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Saturday, September 26, 2015

For those unaware of situation normal, leopards always having spots, and our planet always turning on its axis, there is ...

... this HuffPo Bachmann-related item.

"End Times" host Jan Markell.

Situation normal. Every spot still on the leopard, but did you expect anything different?

UPDATE: Before reader comment that

is a satire website, do consider that possibility. However remote ...

That stuff cannot be real. Or can it?

Their: About us? The suggestion from that is that satire is afoot; but then you read again that HuffPo item, ... Michele makes it so-o-o-o-o-o hard to say ...

Wanting evidence? Properly so? There is this.

Scary, RightWingWatch takes the Markell situation seriously, and they are not the most easily hoodwinked. Speaking of hoodwinking ... or hoodless ...

This. Srength in numbers? True or not, it certainly seems to be a story that grew legs.

FURTHER UPDATE: News is Trump claims The Bible is his favorite book but declines to share publicly his favorite verse. That's then open season, my guess being Matthew 19:24.

FURTHER UPDATE: Without leaving the subject of spoof and satire, if I were to be more skilled at lengthy writing and fresh from a refresher course in use of Microsoft Excel, and intending to spoof early election polling, I would read an MSM web item or two, whether current or stale (so that the spoof would not look too preposterously out of line), and then author a bogus thing with made up results which could look exactly like this. That is I would do that on a couple "ifs." If I were more skilled, and paid handsomly by the word, by the number, by the chart, or by the page.

FURTHER: This AUDIO link. From the "LATEST BROADCAST: PLAY - Peace and Safety or Sudden Destruction?" from this (could it too be satire? yes? hope so?) web link. Not only that latest/greatest; there are earlier broadcasts you can download and listen to as a consenting adult in the privacy of your own home. Really.

FURTHER: Faulting FOX, link the audio from here, move to around minute 23:30. Markell is batshit crazy as are her band of guests (e.g., Bachmann - but not on this segment), while FOX is nothing less than ratings-based opportunistic. Markell and guests now seeming to say, FOX is opportunistic to a fault. Same item; minute 29:00 and on at least to 32:00; this is actual fundie-especially-dumb/numb broadcasting brought to you in Minnesota from Minnesotans.

FURTHER: It is not worth the time of further combing through the muck of the Markell stable to try to locate a Pope Francis statement as headlined, so close down the muckraking with this bullet-point excerpt from here:

Have you noted recent major stories and how they confirm the words of those of us saying that things aren't falling apart, they are falling in place. Stories like . . .

- Russia and Iran co-operating and conspiring (Ezekiel 38-39).
- Gog is stirring. Russia has been relatively quiet for decades, but now Vladimir Putin is on the move.
- With ISIS marching towards Damascus, Syria is begging Israel to fulfill Isaiah 17.
- The United Nations, Barack Obama, the Pope, and many more, are clamoring for global government (Revelation 13). All of these men may have interesting assignments in the kingdom of Antichrist.
- Because of the increase of wickedness, love is growing cold. (Matthew 24:12) Can you say Planned Parenthood? Have we returned to those predicted "days of Noah" where such evil as this was rampant? (Matthew 24:37)

- edit correction, found it, here 'tis -

What It Is? Any questions?

FURTHER: For anyone saying or thinking, Michele Bachmann's gotten crazier than usual, that it's her being back drinking Minnesota water, this from 2013, this from 2011. Same leopard, same spots. Same crazy.

FURTHER: Is there a way to top the craziness of those saying the Pope may not be the Antichrist, but instead the False Prophet of Revelations? Yes. That can be topped: The Pope is a Mason. There. Two powerful semi-secret societies honked off if you say that, which you understand if you know your history.

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