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Sunday, January 29, 2017

RT reports as if Trump is serious in getting rid of Islamic State. If true it would be policy shifted in a good way.

This link.

Putting a time line on authoring a provisional plan is also a good sign.

It again causes one to wonder what the CIA annex was up to in Benghazi when Ambassador Stevens and support personnel were killed. In effect, wondering about what the US policy really was; vs what we were being told.

So, such skepticism is merited for Trump. But if he has the will to tamp down the real threats, whether Russia do the heavy lifting or not, it will be good. We have no cogent national interest in dragging out war in Syria. If Europeans want a Qatari pipeline to Turkey, it would be their fight against Bashar al-Assad and Russian opposition, a case not publicly being advanced to the people of the US.

If an objective is to lessen Western European dependence on gas piped from Russia, we, as a people, ought to be told that is an objective.

The entire thing, the place of the Saudi kingdom as a policy setter for our nation is questionable, if that is an aspect in play.

It's really not our fight, unless someone cogently explains it is, in which case, who's sponsoring and funding Islamic State, and why? And how precisely has Islamic State been armed?

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