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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Not Montana specifically, but generic.

Having put myself on the Gianforte emailing list, for the quaint purpose of seeing how much and varied BS can be put between click boxes for donating in different amounts, there is a striking generic similarity party-to-party.

Latest, Greg, writes me, as "Friend," saying [contribution boxes omitted]:

My opponent and his Washington allies just placed a $1 MILLION advertising buy for the last six days of this election! The Left knows exactly how important this race is and will stop at nothing to shut down the conservative movement coming out of Montana!

This election has just days left and we can't keep this seat and add to our conservative majority in the House without you!

Our nation's future is resting in the balance based on what happens in Montana. If the Democrats are able to pull off a win in this race, it will fuel their efforts to win many more races moving forward.

Friend, I know that I have asked you for your support before, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the support you have given me until now, but we're running up against a major deadline.

If I'm not on the airwaves until Election Day, my opponent will win!

[bolding in original] Now, knowing Greg can cut another million buck loan to his effort any time he damn well pleases, the likelihood of Montanans being bombarded by his stuff "on the airwaves" during TV watching is 100% regardless of whoever is chump enough to give free money to a multimillionaire.

What amazes, is they are out there. They are being shorn of money that could go to family needs. Money diverted from family needs for a multimillionaire who supports throwing folks off of health coverage and calls back east to lobbyists with the message, great the healthcare thing has been pitched over the transom to the other house of congress because now you can hone in on cutting my taxes which is what in a nutshell I am about.

Not only that. I got a same-day email purported to be from Trey Gowdy, calling me "Friend" and stating in part:

I know I reached out to you last week about this race in Montana – but things have escalated and I need your attention once more please.

Democrats in Montana and across the country have not only increased their focus on Montana, but their fundraising efforts as well.

With only days left until voters hit the polls in Montana (Thursday, May 25th), every action we take now to help Greg Gianforte defeat liberal Democrat Rob Quist will make a difference.

Your donation – no matter the size – will make an impact and could be what pushes Greg to victory.

This election is going to come down to the wire. Please Friend, let's make history together and help Greg cross the victory line.

[bolding in original] Well, I choose friends carefully, and beyond that, a Republican elected to replace another Republican who has been given a cabinet appointment by a third Republican is not actual "history" to me, but then after watching some of the Clinton-email hearings it's clear already Trey is a bit loose with truth.

Puzzling, Trey's message has the footer, "Paid for by Greg for Montana." There are ways that can be interpreted, but the guess is the Greg thing did not actually pay Trey a bribe to send an email, and while it says it's from Trey, I suspicion somebody else actually sent that email. And lo, using a Gmail detail button, this:

It is confusing that Trey would be checking in with his friends, using an generic email address. Even Podesta was more careful in his emailings. Perhaps there is some mendacity afoot and Trey did not really email me.

That leads to further inquiry, results of which I am sad to report. Earlier -

Ted, how did you get my email address? Oh, right, it's that info@ guy at work again, so Ted's likely not really my "Friend."

How much that saddens me, only the angels can know.

Now what baffles me most, in this emailing which I now suspect as all being from and all "paid for" accordingly per footers: WHERE IS NANCY PELOSI? She is not mentioned. I have been led to believe Greg is running against Nancy Pelosi, his ads on YouTube say so all the time, and it baffles me why his emailings and surrogate things are loath to mention his obvious real opponent.

Nancy is getting a free ride and Greg's friends in emailing should really touch base with the campaign staff to learn they should be bashing Nancy Pelosi in order to have paycheck-to-paycheck minions so fearful that they'd give their grocery money to a multimillionaire who on drop of a [cowboy] hat can lend himself another million of his wealth, allowing supporters to buy food for their families.

Now since readers expect me to be truthful, neither Ted, Trey, nor Greg are friends of mine, and with Greg running against Nancy Pelosi she'd get my lesser evil vote; but if Greg were running against a true progressive valuing serving the people of Montana more than lowering a millionaire's taxes, somebody like Rob Quist, then I'd be more enthusiastic about the Dem offering.

Nancy's not my friend either, since she's another multimillionair from being in politics, similar to the Clintons, and happily I see she's being primaried. But I digress -

Aside from that WIN ROB, WIN! That about sums up days between now and Thursday, May 25, with an afterthought,


All for now. And in all honesty, ROB is not a "friend." The truth is I have never met the guy, all I did was contribute money to help his campaign, as others should, and I expect ROB, instead, picks his friends carefully.

This is a "for whoever cares" addition to things. The emails detail boxes screencaptured above were


which inspired this websearch, leading to this webpage, this A rating with the BBB, and a whois. So Greg's right in there with Kentucky Fried Chicken using an email marketing service in San Diego. Neither Trey, Ted, nor even info@ were actually mailing me Greg-stuff. A marketing operation in San Diego was. Am I saddened? Wouldn't you be?

A screencapture from here


So if a voting Monanan [which I am not] and not voting Rob, my vote would be to write in: bluehornet

They've the imagination and moxie Greg as a person lacks. On their big top page screaming banner, "INTUITIVE, POWERFUL TOOLS" Greg lacks the intuitive part, while pursuing "110:1 ROI ON EMAIL SPEND." That 110:1 is something a monied portfolio geek can relate to, even with Russian holdings and cement company holdings not quite up to that ROI.

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