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Monday, May 08, 2017

What the man tells folks back in DC in a conference call with his real constituency.

From The Hill, their image, with text from their report superimposed:

click the image to enlarge and read

It was tempting to put text on Quist too, "I talk to MONTANANS and don't keep secret calls to lobbyists under my hat."

But the report did not say that, so stay true to the facts.

And the facts about Gianforte, as reported, are . . .

. . . his grass is rooted with DC lobbyists, not Montanans, and his candor follows the money.

The report closes noting Mike Pence will be going to Montana to explain to people there why Gianforte tells the truth to DC lobbyists when seeking lobbyist money while hemming and hawing with those he wants to vote for him in Montana. Pence is exactly the man for that job. So dynamic he could sell deep freezers to igloo dwellers, or composted steer manure in Monana.

FURTHER UPDATE: Rob Quist could write a new bluegrass ballad, "Life After a Romney Forty-seven Percent Bad Moment." I'm not sure how you'd score the music, perhaps lyrics might be done to better fit music, but . . . it's there for the asking.

FURTHER UPDATE: Sure Rob could do it, he's experienced. This is a mere suggestion of a start

There was a Mormon man named Mitt
Who really stepped in it
Telling half the voters, go on suck on eggs
Well now the story's back
I'm Greg now talking smack
To the moneyed east coast dudes
But I got caught being rude
Telling locals, a waffle meets your need -
It meets your need
Telling DC, "Love your speed"
Doing in the folks in need

So why now you're so lax
Move to fix my loving tax
And the world turns day to day
It's what we say, what we say
But flow more loving cash
This way, my way, today -
Today you're asked to pay,
Not soon at all. But really overdue.

There's some rhyme in there; awkward spots for certain; but it's the nutshell version for a starter.

Were DC lobbyists voting May 25 Greg would be able to walk in backwards, eyes closed, sensing their guiding hand.

But there's a rude awakening in the cards; the voters are not where the candor is. Which is awkward.

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