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Thursday, May 04, 2017

The Young Turks, and a Web search link: Soros/Kushner the news is they are STRONGER TOGETHER

Young Turks video.


Salon, tongue-in-cheek Soros as whose bogey man?

Cadre home page. About us.

So all you Montana Special Election folks worried about Gianforte having Russian ties; go back to that portfolio disclosure stuff you combed through - Is Greg Gianforte a Cadre man; invested in Soros, or vice versa? The portfolio will be as it is, subject to turnover of holdings, some shares sold, some added. That buy, sell, hold stuff.

So the caveat is how the portfolio was might not be how it now is.

And some in Montana seem to be asking why Gianforte still holds Russian linked stuff, while sanctions are pending. Isn't it a self answering question? If you sell now, you get a with-sanctions selling price. If you anticipate sanctions being lifted, perhaps if in Congress having a say on sanction lifting, wouldn't the price be better without sanctions and the best strategy be to hold until then? One could rationally hold on that basis and belief.

If you headline an online post, "When Will Greg Gianforte Divest his Russian Financial Holdings?" your answer might be once the sanctions are lifted and the selling price then is better. That would be the Occam's Razor guess, but to know for certain Gianforte would have to openly reveal his thinking one way or another.

But ask and investigate - any whiff of Soros at play? You would not know until you find out, one way or another.

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