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Saturday, May 06, 2017

RT and Young Turks, having opinions. Carried by YouTube.


Young Turks.

So, those pesky RT Ruskies are in bed with the progressives, and Trump.


Work that out for me.

UPDATE: ABC and Appalachia are in bed with the Ruskies, Young Turks, and Trump.

Something in the establishment Dem/Clinton/Podesta/Perez revised standard version seems to dredge up contradictions. Clearly the contradictions are unreal, and the establishment Dem scenario real; because it cannot be the other way.

That would mean the establishment Dems are playing false, and that, like single payer, is off the table.

So live with it; Republicans seem to be in agreement with Republican-lite, and all money is smiling bright green.

Bright green, but you just don't get any of it. Except what falls off the table. Table scraps, brought to you by two-party politics. And those Ruskies; at fault, deserving all blame except that reserved for Comey, and no questions asked. But for them HRC would be PRES; and we'd all be so better off and granted so much more human dignity that the sun would shine brighter and Nirvana would be more than a word or a goal to be striven after. Only thing better than that would be to get raptured; with the Ruskies left behind. With Comey.

So, RT, Young Turks, and ABC Appalachia need the stroke of a political pen. Call each one a strike, count three of them, you're out.

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