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Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Montana Special Congressional Election candidates' debate is posted now on YouTube. If you do not need starting background, move to 12:00 in the video where the debate starts. While the video has not been posted for long a hope is the viewings total will build between now and election day, May 25.

This link, a working link today. May it stays that way.

Between now and May 25 Montana voters are urged to view the video. And when a candidate is in your Montana hometown to speak, please attend.

If for any reason the link above fails to load, the item should be accessible via this websearch.

UPDATE: Quist and Gianforte, (Wicks ignored), Billings Gazette endorsement interview, on YouTube. Posted to YouTube about a week prior to the TV stations' collaborative broadcast.

Sometimes there is a frustration of candidate neglect to actually respond to the question proposed.

FURTHER UPDATE: After watching the entire Billings Gazette item, Montana is lucky with their choice. Neither candidate would be a trainwreck if elected. People will have to choose. And those that don't bother to vote will have to live with whoever others choose. Which, of course will apply to voters who do cast their ballots but fail to constitute a majority.

It will be a tough election; the outside negative money is unfortunate; and that is why those wanting to vote should watch video and attend events. It is how you best optimize your choice. Wicks was not a part of the Gazette session, but he impressed in the other shorter video. Whether the "wasted vote" suggestion makes sense, or whether the two party system has failed us can be debated for a long time.

A personal impression. I like the Democrat and the Republican offered to Montana voters better than the comparable candidates offered the entire nation last November. No balloon drop among other things. But well more than that.

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