer in time, no music.

Is stating even again a TRUTH "flogging a dead horse?" Not if you consider:

This. A recent online item.

This. Also recent, with its leading banner, "RUN FOR OFFICE," something to tell Laura Moser.

There is a need in places for a head-butt into sanity.

This, and hi-there, Tina.

In the USSR party membership was an anchor - where only one party existed, but otherwise, what is your guess? Coverage went beyond FOX noting the anti-Bernie move.

Something to wonder abut now, until August. Will too little, too late then rule the day?

A basket of Deplorables scuttled Bernie. The DNC majority is enough to make a wise Rep. look to Minnesota's AG contest; although Ellison would never phrase it entirely and directly that way.

Looking past DNC, would you take advice from DCCC; e.g., here and here. Advice based on conscience might be better than on polling.

"Resist" simply fails to cut it, other than in a tandem, "Reform and resist." The party's "same old" folks seem ill disposed to any such TRUTH.

IN CLOSING: Erin Murphy deserves progressive votes; voters who will turn out and not play the "well, is she electable outstate" game, voters who instead embrace a "who, if elected, will best rock the right's boats" instead of sinking progressive ones while sitting in yacht deck chairs enjoying their status, under the status quo.

A second truth, Pawlenty is as bad as ever, only worse.

Bank on it.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Feckless c____ defies reasonableness, with regard to a House net neutrality question.

That is c___ as in "clown." This guy:

A spokeswoman for Ryan did not immediately respond when asked to comment on the letter.

You get a letter from half the U.S. Senate and dodge a reasoned response. How much less feck can you have than that? Even A lame duck would have more feck.


Wait. ...

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

FOX - never let a fact interfere with a polemic.

This WaPo link.

They do not care about accuracy. Never have.

For Minnesota's primary season there will never be more candidates than voters.This again will be so, even with crowded fields of hopeful candidates. Each wannabe will show up and vote himself/herself, and then wait and watch how non-candidates vote. It appears Mark Dayton and I will vote for the same DFL - AG candidate.

Two Strib "scorecard" online articles; here and here; and you can word search each for "Dayton" to see who I favor for AG. If you care. You should not. Endorsements are strange critters and following your own instincts works better than studying endorsement ins and outs. Just do it. Vote the primary, vote the general, achieving progress being the better aim.

MinnPost on the AG situation, Ellison's motives and hopes.

MinnPost with an extensive candidate scorecard, including dropouts.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Seattle PI - Annual homeless count in Seattle, King County tops 12,000 - By Joel Connelly, SeattlePI Updated 2:48 pm, Thursday, May 31, 2018

That number is not small. It is as if everybody in Brainerd, Minnesota slept outside. This link.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Stingrays in Minnesota? Who is to say absent research and/or some official inquiry? [UPDATED]

The DFL endorsed Matt Pelikan as party candidate for Attorney General. The question might be asked of the candidate, which office would be most appropriate to initiate an inquiry and to attempt to discern governing Fourth Amendment Stingray principles beyond Katz v. U.S (which was key in instigating the evolution of general Fourth Amendment "expectation of privacy" law).

If not an activist AG, then who should be stepping up for fact-finding, finding precedent, and articulating policy? With it clear the AG would be the best official for setting law-enforcement Stingray policies, statewide; media should be asking Pelikan and other AG candidates what intended specific steps would each take on the Stingray issue.

Responses would help elucidate each candidate's intent and appropriate capability with regard to protection of individuals' right to privacy.

Try searching the fulltext of the Constitution for the word "privacy" sometime. Yet all agree, there has to be a right to privacy inherent in good democratic government.

A closing link, an Economist current issue featured in depth presentation.

The Hill.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) is demanding action from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and private phone companies to better protect Americans from being spied on or tracked.

In an interview with The Hill Tuesday, Wyden accused FCC Chairman Ajit Pai of “stonewalling” his pleas for action.

“Mr. Pai and the FCC are dragging their feet here,” Wyden said. “They are stonewalling. They are ducking. They are trying to conjure up any possible reason to sit it out.”

Pai so far has declined to investigate Stingrays further, but says his agency is open to digging into the matter down the road.


Fecklessly sad.

Finally, the earlier post, above, presumed something about the Minnesota AG election this fall, lack of a DFL contest, which did not hold true.

When voices arise from Minnesota's GOP blog world saying the same thing you almost imagine there was a round table where campaign orientation was chosen: Love your guns - and vote out of fear - the metro women are after 'em!

GOTV!..Gun Owner Trained Voting!

It is never to early to inflame passions (accommodating pastors may help).

Limited sample disclosure: Mitch Berg and Gary Gross. But who else blogs that way, so sample size is not a valid objection.



DFL convention continued until Sunday – when Murphy made her big announcement; her running mate was…

…Erin Maye Quade. A left wing extremist, whose wife is a paid organizer for Michael Bloomberg.

So the message from the DFL convention: “Don’t be silly, nobody’s coming for your guns. But we’re coming for your guns”.

DFL endorsed gubernatorial candidate Erin Murphy has never minced words about her antipathy toward civilian gun owners; her platform is a dog’s breakfast of every terrible, ineffective bit of security theater that *can not* affect crime rates *or* mass shootings. And Erin Maye Quade’s wife is a paid “Everytown” employee. Long on snark, short on reasoning, Maye Quade never saw any pointless theatrics she didn’t like.

And long-time DFL Attorney General Lori Swanson lost the DFL’s endorsement, almost like flipping a light switch, when challenger (and extreme gun grabber) Matthew Pelikan mentioned that, as liberal as Swanson is on every other issue, she’s a solid defender of the law-abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. And Tim Walz lost what had been considered a sure-fire endorsement in large part because he *used to be* a strong 2nd Amendment supporter (before throwing Minnesota’s law-abiding gun owners under the bus to unsuccessfully woo the increasingly extremist DFL delegate base; even that wasn’t enough to save the endorsement.

[italics added]

Gary Gross:

Erin Squared: the gun-hating ticket?
June 4th, 2018

I don’t know why I used the question mark in the title but it’s there and I’m too lazy to change it this morning. But I digress. The point of this post is to highlight the DFL’s gubernatorial ticket’s utter hostility towards legal gun owners. This morning, the Gun Owners Caucus issued a fact sheet on the ‘Erin Squared’ ticket vis a vis gun control.

It started by saying “The battle lines couldn’t be more clear. This weekend, at their convention in Rochester, the DFL endorsed the most extreme anti-gun ticket we’ve seen in Minnesota. DFL-endorsed Governor candidate Erin Murphy, an anti-gun State Representative who is proud of her “F” rating from the NRA and the Caucus. She’s been hostile to gun owners from her very first term.”

This link, first sentence.

It will be tedious leading to Novemvber with that stuff. Couldn't those brain trust GOP inner party movers and shakers at least gone for a talking point to the Chamber of Commeerce and the pastors? Will it only be guns, guns, guns?

Sure, it will be tough to sell a bank lobbyist as having your back; so something has to be manufactured as a surrogate distraction issue. Teens killing teachers and other teens be damned, look to the greater good. It's, after all, for a good cause - GOP hegemony and east coast gunsmith firm profits are both at stake - and the Europeans, their Glocks, their Sig-Sauers - no Trump tariff on that crap since we are talking of our best friends and our greatest single need as human beings.

Back to how you sell a bank lobbyist - give him a gun and a plaid shirt, and have him say he'd never want to surrender his firearms to Comey, or some such stupidity. Surely it will be stupidity time; GOP primary, and what we may find out, if little else, is whether the Pawlenty gun collection is bigger than the Johnson family's armory, and why that is of key importance to the policy and fiscal needs of a state and nation.


Hopefully there is a limit to how far stupidity can be stretched.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Interesting reading.

The Intercept.

The stories speak for themselves, and one conclusion is that in the wealthiest nation time has ever known, there is no excuse for people having to live through the trauma experiences threaded through the story. Transcending the reported defining experiences is the main part of the story with adversity faced and overcome to allow candidacies, but the main story is that we, as a people, did what was done to this selection of individuals while still calling ourselves "civilized." We are short of being that, and the establishment prejudices the cataloged individuals face from a political party reflects the disconnect between what government we've gotten and what we should have attained. That such scars of class warfare were inflicted on these people while young makes you want to support their candidacies because they may if elected get even.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A model act. A "national motto" act. And it is not the "great again" slogan, but an offered cram-down from the crowd that does not understand freedom from religion. And at a time Whelan is leaving Minnesota's legislature. With the Whelan world view being perfect for the "national motto" some have in mind for you. Roy Moore might mount his horse, ride again, for an accomodating model motto bill putsch agenda.

Bill text, from here (at p.10).

Reporting, here, here, here

With a modest change in wording a truthful motto could emerge: In the hegemony of the Dollar we Trust.

The hegemony of the Dollar is on our side.

The hegemony of the Dollar moves in mysterious ways.

The hegemony of the Dollar is not judgmental, nor can any of us claim to channel it.

David Barton and his "Wallbuilders" gets mention within the cited reporting. You can word-search his name.

David Barton and Wallbuilders, written of by Sorensen with a mention of Abigail Whelan, Nov. 2015; tnis link.


FURTHER: If "Project Blitz" worries you, wait on the "krieg" followup on the Blitz. Naming it "Project Blintz" from the start would have been less deliberately confrontational. I cannot imagine a Blintzkreig.

Monday, May 28, 2018

A working draft of the bank’s flagship World Development Report – which will urge policy action from governments when it comes out in the autumn – says less “burdensome” regulations are needed so that firms can hire workers at lower cost. The controversial recommendations, which are aimed mainly at developing countries, have alarmed groups representing labour, which say they have so far been frozen out of the Bank’s consultation process. Peter Bakvis, Washington representative for the International Trade Union Confederation, said the proposals were harmful, retrograde and out of synch with the shared-prosperity agenda put forward by the bank’s president Jim Yong Kim.

The headline is a pair of mid-item paragraphs, this item. If it is not your "world" that the World Bank serves, whose "world" is it?

Is it the TomJoe bank, an echo of the TomJoe world order? It seems you need a Geiger Counter to find a progressive Democrat these days. No press coverage. No admission into inner party affairs. Tokens are easily dispensed. But no tokens even.

Arbitrate that. Just don't try to arbitrate it collectively nor seek a class action lawsuit. The employment contract does not allow such remedies . . .

Spotty knows legislative trickery. And barks out the perps.

This link.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ireland vote is for family liberty to plan. Or for the freedom to undo an unplanned pregnancy. Irish voters deserve praise for being progressive about abortion.

This link.

Minnesota's Met Council centralized planners get unhappy over bonding bill provisions limiting planner power.

strib reports - Northern Anoka County towns wanted and got legislative attention of their desire for independence from the iron fist of Met Council decisions, be they good decisions, or the more prevalent bad impositions towns suffer under current "regional planning" dictates.

With God on your side the speech did not need to be so long and repetitive.

Rep Whelan, this link, at 16 minutes onward, Whelan takes a bow. "Called to be here" she says. I certainly made no such call, nor was one heard. Called to be a divisive twit, transgender bathroom bill authorship and all while being the constant keeper of fetal tissue faith.

Faith-above-science: The lady is laying a big bad bias trip fitting Whelan's own warped intention - upon God - when it's all her doing including websearch for an Epistle quote, obscure enough to look scholarly in a holy way . . .

Sincerity is its own best reward. Or so they say.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dayton - finally using the veto power as was hoped for from the entire two terms; the Governor does the right thing; for the right reasons


Fletcher defeats Moser in TX 07. Craig in MN 02; someone besides Phifer in MN 08.

TX 07. The hope is that those who've advanced their batch of lackluster corporatist people will fund them. Now that the interest is gone, progressives can again stay home and wish them well. There is no fulcrum for progressive change, so good luck folks, in November. With Pelosi and with Schumer. With Obamacare instead of single payer; with income disparity worsened by Republican Tax messing up in favor of the rich, again, with the "Democrats" watching and clucking. If progress is unwanted by the power holders they may continue to see diminishing spoils. Except for the real Republicans but not for Republoican-lite. Clintonian decision making continues. Republicans continuing to get an ever larger share of nationwide spoils. Pelosi and Schumer appear to prefer that over progressivism. Bless them.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Abigail Whelan, just leave, please.

This link. What a weight on the body politic. She wants a world as mediocre and biased as she is. That would be a hard order to fill. There are only so many Mike Pences to go around. But they keep finding clones of themselves. That is what amazes. It is as if Whelan herself is Kiffmeyer, cloned.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

More importantly, as an independent running in a general election, I will be able to court so many young voters who refuse to register Democratic and therefore cannot vote in a closed primary. Recent polls suggest that upwards of 70 percent of young voters are now independent. They are more progressive and woefully underrepresented in our political system. We aim to change that. And by running as an independent, we will be engaging with a much wider population of voters, not just Democrats, but also independents, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, and others. Make no mistake, even though I’ll be running as an independent, I’m still the real Democrat in the race. I’m pushing a New Deal agenda of jobs for all, Medicare for all, election integrity and campaign finance reform, environmental protection, ending the drug war and mass incarceration, and converting to 100 percent renewable energy. On all these issues, we must take power back from the corporate interests that control our government in Washington, D.C.

Tim Canova as a persistent progressive picks a path, leaving Schultz to see him in the general election.

A/k/a can an independent candidacy of a progressive Democrat sidetrack an entrenched repellant corporatist Democrat in her
"safe haven" district?

The headline was mid-item text from here.

Or web search = tim canova debbie wasserman schultz general election independent

However you reach your view of the Canova approach against an entrenched majority structure and personnel interwtining; read of it with an open mind. A mind that can encompass a better party with no hostile animus springing forward against progressive beliefs and dogma as the legitimate path for the party to take.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Laura Moser May 22 Texas CD 07 runoff election - next Tuesday.

From that link you can reach a "DONATE" page or this page, which explains the runoff balloting.