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Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Carly Fiorina, the only woman in the GOP field, was one of the main benefactors, launching an emotional plea for defunding Planned Parenthood, ..."

Shill. Ignoramus. Deliberately divisive, when she could have talked about taxing the rich. This Strib/AP editorial link.

Sacked at HP. Whomped running against Barbara Boxer. Viewing that Fiorina history, others in other situations have been less than impressed, and from that reporting, presumed correct, it is easy to take away a bad impression of one appealing to baser instincts - getting the ticket punched with a worse part of the GOP coalition.

At least she is not Cruz, Santorum or Huckabee. A step above.

Glad I missed bad theater. Yet ratings likely were high for the broadcaster.

Looking only at that Strib item, bad-mouthing Ben Carson, not mentioning Santorum [was his number high enough to make the cut?], the editorializing being that Trump may be vulnerable so STAY TUNED. It was all editorial.

Readers who care are urged to seek an online spectrum of opinion/reporting.

Go, Bernie. Sanity is comforting. Sound policy is reassuring. Reassuring that the nation is not entirely going to Hell in a bucket, via idiocy, and enjoying the ride.

A guess: As with last cycle, the GOP circus ratings go down and down, the more the sequels are televised.

Which one is Romney, this cycle? The unlovable survivor. The latest offer from the Bush family might be the safe bet for survivorship.

Who took the biggest hit? Nike and New Balance. Check it out.

Politico - Getty image.

And - grey suit makers.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Deadhead theme song time for our Republican contestant-friends. Courtesy of YouTube easy listening. Survivors' song, as winnowing will remove one wannabe after another, a fare thee well of sorts. General theme song: Option 1, summertime come and gone, my oh my. The gentler option, No. 1. Option 2, as these special events come one after another and belief has to wane. If you do not like the choices, be ungrateful. Or am I supposed to take this entire pack seriously? Regard them Respectfully? Because they each wear an expensive power suit and get on TV? Prime time TV. That's a difficult demand. They make it so. Each, however, in total candor, deserves more respect than John Roberts.

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