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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Kaler-speak, well, gee . . . kids gotta get their minds right.

Remember the boss in Cool Hand Luke? Strib quotes the Kaler of UMn:

“Players are suspended across the country and across all sports for a variety of reasons, for violating team rules,” Kaler said. “There’s no due process associated with athletic suspensions. You don’t have a constitutional right to play in a football game. It’s a privilege.”

He noted that the players dropped their boycott threat after a copy of the confidential investigative report was leaked to KSTP-TV and posted online Dec. 16. The report, which was partly censored, included graphic details of the alleged sexual assault.

“Ironically, [that] was helpful,” said Kaler. “Because frankly, when people read the report, they understood why we suspended players.”

Could the argument for unionization of ill-used college football at risk of brain trauma every play institutional mega cash making machines (a/k/a scholarship student athletes) have been better stated? One hope is an old dog can learn new tricks from attorney Hutton; but honestly, settling on terms neither side is completely happy with usually is for the best.

UPDATE: In the NFL where there is collective bargaining: Look up "Rooney rule." Compare the Duke lacrosse team situation to that of the ten Gophers. Feel the rain.

FURTHER: Does anyone know of an online copy of the scholarship contract between unpaid "student athletes" and the UMn? Does it incorporate by reference any massive NCAA rule book, or such? Does it require good standing under the Regents student conduct code, or make the athletic department independent of the Regents code promise of due process and fair procedure?

Kaler-speak declares it wholly discretionary, a "privilege" to endure on-field risk of bodily and mental concussion immediate and long-term harm, but is it so?

According to reporting it is unclear whether Kaler made the text of the scholarship contract available at the time he was quoted pontificating about it. Underlying facts are important, beyond what someone says. Ditto, for the UMn contract with the NCAA. It should be an available public document, along with the scholarship contract, for any press outlet making a Public Data request.

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