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Thursday, January 05, 2017

A lean and hungry look, such men . . .

Strib image source, this link.

The Strib item - written by "Editorial Board" - notes and quotes the well-paid lean man:

University of Minnesota Athletic Director Mark Coyle moved quickly — and appropriately — to fire Tracy Claeys after the football coach sided with his players against the administration in the recent scandal of sexual assault allegations against multiple players.

In explaining the decision, Coyle noted that upon accepting the AD position six months ago, he had pledged to build a program that “competed at the highest level academically, athletically and socially.”

Those coddled players, how dare they experience sex. It's ludicrous. They have their jobs, it's not just that, either, not just the job of clouncing a wideout every time you can in the defensive backfield, it's beyond that, it's culture. You build that culture, and then how ungrateful can they act? Fire them all; hey, fire the fat dude who wins post season too. He's not lean and hungry looking enough. Get central casting. Have them send back Tim Brewster.

Look like a coach to be a coach. That Brewster, he's got the look. Still. Not red faced nor seizure prone nor winning. Just, the look. You know that look. Saban at Alabama - lean man, go get somebody who looks like that. For Kaler.

Do YOU know how to say “competed at the highest level academically, athletically and socially” in Swahili? Can you structure a well reasoned A- paper while having the lifting, film sessions, pads on practice, running, travel time to and then from distant stadium sites? Well, something has to involve discretionary latitude while there's eligibility left and playing hurt's the rule with the worry being hit to too great, an injured state, helmet hits and all, hoping no injury is to severe to play if remaining eligible. There is that, but there is even more to culture -

Force, power, quickness, speed, size and great academic demands AND keep it in your pants. Hewitt's watching.

In the write-ups of the bedroom event at The Radius, a big time starting or bench cash making machine for the U, bringing in the bacon, sleeping on a mattress on the floor, with a blanket on it.

Get that. A blanket. How outrageous. Coddled for sure. Where's toughness, you use a blanket? Put gravel on that mattress on the floor, shards of broken glass, ya gotta toughen up kid; you've a big game next Saturday. On the road, tickets are sold out. TV cameras are getting ready. All the advertising's sold out. And - learn how to lie on the field faking an injury while the beer's being barked to the viewers, who want that Lexus, that like a good neighbor insurance, and that Viagra they're advertising too. Oh, and if you are hurt, that's okay too, the ad slot's going to air either way.

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