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Thursday, January 19, 2017

What do you expect? The DNC faces either a new direction, or same old corporatist Wall Street heavy BS that failed in the 2016 election. Ellison v Perez. Given who will vote, fear the same old shit.

If you want an exercise in flat line learning curve:

Hindsight. Go to that Perez site and word search "change." Good luck, Charlie. The word ain't there. Figure that one out, it is not rocket science nor quantum physics. It's stale vs fresh.

Everything's been fine, will be fine. STALE! TRASH! WRONG! We are who we've been? Win, win, win, win? Change is sin.


This beginning screencapture, red highlighting added, at bolded text of the original.

Winning possibility vs. same old failed brand. Given that entrenched party insiders will be voting, they like who they are, so go figure.

Below is a screen capture from the day before inauguration day of a good capsule description of the process and the DNC chair candidates; this link for the complete item (with active links). Since it is always possible an "also ran" might emerge to capture the will of those who will be voting, a "safe" inoffensive also ran to not rock the existing boat, (which sunk in 2016), "also rans" are included. But make no mistake; Ellison and freshness, Perez and staleness are the game, and 447 savants have it all in their hands. Remember too, the vote is not tomorrow, it is Feb. 24, 2017, so entrenchment has much time to poison the wellspring.

Links explaining the process of how the DNC will map its future (if it wants one), here and here. Also, there is a Wikipedia page.


Yesterday. All my troubles seemed so far away. Oh how I yearn, for yesterday:

In truth, I've no burning yearn for it, none at all and it appalls me; but the old ballad got its due.

Wall Street is watching. Are you?


VIDEO SELECTION UPDATE: Young Turks, a vice-chair candidate featured. Perez on YouTube. Young Turks, nurses union interview, plus Ellison speech. Question of whether the DNC should, for itself, have a corporate lobbyist contribution ban - Young Turks video. Young people have sane opinions. They are the future. Holding back on them is insane. One of their video features.


This video sampling is all that's known to me to have been posted to YouTube.

HuffPo apparently put something up on Facebook in an Adobe Flash item; neither of which I use. If a reader knows of any accessible YouTube posting of the entire forum, adding a comment giving a link would be welcome.

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