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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

MONTANA SPECIAL ELECTION: Hoist in his own petard? The government boosted Internet allowed the Republican candidate to amass a giant fortune; but will it in this election undo his cash advantage by allowing ordinary people to better communicate and organize?

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Montana Cowgirl Blog talks exactly about Internet empowerment being a factor favoring dedicated ordinary people to better use their political voice together; how it worked that way in a past election and how it will benefit the Rob Quist effort to go to Congress on behalf of those very activist Internet-savvy people, and on behalf of all others who will have the good sense to vote Quist by May 25. The charm of the Internet possibly being a double-edged sword for the Republican and cutting back, that irony, intrigues the imagination.

UPDATE: That Republican can sing all he wants, "I Did It My Way." He didn't. He exploited government initiative and would not be where he is without that federal spending and planning.

He simply is "anti-government" and ungrateful, or is tactically declining to acknowledge the truth.

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