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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Showing strength is one thing. Wasting lots of money on behalf of the military-industrial complex, while proposing a budget cutting holes in national safety nets for the 99% is another.

RT reports a second Minuteman III firing from California to the Pacific. Wow. They shot water, no warhead.

Put that after 59 x $1.3 million ea. = $68.9 million down the rat hole without hitting anything important in Syria. To not hit anything important, wouldn't 5 Tomahawk cruise missiles have done as well?

Five would prove the point that seaborne stuff can be fired with some accuracy, with a tight targeting pattern, but targeted to not hit anything important sends only a message that all show, no purpose is what's afoot. Hitting something important might have messaged differently, and can you believe that those things could NOT have been targeted to take out something significant? I don't think our military and our folks selling death worldwide are incompetent in aiming death, when they want to. What was the point of all that show? Tarzan beating his chest, than sitting back, chilling out?

What's the idiot doing? Certainly not reducing the brass heaviness of the officer corps, which would be actual progress, never mind sending a better message than costly saber rattling costing dearly. Equip the grunts fully. Be cautious where you send them. But all that other stuff is like the little, inexperienced North Korean guy having a parade.

Get real. Get responsible.

Last, think this, after proving a point with the first Minuteman III, wasn't the second like bombing Nagasaki? You'd already proved a point.

Goosing up share prices of Raytheon does no good whatsoever for the 99%; but those with Raytheon in their $$$ trading portfolios likely shout, Bravo, smile, and say atta Trump.

Reports are they are Ryan and Trump and Pence are ready to trot out another "healthcare" pile, when the only sane thing is looking at how cheerful the Canadians are with their program, and their favorable pharmaceutical pricing.

These DC politicians and Pentagon people are fleecing us, and Obama gets half a million for his first Wall Street speech since the yachting vacation that followed his leaving office? It is bipartisan rape of a populace, and time for it to stop.

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