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Monday, January 16, 2017

Tom Perez [UPDATED]

Who cares? Ellison is moderate enough. Less is wholly unimpressive; no lesson learned; no cause to care about Dems wanting spoils.

Where will Perez be inauguration day?

This link.

Bless the nurses.

More Obama-Clinton Republican-lite is no answer to anything, when there's been too much already. Curb Wall Street. Get out of war. Fix the nation. Single payer. Living wages. Pardon Snowden. End the shameful student debt BS forever and soon. After one year of Trump the nation will be ready, and the Clinton-Wall Street brand will again be foisted off as lesser evil, unless we are smarter than that and demanding. No evil. None wanted. None needed. None tolerated.

In two thousand and a few captioning words:


... a long time ago in a faraway land ...

Does anybody have any questions?

If so, take an hour of your time, get past Weingarten's speech, it is okay but it's strident in an unnecessary way. Nine minutes into it, things move. Sixteen and a half to Seventeen minutes into it, Bernie states the premise tightly, but taking enough time to string truths. In roughly two minutes he tells party people how it is. And continuing as opening act for Ellison, and more. Ellison comes in at around minute 26. At minute 31, Ellison asks, "What are we going to do? Resetting the Democratic Party, means what?"


Deny that, and you're part of the problem and not part of any solution. But it goes from there. At 53 minutes it's worth listening. These three people have to be helped along and not scorned for error. If they will be helped that is; then be with them, and if not, it's more error.

Watch the video.

Tom Perez? Who cares? Unless he wakes up and backs Ellison because unity does help and matter; but not money talking and calling the tune, that was error; people talking is what is needed. Bottom up, not Goldman Sachs down, will work.

Now this: Why, beyond twit-bits and shout downs, is Trump unhappy with CNN?

FURTHER: This brief Young Turks item. Titanic arrogance, DWS and more. MORE ARROGANT THAN DWS, CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?

Tom Perez was a Clinton person. Ellison extends an olive branch sooner than I would, in his place. But he's in the party. He is trying ... With Bernie. Even a strong post-primary Hillary voice admits Bernie would have won. Look at that blue/red bar chart in the middle of the Michael Moore segment. Steadily downward trending blue bars. Romney's red bar taller by a bit than Trumps. Both of the two two-party candidates were disdained by ordinary people. Trump less in swing states; the Clintons less by a thin popular vote margin that doesn't mean squat.


Complacent people. Entrenched people. Tons of them. Proudly listed.

Hillary's turn among the regulars, no matter the Clintons made 8-9 figure money out of being nothing but career politicians while Trump, whatever else you may say with Trump University and such, Trump took business risks while the Clintons were taking money handed them for whatever. Those listed savants, like the Clintons, are/have been wholly out of touch with suffering. With paycheck to paycheck, and are not sufficiently perplexed about who took the money away while in the past there used to be some. Platform - schmatform, the Clintons nd their campaign people never grasped nor honestly believed in what Bernie was saying in terms simple enough for a third-grader to understand. Podesta. A big-bucks lobbyist. Mook. Fallon. Rampant offensive prejudged bias throughout the DNC with only DWS walking the plank. Out of touch, or not caring, not seeing. Lemmings of the DC status quo. Trump's party was as upset with insurgency as the establishment Dems, but Trump won anyway. We were less lucky with Bernie.

Career politicians, mostly on that list needing a learning curve we can only hope we may see next time. No learning curve, no spoils. If little else can get them off the dime.

They have to honor progressive values, beyond lip service, such as those oft-repeated singularly simple issues Bernie ran on while packing his venues with enthusiasm and with a voice reaching the young. Otherwise, let them suffer loss of the spoils long term since that seems a primary or possibly a sole motivation. Do they even now support Ellison, or do we have a list in that cited MPR item of mostly closet Perez people; Perez worked with Debbie they may think; and, anybody but those loud loutish ill-dressed upstarts . . .

Hey, folks, learn.

We, the 99%, get stuck with what your presumptive and ongoing unperceptive arrogance got us. People on that MPR list, they can weather the storm. They've wealth, or well being enough. The suffering, whatever levels it reaches, will be less theirs.

Minnesota's caucus process worked. Bernie won the state decisively, and now it's to be a primary. Not caucusing. Go figure. WRONG learning curve.

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