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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Unlike the Republicans, who are in Big Pharma and other corporate back pockets . . .

In case the list is so long that Blogger shrinks it to where reading individual entries is difficult; this link.

That's for 2016. Again the link, so that you can try another year. John Podesta chaired the Hillary Clinton campaign.

For, example, 2012, and oh look - Sallie Mae

Tepid Clinton committment to student debt burdens bothered some this last presidential cycle, so, an experiment;


Sallie Mae, lobbyist spending, 2008 vs 2009, and is there any apparent difference to the untrained eye?

What happended in November, 2008, and then in January, 2009? And over eight years, student debtors Occupied, but what talks, what walks? Young people, those debtors, votes a progressive Democratic Party might well view as having potential - where realities of party priorities exist.

Hint to that 2008/2009 "any difference"question, two words:


John Podesta mentioned in this Young Turks item. Some see party cohesion as the single most critical factor facing the Democratic Party into the near future, and argue for it above other considerations. In an earlier hour-long video highlighted here, Ellison noted at one point how important it was when Hubert Humphrey, a Minnesotan like Ellison, renounced the Dixiecrats as not belonging in the house. The big tent was not so big as to continue to allow a wrongful segment. Party cohesion and party reform are not the same, and at times can pull in differing directions. What's best, we all sing Kumbaya around the campfire, or not that stuff anymore, not on my watch, and I am running for watchman?

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