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Monday, January 02, 2017

Dem party insiders on YouTube: Nine minutes into it, the word "Sanders" was first mentioned. Then minimized.

"Top of the ticket" excuses start at around 7:30 - 8 minutes into it.

Around 11 minutes, the phrase, "broad base of the party," which means insiders, presumably, and not the young and the future. The young are not ossified as mid-right middle of the roaders. Clintons and Albright were not much of a turn-on for anybody; and properly so.

Aroung 13 minutes, the Hillary campaign was weak, as a hindsight thought. Wasserman-Schultz and DNC stuff not mentioned. Really.

Blame the managers, Podesta and Mook, there's the plank, "Walk!"

Get real.

Quit it at 18 minutes as insider navel gazing. Switched here. (Who picks those offensively loud and stupid intro bands on YouTube posting? Idiots, clearly.) But getting beyond that turnoff . . .

Two and a half to three minutes into it, a lead-in to a critique. At 6:19, mention, "Bill Clinton," and his version of Democratic Party orientation. A/k/a corporatism, preemption of the GOP business leadership agenda. Which is what Hillary Clinton exemplifies. Goldman Sachs resonated her being, and paid her; and it was noted and held by some to be a defect.

At about 9:30 minutes, then at ten minutes and onward, telling it as it is. So, Dem Party, pay attention, 11 minutes into things.

At 17 to 17:30 minutes, "will say anything, will change nothing" shows up as a critique and resonates.

The thought here if not wholly in line with either YouTube: Deaf ears, or bought ears, are a problem; and need to be faced and corrected.

One main negative thought about the second linked YouTube: Bad thoughts about Ellison, at about minute 12, seem wrongly thought out. Ellison is not the Clintons; and that is quite important. But the commentator is correct when saying more is needed than band-aids.

Such as: Waking up. From the torpor of middle of the right schlock in place of a progressive reform orientation.

More Ellison bashing; at 15:30 of the second YouTube. Which seems to be a prejudgment without basis. Sure Ellison gave the convention speech. Without that he'd realistically not have a shot at the DNC position. Beyond his being a good party soldier at convention time, Ellison is a hope of improvement and a hope for a push against the inertia of a losing money-taking status quo.

In closing, the YouTube commentator in the second linked item is correct in saying that mistake lies in forgetting the one Bill Clinton positive, he recognized, "It's the economy, stupid." He then did much to undermine the economy except for his actual corporatist base, but that is yesterday's story not today's or the future. The Clintons sold the best ideas out, but "It's the economy, stupid," remains true.

Go figure. Ellison will have an opportunity; and the young, rightly, should pay sharp attention. They are the future. Trump and the Clintons represent the present and the past respectively, and the present will be a hard exposure of lies to some who easily bought into "Great Again" which as a slogan is not bad; better than "Stronger Together;" but bet America will be mismanaged by Trump's generals and oligarchs. Almost as if the Clintons had won, with their oligarchs; with much overlapping oligarchy.

Right now, both party elites suck. The Debbie Wasserman Schultz legacy does show the need of a big-time broom. And "Make the Trumps Wealthier Again" will show up; or not - but if assigning probabilities, expect a disaster.

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