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Friday, May 19, 2017

This is big. GRASSROOTS and not back east phoned up astroturf. Twenty-five bucks a pop on average x 200.000 = a paradigm.

From the Quist campaign website news; arrow added:

UPDATE: Much, much, much, very much more strength and impact on the healthcare issue; this Quist ad, vs. this one. The first is Quist making a promise you can trust, from the heart, from experience. It is worth watching twice.

How much again did the Tom Perez DNC pony up grudgingly, to not look indiffent to grassroots zeal? There needs to be some soul-searching back among the DC corporatists; unity tour or not, unity is a two-way street and the whole world is watching.

The magnitude of the Quist grassroots popularity has to be viewed through a unity lens in Georgia.

Ossoff strength of character on issues, the party establishment, and grassroots would be needed to win there. The establishment has to learn how to appeal to a more than willing grassroots multitude.

It's the agenda, stupid.

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