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Monday, January 30, 2017

Absolutely offensivly negligent reporting; or deliberate vaguenesss; whichever, mainstream media is deficient, factually.

This is part of a distaste for "mosque attack" reporting by US outlets. Just the latest. Morning online headlining and reports.

First, AP feed carried by Strib:

Canada PM says mosque attack that killed 6 is terrorism

QUEBEC CITY — Six people were killed and eight were injured in a shooting at a Quebec City mosque during evening prayers. Authorities reported two arrests in what Canada's prime minister called an act of terrorism.

Quebec provincial police spokeswoman Christine Coulombe said early Monday that some of the wounded were gravely injured. She said the dead were approximately 35 to 70 years of age. Thirty-nine people were unharmed. More than 50 were at the mosque at the time of the attack.

One suspect was arrested at the scene and another nearby in d'Orleans, Quebec. Police don't believe there are other suspects. They did not release names of the two.

"The Muslim community was the target of this murderous attack," Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said at an early morning press conference Monday.

Next, and not surprisingly, Strib carrying AP morning report:

The Latest: German government condemns Quebec mosque attack

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman is condemning the "despicable" attack at a Quebec City mosque.

Spokesman Steffen Seibert said the German leader was shocked by the shooting during Sunday evening prayers that left six people dead.

Seibert said Monday: "If the killers intended to set people of different faiths against each other or to divide them, they must not and will not succeed in that. We stand in mourning beside the Muslim community in Quebec."

Now, consider if a legitimate effort to be factual were at play. Headlines, for all we know, might, depending on actual facts, read:

Wahabi sect members attack Shia mosque, killing six

Skinhead bikers high on meth attack mosque, killing six

Recent Iranian shia immigrants fire upon worshipers at Sunni mosque, killing six

Yes, the death toll was gotten correct; but each of those potential headlines carries its own flavor; and avoids speculation about "alternate facts."

Given the total blackout of whether mosque attacks in European or North American nations are nativist hate crimes, or of the Sunni/Shia conflict; between Muslim faiths; we should, from the totality conclude the vagaries are deliberate and not surprisingly coincidental.

It would be as if an English report during the War of the Roses were to be written: Church attack kills seven as swordsmen invade sanctuary.

Would that be Cromwell's act, or Royalists at mischief?

A mosque attack can have many flavors, and if we are to be informed, why aren't we? And would we be correct in thinking that the local outlet edits detail out of AP feeds; or that AP edits out detail in sending out feeds? Expect the latter, given the universality of lack of detail.

If the attacked mosque were to be interdenominational, Sunni and Shia emigres from the Middle East sharing a facility and prayer time, that would be major news. Why do the reports decline to identify denominational detail, that is the question? It slants things to ignore or downlplay Shia and Sunni animosity. Are we to be told that Saudi and Iranian Middle East tensions are merely related to regional power tripping; without other bases of explanation? That would be insulting our abilities to understand and to weigh and regard western nation policies. And ignoring reality dating back to the Seventh-Eighth centuries [Christian calendar]. It arose directly after the Prophet's death; two factions, alive today. Not like Calvin and Luther centuries after Rome itself fell with its priesthood remaining intact. Instead, right after a cause for separation and dispute became feasible. One Prophet, two factions; politics at play as well as a clash of faith.

In a sense this has similarities to western media Benghazi reporting, Stevens killed at the safe house, reinforcements from the CIA annex arrived, with additional loss of life. Why in the world was there a "CIA annex" there in the first place? What were the spooks up to? Are we to conclude: Nothing to see there, in that direction, so move on to the next headline?

The entire anti-Clinton Gowdy-choreographed dog and pony show dragged on interminably, without that dimension ever being explored. Or even mentioned.

We are being played. Give us a break.

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