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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

When his lips move, he's Paul Ryan.

CNN, this video. Tax credits for people who cannot afford premiums? That's phony, and that's the start. "Like a voucher," he says. Like? A voucher is a voucher. Minute 14-1/2 on, we are working on it we do not have a date . . .

Watch as much as you feel appropriate. He says premiums and deductibles are too high. That's via for-profit providers, so what's the clear bullshit-free answer? Obfuscation?

Sanders made sense, his CNN town hall. Ryan, smokescreen. "Debt crisis in the future," he says. That means insufficient tax income. That means leaving the wealthy and big corporations paying less than a fair share; in some instances, nothing; in Warren Buffet's case, a lower percentage than his secretary pays.

Because of low rates and loopholes for the rich. Ryan's okay with that, except, it leads, surprisingly, to a debt crisis. Gee.

One of my few political contributions was to the Democrat running Wisconsin First District, when the Romney-Ryan ticket was running. Ryan double-dipped and the district made its mistake yet again. I quit at 31-1/2 min. Tax hand-waving. Great if the deals are made better, but proof will await action.

Actually, honestly, I hung in there, making it to the 42 minute mark. Staying beyond that seemed a major waste of time.

UPDATE: This short video, note the commentator's ending glide and slide over the last answer the man gave after a meeting with Trump: In the wealthiest nation in history it is obscene to have poor people. Make that a ditto for homeless. And the MSNBC talking head focused on a frigging voter ID card.

Having poor and homeless, answer for yourself, who'd be homeless except for poverty so prevalent that for many housing is unaffordable. Homeless by choice? Get real. It the wealthiest nation history's known, no less. It is as if homeless people in some number are believed needed, to keep the remainder of people on the razor's edge fearful - it could be them next. So play ball by whatever rules are given.

Start being a decent nation with ending homelessness, seeing everyone having enough food, then, healthcare as a right, and other amenities that adjusting taxation and levels of wealth could assure. Please do not hold your breath waiting for a Trump presidency to answer poverty; but if it happens, then DO NOT withhold credit. You never got homelessness answered in Bubba's two terms. Not a priority. They don't vote. Even give them a free ID card, wish them well, tell them you feel their pain.

Just don't expect much, and you are anyway bound by election results to wait and see. Informed skepticism is proper; with there being no signs pre-inauguration, of any swamp draining inclinations to fit promises made in getting votes. Words are cheap.

FURTHER: One thing Ryan said that was true, standing out that way, is "the dossier" is a problem, and one wonders why Ryan did not emphasize the need to see who PRECISELY is behind it beyond John McCain, of his party, instigating FBI having official custody of McCain's copy of the item. WHO? Who instigated the start of "the dossier" and who perpetuated it to the point McCain gave Comey a copy?

FURTHER: Young Turks, on Ryan's "Obamacare Policy," a/k/a suck-it-up-bucko. Hopefully the analysis comes about - that people wake up and scream in outrage. I could be wrong, (it has happened), but I fear Paul Ryan and John Roberts far more than I fear Donald Trump. The first two have political track records. Trump has something of a blank slate, with cabinet nominees not encouraging trust, but then Mike Pence had a voice with nominee selection, it not being all Trump's doing.

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