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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Don't persist. Please, don't persist.

This link. Of interest, a captive owned donation page.

Donate Together or what? Not using ActBlue. Not wanting to pay the few-percent ActBlue tithing fee? What? Not wanting ActBlue to know whose money's tripping in? Sheikhs and such? Haim and the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers? Russian bank - Uranium One money and/or Wall Street? The Tramsformers? Speaking opportunity -- Who-What? You don't have much else disclosed, but hammered in place from the get-go that "donate" page. (Oh, also a brief "Privacy Policy.")

click image to read the troubling Clinton  "persist" threat

A screencapture of the Wikipedia page before the proxies get in there and add and subtract:

And get a load of the "funded" grassroot names:

[...] to fundraise for progressive political groups including: Swing Left, Indivisible, Color of Change, Emerge America, and Run for Something.[1]

The footnote link: here. In fairness, Guardian says they are legit, but I've heard of "Our Revolution" and "Justice Democrats" and they need money to be helpful; yet MIA on the Clintons' plate. Never heard of these Clinton things but perhaps Tom Perez has; DC based, whatever. Black Lives Matter doesn't matter enough, apparently.

If those names don't sound like astroturf to you, what do they sound like? Just - Go - Away.

Pack in the PAC and all. Into obscurity. Wherever it is W went. Go there. Isn't a cash-flow foundation mischief enough?

More Guardian. Better for the future. Featuring a clearly better person.

____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
A mind open to finding new and interesting things on the web must be a good thing. In navigating from things posted above; this buzzfeed link was found, and not being into tweets, it was illuminating. Clearly no Senator is responsible for actions of supporters from during a campaign, after the campaign's ended and separate paths were followed. That said, the mood of #WeWillReplaceYou generates some sympathy from impatient elders. Yesterday was not soon enough; and if a hot focus is placed on a litmus test of single payer healthcare as a right; for it or otherwise, all the better.

Primary challenges are good for over-comfortable long-term incumbents. After being secured in a seat long term by bipartisan gerrymandering trade-offs the only way to trim dead wood may be primary challenge, Tea Party style, and may there be an Eric Cantor equivalent to fall. If having a choice, Feinstein before Pelosi, both being attractive for private sector lobbying or where they might go. Some superPAC, some Soros think-tank [advocacy-tank being a more apt term, but one that's not caught on].

It turns out there is a website beyond a hash-tag;

With a websearch showing there's much present online to where a personal failure to have found it sooner is a fault. Short manifestos are best, and CommonDreams has served its public purpose by publishing that of the replacements organization.

Variety published
Remember the football-themed film, The Replacements, where the replacement quarterback, Keanu Reeves, ended up better - more skilled and more respected than the incumbent.

Schlock film, but somehow called to mind. Anybody quick enough to fight a host of Agent Smiths could slow down and play quarterback, but I digress - (Morpheus would be a good tight end, linebacker, being quick too.)

Back to important stuff:

An ActBlue "contribute" page, i.e., going generic instead of closed source; and they'd use the money better, and  need the money more than Hillary and her flying monkeys, (or is it morphing power rangers).

So give. That's:

and bookmark it so you can contribute more than once. LAST, not all of us use online contribution portals; so "all of us" should post a snail mail P.O. Box so "some of us" can mail checks.

____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
TYT untogether. Noting a Clinton popularity polling lower than Trump's.

A please-fade-away level. The item has been linked to in earlier posting here. TYT has its poll.

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