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Sunday, January 08, 2017

With the Dems in the minority in both houses of Congress they can posit a Sanders-like agenda, because talk is cheap. Will they? And will it be talk without action, with the excuse of minority status?

Sanders "socialism" really is new New Deal and nothing radically beyond that. Progressives have been mobilized before; and then Clintonian Rockefeller republicanism handed out with barely a "Thank you."

It gets tiring.

That Clinton perfect portrait of oh-yeah-you-do-exist-preelection bit, an approach without substance and indeed with few believable words behind it explains minority party status. People want to be represented. Wall Street wants to be represented too, and has bought it; both parties; and this time Trump gave the better lip service to people angry over being ignored while Clinton-Kaine worked with Wasserman-Schultz to sabotage all hint of popular sentiment.

Gee. Trump won. How come?

Without progressive votes, ongoing minority-party status is the likelihood, with the spoils going GOP more than once unless/until progressives see a reason to vote for the Democratic party. The pitifully small fifteen buck minimum wage issue exists, and Clinton-Kaine disdained it. Go figure why young people under less than fifteen bucks an hour were not impressed. Student debt burden is real, and Clinton-Kaine largely inattentive. No six figure speech goodies from the unfortunately debt-ridden student segment of the population. Occupy occupied, and the establishment sent in establishment cops and who highly placed in the Dem party said boo? Right. Nobody.

Ellison would be a step, if not there at DNC as window dressing. He appears well-intentioned, and smart enough to see if he ends up being used. But there is good history in support of WAIT AND SEE. Democratic Party history.

Chris Matthews, election night commentary on YouTube.

Moribund, and cynically so, will NOT regain the spoils. Conscience aside as an issue, the spoils, the spoils, the spoils. And did I forget to say, THE SPOILS?

What's needed is a popular foundation, more than a Clinton Foundation; and a "sooner recognition" AND ACTION is better than later.

Minority party obstructionism was the GOP standard during the Obama years; and it gained little disdain despite Paul Ryan being Paul Ryan and hence a quite easy target. Now Democratic Party obstructionism appears on the horizon; and will the GOP be as tolerant? Unlikely.

Gotta start swimming or sink like a stone, even if times are not a-changing well under the lets be irrelevant Clintonian-Wasserman Schultz legacy. Schumer-Pelosi? That one is a BIG TIME WAIT AND SEE BUT DON'T EXPECT JACK proposition.

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