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Sunday, May 07, 2017

With a close in time special election in Montana, let's not forget California.

Nothing here really about Montana. Except the headline. Setting the table for things, a video, not Young Turks, not More Dore; although those presentations on the web are worthwhile.

A YouTube video, with a narrator wrap, but the embedded video carries the message better than I could write or the narrator on the video can add. The narrator is helpful on content and transition between two politicians differing in approach and outlook, and he gives compelling background numbers.

This video. And it is presented with a request. If you watch the video, then in return for any insight it gives you, please do web research on two names. Simple enough, not a seven page essay required - and even starting websearch help given with each:

Stephen Jaffe

Ro Khanna

These are two reform minded Californians, one in Congress, one wanting to be and needing a boost. Beyond that, do your homework but watch the linked video first. It is worth your time.

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