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Friday, January 06, 2017

GENDER BIAS AND THE LAW: Clear gender bias as a matter of federal statutory law and agency practice and regs that should be cleaned up and updated. "It's what a man's got to do," does not cut it in 2017 with equal gender access assured in the voluntary military as this is written. No rational basis exists for SSS gender bias to persist; and as federal law, mandatory gender bias should not persist.

Start with the screen capture that tells the story.

This homepage link.

Curiously, another screen capture stands in stark contrast:

This EEO subpage link.

What needs to be done - Change the statute/regs to be gender balanced; registration duty reform to include females being most cleanly done by congressional amendment, which then would be implemented by amended agency regs (i.e., the genders at law made equal). In effect impose a burden equally upon females to that imposed upon males: See online, statute, and regulation.

The reality: Women on average are "the weaker sex" although some motivated to test their limits have entered the military and qualified physically as combat fit. The on average likelihood is if ever the draft is reimposed on us, more registered women than men would be exempted from service on physical fitness grounds; which would be fair although fitness for rear echelon desk jobs does differ from infantry combat-unit-ready fitness. Exempting women from any possible reimplementation of the draft is, however, offensive to equal rights and obligations, irrespective of gender, and likely if challenged in current times courts would hold the discriminatory distinction unconstitutional.

Whatever thoughts one may have on Title IX in athletics, fix gross at law inequality in the risk of reimplementation of the draft.

It is a national embarrassment to have the anachronism continued but given Washington DC being what it is DC likely will freeze over before the thing gets fixed.

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