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Monday, January 30, 2017

An overdue nod to a well written online item, where recognizing it by linking was put off until it became inexcusable procrastination.

this link

Dutiful link followers will note that my procrastination has saddled the item with the bane of internet linking: the dead link.

When you hit that one, try this still online item. It conveys the flavor of Podesta at his Rovian spinning best - i.e., not good enough to sell the brand.

While Timmer might never be inclined to link to Brietbart, in this instance, truth prevails despite the messenger.


My only beef with that Brietbart item, its headline's gross insult to progressives. Progressives never had jack to do with the Podestas and the Clintons, and it offends honesty to say otherwise. Progressive distaste for corporatism, Goldman Sachs purchase money, and Foundation millions to a careerist pair of politicians and careerist lobbying of the Podestas was real. Bubba and his band are past due, like a lost library book you started reading but could never be fully captivated by it to suspend disbelief. Aside from Brietbart's disrespect for all things progressive, lassoing them to the Clinton thing, putting that affront aside -- the idea of a laundry list of things blamed besides personal weakness and unending chutzpah, well beyond mere hubris, fits each Clinton, like a glove.

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