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Monday, January 23, 2017

Don't bury a burning issue.

Gaining useful electrical energy from waste, vs landfilling, seems to have much in its favor.

Does any reader know the full cost/benefit analysis; trucking and processing costs, and indirect environmental costs: carbon dioxide greenhouse gas generation from trash combustion vs methane greenhouse emission from landfills? Are there viable methane-landfill projects to recover the energy content that way?

Has it been thought out fully, or is the aim of trash-to-electricity so appealing a concept that scientific actualities were ignored?

Wind turbines and solar panels seem the best way, but if combustion remains the major electricity production route, what is its contribution to the carbon load vs automobiles? Are there sound studies?

A more burning question, with a global warming denier in the White House, will there be sound science added over the next four years?

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