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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This is insanity: "Fleck’s coined mantra apparently soon will be an official part of the Gophers football program. 'Row the Boat' is in the process of being transferred as property of Western Michigan University, where Fleck coached for four years until this month, to the University of Minnesota, according to in Michigan. 'It’s just a matter of negotiating the terms of the release of that intellectual property,' WMU trustee William Johnston said. No details on the terms have been reported."

That's part of Strib's coverage, this link. A story about good money being negotiated for a dumb slogan that ought to be left where it is.

Flecker, if you want a mantra to energize a team and a fan base and the sports press and Kaler, I'll give you one that is simple, but with a measurable dimension.

Win the Rose Bowl.

There Flecker, how it is. Suck it up with the oar house stuff, this is not skulling, it's football, and why distract one iota from setting and ever reciting right goals in the soundest direction for Kaler U.?

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