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Friday, January 27, 2017

More Young Turks video: (1) Net Neutrality - 219,426 viewings. (2) Executive Director [Tech Lead and then some] for JusticeDemocrats - 46,905 views

Respectively, this link, and here.  Readers, boost those numbers.

Have a look and tell a friend.

A separate video, on the Obama "legacy" starting with noting Chelsea Manning's commuted sentence; moving to truth about Obamacare - the Repbulican's plan until somebody said, "Okay, we'll implement it," and we know what happened from that. Only 44,515 viewings at the time this is typed; while the item deserves a far greater viewership.

And, with Blogger stats saying French and Norwegian viewers are curious about things posted here - contributions arising from other nations, by ordinary people and not corporate/business powers, would be welcome and helpful, for JusticeDemocrats.

Great, right? Flow that cash. Help that plan. Act that blue. Sign in on the home page.

Now, everybody can complain. My turn.

So far, no snail mail P.O. Box donation address given. I will cut a check, if you post where I can mail it. Duh!

Old fart bickering, but - waiting, watching, hoping. Yes, three-to-four days old and there are priorities, that is understood. So, how about that snail mail option, next week?

Having cause to believe JusticeDemocrats will soon have a P.O. Box for snail mail which will be posted on their website, readers are encouraged to pay attention to the site as that and other things, perhaps "news" links, may be added as this entirely new effort matures in multiple ways up to the next mid-term elections - that being 2018.

May the effort grow and prosper.

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