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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why it is so easy to be a Trump skeptic? Wanting him to prove better than expected, and his presidency to be something better than Bush II (not setting anything higher, but wait and see), you then see his pom pom squad, and can only shake your head. FOX is as FOX does, and it does crap.

This item returned via a Google Alert I have set = Pete Hegseth

News Hound - We Watch FOX so you Don't Have To, with this tweet-length headline, "Watch Fox Host Pete Hegseth Lead Inauguration Crowd In Pro-Trump Chant -- Posted by Ellen on January 20, 2017":

HEGSETH: We are in the, I’d say, middle America section of the, America’s Mall here. Right? An incredibly enthusiastic crowd out here. Contrast this with the protesters we kind of heard from last night – small groups of snowflakes. This is a huge group of patriots [his emphasis] who love their country and are excited to be here to celebrate Donald Trump and celebrate America and, frankly, drain the swamp.


This group knows that there are people serving right now to protect this very freedom here and so does Donald J. Trump, which makes it a, such a special day.


Donald Trump’s coming at noon and he’s going to put a hand on that Bible and seek to make America great again.

Then, Hegseth turned to the crowd. He asked, “What do you guys think? Is it going to be a great day?” The crowd just happened to start chanting, “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

As cohost Brian Kilmeade began talking from a studio on a split screen, Hegseth told his crowd, “Keep going.” Next, he said, “How about USA!” He and the crowd erupted in “USA! USA! USA!” chanting as Hegseth once again urged them to “keep going.”

Mentalfloss split screen image

If you follow that Mentalfloss link, and they have not by then updated their sidebar, you will find a sidebar image/text link, "86 Books Barack Obama Has Recommended During His Presidency," while if you'd watched any of the saturation telecasting of Trump campaigning, the Trumpster of the United States touted two books if I remember correctly, with a conflict of interest on the one and a wholly disingenuous demeanor on the other.

Posting first before checking out the Obama 86, means no commentary views here on the selection/collection.

The Obama presidency promised so much because he was a captivating campaign speaker, clearly smart, and it yielded so little mainly because of grudging noncooperation from some quarters characterized by an elephant icon. In return, The Trumpster will have his jackasses to tend to. A certainty, FOX will persist in being galling and shallow. It's the people they employ AND the tasking they give them. Doubt that? The linked News Hound item from the beginning of this post does itself post an embedded FOX video segment, which is what we'd call "admissible evidence" of the premise if speaking to a judge.

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