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Sunday, January 08, 2017

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Or an easier question . . .

. . . how many tuition payments are needed to reach $3.5 mil a year?

ROCK the boat. Kaler's boat.
It begs bigtime for a rocking.

What's it mean: Row the boat??? (poster auction now closed) And, guess who owns it? And, will Kaler buy it? And, if so on that, how many regular student tuition payments will U.Western Mich. charge?

___________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Last night's Gophers basketball victory over Ohio State was on BTN. The announcers, gratefully, only had a quite brief touch and talk with Fleck. He sounded exactly as if one of them. The salesman repeated, "I told the players when we met, 'You didn't choose me, but I chose you,'" thus starting with the dishonesty of a half truth, there was big money on the table, "I chose it, you attached," with a chance to go from top of the MAC to middle of the Big Ten and up, and Claeys, bless his heart, left me a 9-4 program with a bowl win, something lacking this year at W.Mich.U. That's the whole truth, and this team Kill and Claeys built had the character to ROCK Kaler's boat so that Kaler and what's his name, the AD, brought in somebody with main loyalty upward on the U's feeding chain, not downward to the players; a man not to bite the hand that signs his paycheck. At a guess he may lose the team, and recruiting word will travel if he's bad news; two links, first, high school coaches respected Claeys' honesty and dedication to his players' boycott judgement, second, Fleck is busy siphoning off W.Mich. recruits, the count up to nine as of article dateline. He steps into a successful upper-middle of the conference bowl winner situation; and had better do as good AND somehow attract better home game attendance, or he's toast. The flip-side, if he does that then where next does he go and for how much more cash? He's been written up in comparison to Lou Holtz, and that was a two year hiatus the man had in his trip to Notre Dame, and its aura of fame and fortune.

We wait, we see. Players, ROCK the boat. Remember: You did, and Claeys had your backs. Ultimately you need that union. On that score the NCAA's a bigger, meaner boat to be rocked; but deserving it, with boat rocking there long overdue.

"Student athletes" of the world unite, . . .

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