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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Without singing a note, absent any light show or massive speaker array, Trump packs Mark Cuban's arena in Dallas, and MSNBC carried a big part of the event during prime time. Why is MSNBC featuring Trump? How does that fit their general political orientation as shown in the past with the expectation of it continuing?

The questions in the headline are for readers to ponder. No specific answers are suggested here. The fact is Trump had a big turnout, did not use teleprompters, (a point he emphasized early in talking spontaneously/prepared/folksy), and had the crowd eating corn pone from his hand. Read my lips, don't worry, be angry; I have elixer, a fixer, it fixes the nation, it removes unwanted facial hair, step right up. Look at all the money I have made. Think of that and trust me. I don't need to take money from lobbyists, or special interest. (Ignore, please, I AM a special interest. A financial party player). I wear a simple cap. It's my real hair.

Interested readers likely can find the video of the show online. Reporting sample set: here, here, here, Strib/AP, and NYT here.

In one earlier stump speech he said, "Now I know how Billy Graham felt," and the crowd loved it. What Billy Graham did was selling spiritual salvation and all you had to do was buy in and believe.

Ergo ...


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