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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Well, I got all excited to see the changes in the web site. But I was mistaken.

It is linked to in the sidebar, a "click image" thing put in during the Bush II days and continued to the present. Into the future too.

What got me excited, one of the We the People petition pages, this one; which I opened after seeing it listed on the We/People main page.

I had misread it and thought it was to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which I am all for repealing and then some.

politico image
Not so, unfortunately. Gun bunny stuff. A rant instead of what would have resonated in its place, a simple tweet-length "Repeal the Hyde Amendment, it is dreck. Hyde's Amendment should have died with him." (Tweet-length, I think. If too long, drop the second sentence, it's gratuitous anyway. But after seeing film of Hyde's pompous style and manner, . . .)

Here and here. The second one earns a flag icon on your browser tab bar; signifying nitty-gritty presumably. The first item, is it to identify alligators to be part of swamp draining; or just a sick joke given top dog disclosure/conflicts. The second one, if you're not an alligator, don't bother filling out the form.

A video link, where but the home page; likely having a central character, a Hamlet or Richard III, and a supporting cast of role players. Having not watched it, reader judgment via comments might help other readers who may not watch it.

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