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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Robert Mueller

When they got rid of Nixon the first step was to replace Agnew.

Some parallels would be nice to see.

There is this websearch, and a particular item in the Mueller resume. Arguably there is a credibility dimension there that many ignore.

Another general is standing muster, Flynn this time. And it's not a paramour, but the Russians and Turks and money.

What did Mike Pence know and when did he know it. He told the world Flynn did not discuss sanctions pre-inauguration with the Russians. Did he lie about what he knew? Recall he pitched strongly, recently, the transparent lie about grounds for sacking Comey. Rosenstein had a hand in the transparency. He authored a three page memo used as an excuse. A figleaf. Now it appears he's cutting distance between himself and efforts. That entire theater act seems unseemly.

One has to have faith and hope that Mueller is smart enough and of sufficient integrity to lift every possible rock on Mike Pence because the last thing this nation needs is a rabid theocrat making national decisions as top dog in the White House.

I like Trump better there, Russians or not, over Pence.

A notion now that succession is Pence first, Ryan next, makes me want to vomit. The nation deserves better.

Opinions may differ. I may well be misjudging Pence as a man, but his online defense of the patent lie floated for sacking Comey is not a confidence builder. Nor his record.

To me the Agnew parallel has merit.

The fear, when Agnew was scrapped, Nelson Rockefeller was the brutal truth imposed on our nation.

Some parallels have little appeal.

Rockefeller and his "biographer" remain a memory.

Handling of Petraeus remains a memory. Of the "Who is Robert Mueller" nature.


There obviously is much reporting. RT links to an official DOJ page,

which allows a download of this order:

Click the image to read it. Mueller's title per the item is "Special Counsel for the Department of Justice." There is nothing in the single page order imposing a timeline or jurisdictional limit beyond where picking up the existing FBI investigation in his judgment leads him (unless the cited Title 28 CFR sections impose constraints). There is nothing in the order requiring any reporting to anyone in the Justice Department at any time, nor is there any budget specified nor requirements as to staffing the office. It looks as if Rosenstein cut a blank check and media reporting appears happy with the latitude.

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