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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Side benefits of total legalization.

A friend in Seattle emailed this link; the notion being where without legalization, the norm is fed agent busts pot distributor, here it is pot distributor busts fed agent. It makes you wonder about all possible reasons the narcs are so distressed and adamant about not changing their existing status quo.

It is a story worth reading, but in short, an IRS agent solicited a legal pot distributor for a bribe; the FBI was invited in and set up a sting, and the IRS perp got jugged. Justice done.

Where pot is not legalized, what options do you suppose pot distributors have if a federal agent solicits a bribe? Aside from pay the bribe, I cannot think of any other real option.

Surely there are better and more directly relevant arguments for full recreational legalization, the libertarians get it, but this is a nice story of a collateral benefit and one worth telling.

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