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Monday, January 23, 2017

Privacy, "Real ID" and do you want to be in a government facial-recognition data base? It's clearly okay for your next-door neighbor, but YOU? That's the question.

Government continues to overreach. Where's the Trumpster on this question. MIA?

This link, for a good report.

What if happenstance has you looking too much like a felonious person who raped a 7-year old in Florida?

It could upset a vacation plan, going through a TSA line at the departure airport. It could waste much time and money, your's in defending, taxpayers' in imposing the imposition.

UPDATE: Do you want to see bullshit before stepping in it? Homeland Security, on "REAL ID" here, search it for two words: facial and recognition.

Has Homeland Security cause to be less than up front with the citizens who, after all, own it?

Go figure.

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