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Friday, May 26, 2017

Gianforte reported as Montana's next Representative. [UPDATED]

*while on a posting holiday/vacation, layout and sidebar editing happens; some might care to look*

Needing to understand how a near ideal candidate on a near ideal policy set lost as he did, it might be time to take a month off from posting. Allow the Georgia election to happen. Allow a Ryan budget to fare as it may. Allow the DNC to fare as it may. Allow Onward Together to gain funding. All without posting.

Montana had the opportunity to make a difference. And declined. Allow Montanans to appreciate their voting majority's decision.

Allow New York and California Single Payer attempts to happen or be stymied. Watch New York and California join Colorado and Oregon and Washington as bellweather states on changing parts of a status quo, or not. As always these things resolve apart from any single blog analysis and opinion publishing.

Let them. Another option would be to close the blog and remove all content. That drastic a step is not anticipated.

But a month off will be nice. It could lengthen. If an issue seems important enough during the next month, during June, there might be posting but likely not.

There are quality people in Montana. That clearly includes the Quist family.

That Gallitin MT creationist museum is offensive to science and to thought. Ayn Rand would have had her architect dynamite it.

Gianforte's letter of apology, posted and analyzed, Huffpo.

Having nothing to do with Montana nor, of course, any contention of omitted sentiment in an apology; Strib reporting on post game commentary of LeBron - at closing paragraphs:

As for his own future, James, who is averaging 32 points, 12.3 rebounds and 10.3 assists in the Finals, said he hasn't decided how much longer he'll play.

"I definitely want to compete," he said. "I want to compete for championships every year, and so we'll see what happens."

And James has once again been criticized for not being more aggressive late in Game 3, when he made a pass to Kyle Korver. The sharpshooter missed a potential game-sealing 3-pointer with 50 seconds left. Durant then came down and made his go-ahead 3.

James broke down the play, highlighting every detail — Green with five fouls, Durant collapsing, Curry guarding Kevin Love and Korver being open in the short corner — before delivering his own counter punch.

"I would do the same exact thing," he said.

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