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Friday, January 27, 2017

Justice Democrats.

Re this earlier post, there was misunderstanding.

A 2011 item was found as a top hit by web search, separate from the current Justice Democrats effort. Overlap of terminology combined with a slowness of web search indexing to catch up with current events together led to the confusion. By now, the web search engine indexing has caught up with earlier news of the week; so try two google searches:

= justice democrats

= justice democrats youtube

If you want a third and fourth:

= justice democrats young turks

= justice democrats wikipedia

Justice Democrats - note sidebar editing - are simply grassroots good folks, who've had enough. Keith Ellison might prevail in seeking the DNC chair, and good might come of that, but as a separate thing, Justice Democrats are reformist minded people who feel change from within might revitalize the moribund party that lost big time by being the secondary tool of the corporatist and Wall Street manipulators; in effect, Republican-lite did not sell as well (and has not) as Republican-real, and yet vast majorities of the people poll-after-poll want the things that Bernie advocated, justice from Democrats, for which they packed the Sanders speaking venues and contributed millions of dollars at an average contribution value of twenty-seven bucks. I.e., real people with real issues who were not serviced by lip service from the Goldman Sachs speech seller with the Foundation taking in millions while real people felt left out.

This is a new and good thing, less than a week old as this is written as a publicly active entity, with obvious thought and sincerity having gone into laying grassroot groundwork before springing onto the scene to rescue the atrophied, misdirected second party with progressive life support and invigorating ideas for - get this - real CHANGE. Are you ready? Real HOPE. Not the hollow delivery on any such word pairing you may or may have noticed earlier this decade. Real. Actual. May they succeed.

And, may the entrenched better part of the entrenched control group now holding the reins move toward a unified view with these idealists moving toward being pragmatists, so that the Bullshit ends, the Democratic Party embraces people and not buyers with big pocketbooks; and may the Clintons enjoy their Foundation in obscurity after they put their cohorts into dire straits. They ran the ship aground with greed and falsity and people with good motives want to take or share a large measure of time at the helm, at best, and have a fair voice and fair share, as is the aim of the workable alternative that Keith Ellison offers to the presently entrenched oligarchs of party power. May the better and purer of that present control segment adapt, and the worse go the way of the Dixiecrats; i.e., elsewhere.

Bernie supporters from last year are founding Justice Democrats, this month.

Emailing to friends yielded one interesting response:

Who knows? It looks like Trump is starting a multi-front trade war starting with our 2nd and 3rd largest trading partners (Mexico and China). I thought this would take months. It looks like he’s doing it in weeks. The last time something similar happened (along with some stupid moves by the banks and Feds), it gave us the Great Depression. Theses “Young Turks” might have their chance sooner than they think. They’d better cram on that Tea Party handbook if they want to get ahead of the curve.

The Tea Party has awakened thier moribund Tim Pawlenty - Banking Roundtable Republicans to hearing the murmurs of discontent; by the corporatists being "primaried" and retired in multiple congressional districts and local venues; so that final "Tea Party handbook" thought is likely already in play.

May the beltway never be as corrupt and complacent and disdainful of the people, ever, again. May that prove to be more than a vain hope.

Last, the fervent young man in the opening YouTube linked video, (see second paragraph above for the video link),  is named Kyle Kulinski, who has not been in it for the money but for the need of  our having voices better in telling truth than corporate owned media/propagandists. Wikipedia page. May voices of the young not be suppressed, but rather heard and embraced in asking for JUSTICE as new party DEMOCRATS.

music time

(Not at all your Podesta's tune - he doesn't have any)

Primary challenges sadly might not always succeed, even with strong alternative challengers, but they can be interesting. In any and all events - THEY HELP THE PROCESS'S HONESTY AND GIVE FOLKS A CHOICE. And it is the only way reform can happen. Needed reform. Really, really, really needed. Really. Mark Dayton did not call DC a cesspool without cause.

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
A day or two removed from first posting this item. Prescience. Zero Hedge, middle of last year, Tyler Durden, this link and note bolding. A.B. Stoddard has a months-ago riff on Real Clear Politics worth pondering. She seems an Ellison skeptic, not of the regular kind but of the doubters wondering if he'd manage a true rennaisance rather than being given a cosmetic vote such as we put him in as a token, and then we fuck him and what progress and reform he stands for, when things quiet down; business as it's been done being how it will be. As if endorsement by Schumer means same old same old. A counterview is Schumer is practical, wants the spoils back and is willing to give substantially on policy, but like Ellison recognizes cohesion is needed not rebellion, and Schumer stops play of the anti-Semitism card against Ellison in its tracks. The alliance does not bother me beyond the junior partner having to recognize the senior, and that's not measured by tenure in the Senate as the gauge. Any rebellion such as Justice Democrats will be a pressure towards justice, even if not ending in the driver's seat. With Ellison -Schumer endorsed - it is correctly seen as originally sinned if Schumer envisions his driving the car and Ellison-Sanders-Warren as passengers. Ellison driving DNC, and his thereby ruling out of other options in the candidacy direction, will work if there's not over vocal back seat drivers trying to call out directions. The direction has to be set progressive, in concrete, then and only then can other-minded but willing affiliates attach and be blessed as helpful not hindrances.

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