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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

David Mindeman writes.

This link, this opening:

I am done with listening to the talk about the "corrupt" DNC. The talk about how Bernie would have won. I am done with the bashing of Hillary Clinton. I am finished with listening to it, responding to it, and trying to compensate for it.

None of it matters and I would hope that everybody realizes that to fix this travesty, it is going to take a united front.

If I hear about any more "protest" votes, I think I'll just smash my fist into the nearest wall.

Your "purity" and "standards" are pretty much worthless right now. This Democratic Party still stands for something, but not as a bunch of fractured elements. It has to stand with one purpose - to take everything back that we have lost. All of it. The Presidency, the Congress, the State Governorships, and the State legislatures.

If you want to argue about the details, save it for when it can matter. Only when we have the majorities that can make the difference will it really matter.

That's tough, Dave. But Bernie would have won. Elizabeth Warren too. Tulsi Gabbard once voters saw the honest sincerity and lack of bullshit together with a lack of damning Wall Street speaking fees.

Mindeman misses two very relevant words in the course of his analysis, key words for tomorrow, where he states he is focused.

"Keith" and "Ellison."

That's the man who is extending the olive branch; who gave the convention speech despite all; and who likely is as tired as I am and many others are for seeing the peoples' suffering ignored by Republican-lite. The Republicans are better at being Republicans than the Clintons are. Voters proved that and it is time to move on to greener pastures and reaching out to the young who are not grizzled party mongers but are instead blinder-free and unimpressed with seeing two Tweedle parties.

Yes, the Mindeman theme, move on and gather the pieces is correct.

But do it with a learning curve or don't bother. Old, tired spiel won't cut it. Old hierarchies won't cut it. Tom Perez won't cut it. Thin skin, thick head, won't cut it. The Mindeman theme aptly explains why I remain an independent. I've no motive to yoke up and pull Debbie's wagon, and Goldman Sachs can pull its own.

It seems either learning time, or irrelevance time, and wisdom picks the former. Disrespecting the people that tried their damnedest to fix the course rather than stay the course, and who were disdained despite the crowds Bernie drew and the resonance of his honest and fair message while Hillary's high point was the balloon drop, those able minds need not accept any same old same old. Putting Tom Perez into contention from the established, failed factions quite simply is an insult to the intelligence of too many. Driving away young energy is a recipe for irrelevance. Lecturing old style to the young and energetic will not sell. It smacks of Father Knows Best.

Heard the song one time too many?
The simple guiding fact is that it is past the time to recognize that for the good of the world the Podesta brothers should cash in their chips and be told to leave the table much as Strom Thurmond did years ago when Humphrey called him out. Political parties sometimes just have to roll up sleeves and drain their swamps. Glide and slide over that, doom looms.

________FURTHER UPDATE_________
Dumb. An embarrassment.

Bernie did not need props nor use any because he spoke and lived truth and social justice. Bullshit free. No song needed.

And he's got the donor list of sincere people who will give to buy back America from Wall Street and lobbyists.

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