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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Huh? The Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch [a/k/a FOX] want to take Berlin?

John Gilmore does march to his own drummer, so WHAT to make of this at Gilmore's site:

What drew me was a Hegseth mention; what I found was a confusion:

Hegseth wanting to be relevant? What?

Following the screen capture, Gilmore's next immediate sentence, "It was Facebook come to life." That I understand. Not intended as complimentary. As I'd say it.

But that screen capture? Hegseth's not had a plywood violin, rather an ill-aimed throwing axe, with little else to set him apart from anonymous mediocrity besides salutes back and forth with the Kochs over astroturfed veterans, as tools of ambitious advancement.

So Rupert's payroll parties up the regulars in-state? Call in the clowns? Will a Hegseth Freedom Club gig be next?

Tune Time: My favorite online version. Cohen was asked by a reporter, "What do you mean by First We Take Manhattan And Then We Take Berlin," and replied what he meant was, "First we take Manhattan and then we take Berlin." I do like the occasional triangulated staging of that online version.

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