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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hello Montana and the nation: The CBO analysis of the Ryancare trainwreck bill passed on narrowly to the Senate is out now and it says - "It's a trainwreck."

WaPo reporting, NPR reporting, The Hill reporting.

The CBO document itself, online here.

Al Franken on the Senate floor analyzing, with little sympathy for Ryancare, or for dishonesty behind it.

Greg Gianforte wants his taxes cut, as he said when calling east coast lobbyists to raise money. While cheering on the House's Ryancare passage. What passed would mean lower Gianforte family taxes if passed into law.

Bill opponents: Two generations of the Quist family, both musicians, pictured by NPR.

It's a better talent than outsourcing jobs.

It must be great to have a talented daughter. Trump would probably wish for that.

UPDATE: The Franken report has the Senate floor speech video posted. Franken begins by noting rural impacts of the Ryan package. As noted to him by Minnesota rural healthcare providers  during community visits, things would degrade to "survival of the fittest." Towns are further apart in Montana than in Minnesota. Effects would be more severe.

FURTHER: The Franken floor speech is clear, chilling, and true. If you feel you've not a half hour to run that video, you are a fool.

FURTHER: If you believe Greg Gianforte getting an $800,000 cut in his taxes is great stuff even if he attains it by putting millions of Americans closer to death and bankruptcy and losing homes and having retirement savings wiped out; don't bother watching the Franken explanations. He was aiming his remarks at others than Greg and his fellow travelers.

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