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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Party cohesiveness is a factor, but not the factor. Decency is the factor.

Monied Together

I could not vote for a basically non-dynamic, indeed boring, politician who became a multi-millionaire as nothing beyond being a careeer politician - a spousal pair of careerists on the money train - who took into the family pockets six and a quarter million hundred thousand dollars from Goldman Sachs for perhaps up to eight hours of speeches and who declined to endorse a pitifully small immediate minimum wage hike to a mere fifteen bucks an hour.

That's Bullshit I cannot endorse. Because I have a conscience. Nobody with a conscience can endorse that stuff.

So, 447 DNC savants of the Democratic Party. Reform. It will start with Ellison, who understands cohesiveness and has not bucked it, despite the disgraceful minimum wage position of the presidential candidate, and it will start with superdelegate offensiveness ended. Brought to a public screeching halt. Less, forget it. Let the Republicans have the spoils eight years instead of only four if you've going to be that intransigent on your cozy stinking privileges. Suffer to sing the blues.

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