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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dylan Ratigan - What ended his career on MSNBC. Finding things on YouTube that too few people have viewed, and until now were unknown to me.

This video. Hat tip to this one for the insight to track down the first. Each in large measure speaks for itself.

That's all watched before the post is published. Two links, here and here. Do yourself a favor. Follow them.

This fuller video of the first linked item. Very few viewers noted.

Hello, Greg Gianforte.

UPDATE: At about 8:30 into the last video, check out the woman at the workstation in the background and her boogie.

FURTHER: DWS. Who is still in Congress. Because Tim Canova was insufficiently backed. And because she's strong in the district. Ratigan, back years ago in those videos explained the DC money flowing into Montana for Gianforte. May the best Quist win.

FURTHER: Older MSNBC days.

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