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Thursday, September 17, 2015

While disagreeing with Kurt Daudt about policy in almost all ways, the gentleman has 100% correctly stated, "Move on."

Strib, quoting Daudt, 100% correct and impossible to sanely contradict:

Earlier in the morning, GOP House Speaker Kurt Daudt said he viewed the apologies as sufficient. He called Mack and Kelly well-respected lawmakers and said neither would be removed from House committee chairmanships they currently hold. Mack and Kelly did both step down from the House Ethics Committee over the incident.

"This is really something that happened outside the scope of their role here at the Legislature," Daudt said. "It's an unfortunate situation, they have apologized for that and it's time to move on."

Also having no love for Tara Mack's legislative record is apart from the fact her private life is really irrelevant, and was so when she was parading herself on Facebook as some kind of paragon in her personal life. Less of the latter will be a good outcome from an unfortunate situation. What's the job, and how well do you think she and Tim Kelly are doing their jobs is what matters. Daudt is correct. As to how both do the job, at a guess those who voted for them are getting what they expected, jobwise, and those who voted against each are getting what they expected in voting against.

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