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Saturday, September 12, 2015

They likely have versions online with embroidery. Either "hypocrite" or just a big scarlet A. [UPDATED in several dimensions.]

... blue/teal underwear ...
This (FOX of course) link.

Also possible, custom embroidery, lettering sized to fit, "The officer was lying. Really."

I am a bit disappointed that nobody's called me out on being unnecessarily vulgar; or about Schadenfreude being a weakness all of us should avoid. The hope and likelihood is there will be enough resilience in both of the marriages to continue and heal. That is obvious, but a personal thing to the two legislators and their families and support networks. As a public concern, the hope is that the experience will leaven policy outlooks and belief systems advanced as legislative goals of each of the two. That there will be two upward sloping leaning curves.

Ms. Mack's Facebook Page has been savaged by comment, but she was sticking her chin out saying, "Hit me," by the princess-prideful tone she set in her posting; and we all can learn from that. My rep, for whom I did not vote, has the very Republican habit-mindset of using Facebook, but in doing so she at least has been casting a different mood than the Mack Facebook presentation. One I would call somewhat more mature and less self-congratulatory. Do your own compare and contrast. I believe Ms. Whelan will assimilate positive lessons from the situation, as she, fresh out of school but having interned, pursues seniority in the Minnesota House. A hope is any sharpness in her judgments will be blunted and bettered, leavened by the many political nuances the Kelly Mack publicity has created and/or exposed. In terms of Christian belief as I best understand it there is the parable of the first stone, and that might be a good perspective for me and others. This is likely the last post on the situation - again the primary concern in looking to the future is the hope that policy orientations of the two involved legislators will leaven their future judgments and make them better persons in discharging official duties. The rest is for them to resolve.

Referencing Hawthorne's book had the intention that reflective readers might consider it's teaching in following current events. What it noted as a false community perspective is a viewpoint from which we should judge at least a few of the multiplicities of community perspectives at play in our times. Upward sloping learning curve stuff, again. And in that mood, Marley time, continuing stone related Biblical parables; end of preachy post of today.

___________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Flogging a dead horse, when he should know better; Strib:

House Minority Leader Paul Thissen said their statements failed to address claims about the ranger's account of the events.

"I have had several members contact me to express concern that Rep. Kelly and Rep. Mack made what increasingly appear to be false claims against law enforcement officials," Rep. Paul Thissen said in a statement Monday. "They continue to express frustration that with today's statement, neither member answers the central question about whether the initial claim that the officer lied was false, or takes responsibility for their actions. That's what members believe is the central issue and what needs resolution."

The actual "central issue" is that Mack, Kelly, Daudt, and Thissen should all come together and admit the wisdom of universally required law enforcement body cams at every level, every officer; and mischief such as arose from "a tip" to PiPress will be forestalled by credible tangible evidence in any/all future situations, be they legislators arrested with their snoot full of alcohol, instances of excessive police use of force, or otherwise; get it on video and quell any and all room for swearing contests where nobody gains one single thing of any merit.

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