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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Credit Trump when credit is due. He picked an experienced insider to head the VA.

This Strib link. It could have been a shallow blowhard without the skill set.

It could have been one without experience within the VA or at a legitimate private sector veterans organization. One with no resume talent shown in hospital administration or health issues.

Trump avoided picking someone who'd axe the best of VA single payer precedent, with a vengeance to privatize where "It ain't that broke" . . .

Strib's report stated:

The choice is likely to soothe some of the largest veterans organizations. They have praised steps taken by VA Secretary Bob McDonald and feared that other possible picks to head the agency might push for greater privatization.

Shulkin spent more than two decades in hospital management. He also served as president and CEO of the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York and chief medical officer at the University of Pennsylvania Health System and Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia.

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