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Friday, May 05, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS COUNCIL ELECTION: Our Revolution endorsed a pair.

On a nationwide basis, to see who deserves progressives' contributions, this page. Election dates are given, so clearly many candidates face elections days away. How they fare may be a good topic for a follow-up post.

Minneapolis, where I have no vote because I live in north metro, Anoka County, has the two Minnesota endorsed candidates:

Andrea Jenkins. Election Nov. 6, so time is not pressing. Running for Minneapolis City Council Ward 8. Probably the easiest donation route:


Wikipedia page.

If contributing by check, be sure on the memo line to write, "OUR REVOLUTION!"

That way Ms. Jenkins and her election staff will know who helped, and will remember that when other candidates in Minnesota or nationwide gain Our Revolution endorsements. They can be part of a network passing the word.

Jillia Pessenda Running for Minneapolis City Council Ward 1


TC Daily Planet Feb. 13 report on Pessanda, this link.

Last: Keep currently informed -

UPDATE: The Pessenda candidate's homepage gives a snail mail address for sending checks. Currently, unable to find snail mail info on contributing to Jenkins.

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