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Sunday, January 08, 2017

US HIGHWAY 47 -- Is local resident McKinley St. unreasonableness about to kill fixing the Ferry Street - BNSF crossing?

ABC Newspapers reporting, this link. This Google Maps image:

click image to enlarge and read

The ABC item notes:

MnDOT recommended that an intersection traffic control evaluation occur at McKinley Street and Highway 47 to see if a traffic signal would improve or make conditions worse. But if a signal goes in, MnDOT said a raised median may be added between McKinley Street and Bunker Lake Boulevard to limit all accesses to right-in, right-out.

Anoka residents told MnDOT that they want a traffic signal at the McKinley Street and Highway 47 intersection because it is difficult to turn from McKinley Street during rush hour.

The map, when enlarged, shows a history of bad planning; so is yet another Hwy 47 light at McKinley Street an answer or an impediment to progress, viewed via Matt Look's terminology of a want vs a need?

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